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Priyanka Chopra’s dreams may be just blooming in American soil, but in India her glory is astonishing. Her role in Quantico is great achivement.

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  1. 1. Wonder Woman Priyanka Chopra’s dreams may be just blooming in American soil, but in India her glory is astonishing Her journey started when she won Miss World competition at age 18 She has become one of Bollywood’s highest-paid actresses & one of the most popular & high-profile celebrities in India Counted as one of the world's sexiest Asian woman & also most fashionable Indian celebrities
  2. 2. Miss World Priyanka Chopra was runner- up in Femina Miss India Contest 2000 After that she won Miss World pageant in 2000 Her Mesmerizing performance in Aitaraaz, Fashion displayed her caliber In 2012 her first song was premiered & 130000 copies of song were sold in first week
  3. 3. Milestones • “Exotic” her song with Pitbull in 2013 gave her exposure worldwide • Her performance got her movies like “Mary Kom” the biographical film of five time world boxing champion Mary Kom • In 2015 she confirmed filming the upcoming ABC action thriller
  4. 4. Role of her Choice • Quantico is her first American TV show & she is playing character of Alex Parrish a FBI agent • She was in a holding deal with ABC to find a suitable role & she was very clear about the kind of role she wanted • Typical roles where Indians are put up in a box was not her choice, she wanted to do something different breaking the rules
  5. 5. Manager’s Role Journey to the ABC was not easy as her manager Anjula Acharia-Bath helped her alott Anjula Acharia was the mutual contact between ABC’s casting exec Keli Lee & Priyanka Acharia advised Keli Lee to fly to Mumbai and persuade Chopra to meet with her It was not easy to be the first south asian face on American TV
  6. 6. Getting it Right! Priyanka’s saga of portraying perfect character as independent girl has started Her role Alex is similar to a female Jason Bourne She’s as smart as that, but she is also vulnerable & soft
  7. 7. Superstar Developing bonds with her co-actors is playing major part in her journey as they are supportive At the same time she has to face the American Media as they are still getting used to this Asian Diva Priyanka Chopra is certainly the Iconic Superstar putting India’s mark on World Map
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