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Howard ppt

  1. Investor Presentation
  2. What is SchoolTours ? The Mobile College Review App
  3. What is SchoolTours ? Features : Location Sensitive Interactive Anonymous Integrated with Web-based reviews
  4. The Company Background Founded – June 2010, Self-Funded Founder – Howard Page (3rd Start Up) AIB Software (Founded 1992) Sold to Platinum Technology in $10 Million in 1996 Pixorium (Founded 2007)
  5. The Team SchoolTours Keith Landis  Founder, Managing Partner •Collegiate Advisors  Director of Internal Ops & Specialty Sales, •MRU Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:UNCL)  Senior Vice President •Campus Door, Inc. (Sold to Lehman Brothers)
  6. The Team SchoolTours Business Development •Development Team (4 People) • France, Poland, Pakistan and Bangladesh •Marketing (4 People) • US, Lebanon and Philippines • All are Contractors •Will hire full time when appropriate
  7. The market 21 Million College Students 8 Million (High school seniors & Juniors) 4 Million (High school Juniors)
  8. How We attract users ? Scholarships mobile reviews additional entries for Additional reviews Referrals Cross-posting to Twitter or Facebook
  9. How We Make Money ?  We gather email addresses for the scholarships •Monetize contact information  We lease message capabilities for the app •Each college has a “geo-fence”  We deliver digital content to the users
  10. What We Have Accomplished ?  Designed and Implemented required technology  Developed ability to keep user identity secret  Developed social media link  Developed Self-Service Interface for content distribution •Mobile App •Web-site •Back-End Server
  11. Competitions! College Prowler Unigo Cappex Students Review
  12. Our competitive Advantage • Mobile App with Anonymous Reviews •Social Media Integration •Access to 1.5M • Home Schooled students •Member American School Counselor Association •Reviews, comments and photos of • high schools
  13. Financials
  14. How We will Spend Much We Need?  $ 250,000 - $ 500,000 •Generate Revenue •Build User Base •Sales and Marketing •Technology Development • Android App (Prototype already in place) • Backend Updates •Legal •Contest Giveaway Due Diligence