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How to Handle Negative Viral Social Media

  1. How to Handle Negative Viral Social Media Kaitlin Keeler Digital Editorial Manager Oakland County, MI Government @KaitlinKeeler @OakGov
  2. Oakland County, MI Government • County Northwest of Detroit, MI • One of the largest in the country with 1.8 Million residents • The County has 62 CVTs and 82 Departments
  3. Agenda • What is Negative Viral Social Media? • Social Media Crisis Plan • Best Practices & SOPs • Real Life Case Studies • Q&A
  5. How does something go Viral? • A Post, Story, Topic that peaks the interest of a wide and vast audience that feels strongly enough to engage and share it with their networks. • A viral post is something that has been shared and spread across all social platforms and has generated a great deal of engagement • A viral topic is when multiple stories about a single topic are shared, copied, and spread across all digital media channels with a high level of engagement.
  6. Negative Viral Social Media
  7. Negative Viral Social Media
  8. Negative Viral Social Media
  9. Lifespan of Viral Content • Average social media posts have a lifespan of minutes to hours, or a day at the most • Tweet = 18 minutes • Facebook Post = 75% of engagement will be reached in 5 hours • Viral posts have a lifespan of weeks • Some topics can spur a longer lasting conversation
  10. Lifespan of Viral Content TIME DIGITAL REACH Average Content Viral Content
  11. Managing Negative Viral Social Media • Why? • Be proactive not just reactive • Identify key issues for citizens & areas for improved customer service • Protect the brand, be the source of accurate information, trusted news source • Facilitate conversations around the topic, encourage participation • Freedom of Speech & Censorship
  12. Managing Negative Viral Social Media • How? • Communication • Monitoring • Training • Social Media Policy • Social Media Crisis Plan
  14. Social Media Crisis Plan • Formal Process to identify (potential) viral posts and manage any social media backlash • Identify key team members and resources, chain of command, communication channels, tools, etc. • Build off your Social Media Policy
  15. Social Media Crisis Plan 1. Identification 2. Escalation 3. Moderation Plan 4. Communication 5. Documentation
  16. Social Media Crisis Plan - 1. Identification • Determine: • Keywords need to be monitored for your Agency • How to search for these keywords and setup any tools as necessary • Frequency of searches • Who will be performing these tasks
  17. Social Media Crisis Plan - 1. Identification • Determine: • What additional information sources to monitor: local, regional, national, international news, trending topics, pop culture, etc. • What to do when you identify a viral or potential viral post….
  18. Social Media Crisis Plan - 2. Escalation • Determine the types of search results that need to be escalated: • Critical, negative, vulgar, threatening, accusatory • Stories posted to a channel with wide audience • Regional or National stories that could impact your area • Anything already trending
  19. SMM and Supervisor Need to Determine: Can we handle this in the Social Media team or does it need to be escalated: • What is the impact of our agency or constituents? • Is this a customer service opportunity? • Does this require a response? Can it be deleted or hidden? • Is this a troll? Social Media Crisis Plan - 2. Escalation
  20. Social Media Crisis Plan - 2. Escalation SMM and Supervisor Need to Determine: Can we handle this in the Social Media team or does it need to be escalated: • Is there a concern of public or employee safety? • Has it already been picked up by the news? Is it something we think they would pick up tonight? • Is this a story that could go viral? Is it already?
  21. Social Media Crisis Plan - 2. Escalation Key Times to Escalate: • The story will/could have significant impact on your agency or constituents • Requires immediate attention or a response from your agency • Has the potential to make the news • Will or already is viral
  22. Social Media Crisis Plan - 2. Escalation Who to escalate to: • Your Department’s leadership team • The PIO or highest PR/Communications professional at your agency • If the story is about a Department different than your own: • Head of Department • Social Media Team • Police and Public Safety if necessary
  23. Social Media Crisis Plan – 3. Moderation Plan Create a Plan for Monitoring, Moderation, and Posting during Social Media Crisis: Monitoring: • Who will continue monitor & frequency, get approvals for overtime • Specific posts or channels to monitor
  24. Social Media Crisis Plan – 3. Moderation Plan Moderating: • How/when to respond or not respond • Delete/Report anything against community guidelines • Types of posts to escalate
  25. Posting: • Official Statement • What is your most recent posts? • Continue posting or go silent? • Create content to address issue • Create off-topic content Social Media Crisis Plan – 3. Moderation Plan
  26. Social Media Crisis Plan - 4. Communication Communication is KEY: • Keep communication open while Social Media Crisis is still Viral • Arrange after hours communications • Give frequent updates
  27. Social Media Crisis Plan - 4. Communication Communicate to the PIO & Departments: What is the story about, how large is it’s reach and impact. Include links and screen shots. • Ask: Is their an official agency/department response? Will there be? When? • Anything else pertinent? • How often do they want updates?
  28. Social Media Crisis Plan - 4. Communication Communicate to the Social Media Teams: • Here to help manage the social media backlash • Share the Social Media Crisis Plan • Social Media Policy, Do’s and Don’ts such as deleting, responding, documenting, employee use of social media, etc. • Ask: Anything specific they need help with now?
  29. Social Media Crisis Plan - 5. Documentation What to Document: • Screenshots of individual posts, unique URLs of posts • Screen shots of Trending Topics • News/Blog Articles related to the story • Who has shared? Major Pages, News Sources, etc. and what is their reach and engagement? • Analytics of your own posts, and any you can pull from the other public posts • Any particularly salacious responses
  30. Social Media Crisis Plan - 5. Documentation How to Report: • Create a high-level spreadsheet or report for leadership with screenshots, links, and analytics • Daily Recaps during initial viral outbreak • Weekly updates following • Monthly updates if needed
  31. Social Media Crisis Plan - 5. Documentation What to Report: • Increases in viral-ity • Screenshots • Analytics • New articles • Posts needing a response • Any threats • Specific Requests from Leadership
  32. Social Media Crisis Plan 1. Identification 2. Escalation 3. Moderation Plan 4. Communication 5. Documentation 6. REPEAT AS NESSECARY
  34. Best Practices & SOPs • Be Proactive not just Reactive with: Advanced Search and Monitoring Post Deletion & Retention Disclaimer Platform Tools - Reporting, Hiding, Deleting, Banning Training Escalation Contact List
  35. Best Practices & SOPs • Advanced Search & Monitoring: • Google Alerts for your agency, elected officials, and any hot topics • Save Searches on Twitter for quick & easy monitoring • Facebook Graph Search • Create Keyword Streams in Hootsuite or other social media management tools
  36. Twitter Saved Searches
  37. Facebook Graph Search
  38. Hootsuite Streams
  39. Post Deletion & Retention Disclaimer • Work with Legal team to create a disclaimer about removing posts & comments. • Post publicly, in Facebook Notes or About, on Website, etc. • Oakland County Example
  40. Oakland County Post Deletion & Retention Disclaimer “The County reserves the right to remove inappropriate comments including those that are discriminatory, obscene or sexual in nature, threaten or defame an individual or entity, support or oppose political candidates or proposals, violate the intellectual property rights of another party, promote illegal activity or commercial products or services or are not related to the topic in the original posting. Keep in mind that all of your posted comments are public records and subject to disclosure. Requests for public records may be submitted to”
  41. Platform Tools to Report, Hide, and Ban • If the comment/post also goes against the Platform rules, community standards, guidelines etc. use their built in Report features, but document the post before it’s removed • Hiding comments vs. deleting vs. banning • Hiding-the user and their friends will still see their comment, but the public and your Page audience wont • Deleting- no one can see the post anymore • Banning/Blocking- bans the user from posting on/to your Page/Twitter
  42. Training • Ensure that each team member knows their role and is trained in: • Social Media Crisis Plan 1. Identification- what to look for, how to monitor and frequency 2. Escalation – who internally to report to and when 3. Moderating- how/when to respond, hide/delete, report 4. Communication– contact list, communication expectations 5. Documentation – What to document and how to report
  43. Training • Ensure all employees receive and understand Social Media Policy in regards to personal social media use • Empower entire team to always be on the lookout for your agency in the news
  44. Escalation Contact List • Create an Escalation Contact List of who to call and when. Ensure that a back up and supervisor have access. 1. Immediate Supervisor and Department’s Leadership Team 2. PIO or other highest PR/Communications representative 3. Department and Elected Official Point of Contacts 4. Police Liaison 5. All other Social Media Managers in your Agency 6. Broadcast message to all employees
  45. Negative Viral Social Media REAL LIFE CASE STUDIES
  46. Flint Water Crisis IMPACT OF REGIONAL ISSUES
  47. Flint Water Crisis
  48. Flint Water Crisis
  49. Flint Water Crisis
  50. Flint Water Crisis – Key Take Aways • Educate Oakland County citizens that their water is safe • County Executive, miss-quoted saying that it was a “Hoax” • Anonymous Hacker Group declares War • State of Michigan, Flint Government, and Hospital all attacked • Oakland County CISO escalated to FBI to monitor Dark Web, was not breached • Social Media monitoring & Google Alerts set for Government Officials tied to Flint Water Crisis
  52. Judge Gorcya & Tsimhoni Case
  53. Judge Gorcya & Tshimoni Case
  54. Judge Gorcya & Tsimhoni Case
  55. Judge Gorcya & Tsimhoni Case - Key Takeaways • Trended Instantly & World-Wide Coverage within 24 hours • People were upset, started posting to our accounts • Went silent on County Channels for the weekend • The next week we started to clean up any comments that violated our Post Disclaimer and Social Media Policy • Still monitoring and reporting and a monthly basis
  57. The Daily Show - America’s Voting Machines are F**ked
  58. The Daily Show - America’s Voting Machines are F**ked • On 11/9/15, The Daily Showed aired a segment, America’s Voting Machines are F**ked, featuring an interview at Oakland County with our Director of Elections. • Escalated to CIO, who reached out to the Clerks’ Office • Monitored each online iteration and promotion of the video segment • Monitored for Citizen’s reaction to the segment • Monthly reporting (Election Year)
  59. The Daily Show - America’s Voting Machines are F**ked The video has been turned into 9 pieces of Public Content across the web by Comedy Central: • The Comedy Central Website • Full Length video of the entire episode: • America’s Voting Machines are F**ked Segment • Comedy Central YouTube Channel – 4.6 Million Subscribers • Full Segment: • :60 Second Episode recap: • Weekly Recap: • Daily Show Facebook – 5 Million Likes • Ronny Chieng’s Facebook – 11 Thousand Likes • The Daily Show Twitter – 4 Million Followers • Ronny Chieng’s Twitter – 15 Thousand Followers
  60. The Daily Show Episode on 11/9/15, featuring a segment "America's Voting Machines are F**cked" 11/16/2015 12/1/2015 1/12/2016 Analysis & Notes Content 9 9 9 2 Videos on Comedy Central's Website 3 YouTube videos on Comedy Central's website 2 Facebook Posts by The Daily Show & The Interviewer 2 Twitter Posts by The Daily Show and the Interviewer Audience 13,603,730 13,663,181 13,951,120 Audience includes all the people that Subscribe to, Follow, or Like the accounts that the video was posted to. It does not include the actual reach or impressions of those accounts. The actual number of people that were served the video in their various feeds may be higher or lower, assuming not every audience member saw the videos and that an infinite number of friends-or-friends could have seen the videos based on their friends in the audience’s interactions with the video. Video Views 376,935 649,017 797,647 Video views are higher than expected for a viral piece of content, but this could be due to the Auto-Play features on YouTube, Comedy Central, and Facebook. Likes 4,483 6,073 7,205 Likes increased proportionately with Views Dislikes 34 503 115 HUGE drop in dislikes due to YouTube, meaning hundreds of accounts had to unclick the dislike button or were deactivated. Comments 173 693 906 Comments increased at a comparable rate to dislikes because people that disliked the video are more likely to leave negative comments-this was observed in the form of critiques on the interviewer Social Shares 748 801 808 Social shares seems to have plateaued compared to views, leading me to believe that most views are happening in YouTube and on Comedy Central's website The Daily Show - America’s Voting Machines are F**ked
  61. Humans of New York SYRIAN REFUGEE FEATURE
  62. HONY Syrian Refugee Feature • HONY posted a 7-part photo series about a Syrian Refugee, recapping his struggles, loss, and hopes as he just found out he was approved to come to the United States. • Captured the world’s attention, one of HONY’s most viral stories was picked up by the media across the world. • The President of the United States even commented on the last post, and then invited him to his State of the Union
  63. HONY Syrian Refugee Feature • Michigan's Rick Snyder was the first governor to urge a pause in admitting Syrian refugees into the United States • Oakland County Executive, Brooks Patterson Demands Pontiac Not Accept Syrian Refugees • “Any program such as the acceptance of refugees from Syria under current conditions constitutes an immediate threat of imminent danger,” “I am not overreacting to the tragedy that befell Paris. I am pointing out that lax immigration policies contributed to this terror.”
  64. HONY Syrian Refugee Feature- Key Take Aways • Monitor World News & Pop Culture for ties to your agency • County could not interact with this story in any way • Extra monitoring was performed for comments, posts, other news stories that would connect the HONY story to Brooks’ statement • The HONY story got so large that we couldn’t keep up with the monitoring, so we reverted back to just watching for people posting directly to us • Little to no backlash was received on the County channels
  65. Animal Control Returns a Puppy to Abuser AND POSTED ABOUT IT ON SOCIAL MEDIA…
  66. Animal Control Returns a Puppy to Abuser
  67. Animal Control Returns a Puppy to Abuser • Oakland County Animal Control and Pet Adoption Center (OCACPA) removed a puppy from inadequate shelter. Animal Control saw no other signs of abuse or malnourishment. • The next day when the legal owner returned to pick up the puppy, he was told what adequate shelter was, and that Animal Control would be pursuing charges. We had no legal rights to hold the puppy any longer.
  68. Animal Control Returns a Puppy to Abuser • OCACPA usually posts “Happy Tails” and reunited stories for lost and adopted animals, not animals returned in situations like this. However, there was a miscommunication with the social media staff, and the “Reunion” was posted anyways. • The post went viral, receiving national attention from people and news media. Including an Animal Rights group that was THERE when the puppy was originally picked up by OCACPA and took and posted photos of the conditions. They even organized a presentation at the upcoming Board of Commissioners' meeting.
  69. Animal Control Returns a Puppy to Abuser – Key Takeaways • OCACPA issued statements, gave interviews, and address some inquiries directly about the fact that they had no legal rights to hold the puppy. • The Facebook post received so much negative attention, that they removed it-but they retained a screen capture of the post and digital copy of all the comments. • They did not post for the upcoming weekend because each post received negative comments about the Puppy.
  70. Animal Control Returns a Puppy to Abuser Happy Ending for Puppy Louise, as the owner surrendered her to a Rescue where she was adopted by a loving family!
  71. How to Handle Negative Viral Social Media Kaitlin Keeler Digital Editorial Manager Oakland County, MI Government @KaitlinKeeler @OakGov
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