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101 Amazing Things to do on Your Birthday. PART 4

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A list of 101 amazing things to do on your birthday (The fourth of a 4-part series.). The ultimate guide providing you with the most awesome ideas to help you have the most memorable birthday party or celebration ever.

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101 Amazing Things to do on Your Birthday. PART 4

  1. 1. 101 Amazing Things to do on your birthday Brought to you by:
  2. 2. Things to do for HER birthday Make sure to view Part 3 in this series!
  3. 3. 66. 5 star Hotel experience If she has never been to one, and if you can afford it, give her a 5-star hotel experience for one night. Heck make it 6-Star if such exists.
  4. 4. 67. Tour the City with her Yes you might know every nook and corner of your city, or the main parts of it, but have you ever wondered what it is that keeps bringing people from other countries year after year touring the place.
  5. 5. 68. Create a Facebook Page for her Create a Facebook page for her and get as many people that know her to post a message on the page for her. This page should contain as many pictures and videos of her as you can find.
  6. 6. 69. Rooftop Dinner Weather permitting, a rooftop dinner with all the perks can be an extremely romantic event to celebrate a birthday.
  7. 7. 70. Flea Market Day We all know women love to shop, and more so get good deals while shopping. A flea market is perhaps one of the best places to find antique and rare items.
  8. 8. 71. Ocean Sailing A day out on a sail boat, especially when the waters are calm and the skies clear can be magical.
  9. 9. 72. Cook for her I am not sure there isn’t a woman anywhere who wouldn’t appreciate her husband cooking for her.
  10. 10. 73. Breakfast in bed The best way to get her day started. Putting a smile on her beautiful face, with good food, beautiful and lovely smelling flowers, and anything else you can think of to start her day on a great note.
  11. 11. 74. Weekend getaway If you have kids, this is something she will very likely appreciate. A visit to a nearby city or town, to be alone with each other.
  12. 12. 75. Love poem Remember the breakfast in bed idea? One more way to make that experience special is if you are able to write a moving poem straight from your heart that tells her why you love her and all the wonderful things about her.
  13. 13. 76. Take her on an Ocean Liner We all know women like to be spoilt as they should. So spoil her with that ocean cruise in that Titanic like cruise liner, and have her smiling for a month after the cruise.
  14. 14. Things to do for your mom’s birthday Brought to you by:
  15. 15. 77. Make a Picture Collage Make a picture collage of as many pictures of her you can find. Either with her alone in the picture or with people. Make a wall paper out of it and paste it all over the house. I’m talking every single inch.
  16. 16. 78. Video Recording of Children Get all her children to make a video recording of why they love her and why she is the best mom in the world. After all, she really is.
  17. 17. 79. Write and Record a Song for her I’m talking professional recording. Studio and all. Remember Boys II Men’s “A Song for Mama”? Or Tupac’s “Dear Mama?” How do you think those women felt the first time and every time they hear those songs?
  18. 18. 80. Video Recording of Her Friends Get some of her best and closest friends and family members to make a short 30 second video recording wishing your mum a happy birthday and saying anything special about her and why they love her.
  19. 19. Things to do for your sister’s birthday Brought to you by:
  20. 20. 81. A Day at the Beach with her Girls Girls often like to be and bond by themselves. So if she is in the mood for it, and you can seek the opinion of her friends, throw her a beach picnic just for her girls.
  21. 21. 82. Romantic Day with HER Partner Don’t you love your sister so very much, as practically all guys do, that you would do anything for her? Well, her birthday is about her, not so?So why not make it about her, and the special guy in her life.
  22. 22. 83. Manicure & Pedicure Women love to be pampered and spoilt. Women also love their manicures and pedicures. Not exactly sure why, but perhaps because it makes them look and feel good for their man, or potential man.
  23. 23. Make sure to read about the remaining 18 ideas in this series on our website! Brought to you by: