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Benefits of Laughter Yoga

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Benefits of Laughter Yoga

  1. 1. BENEFITS OF LAUGHTER YOGA 5 BENEFITS OF LAUGHTER YOGA (LY) One of the most motivating factors for people to join Laughter Yoga Clubs is the belief in the multiple health benefits they will derive from it. It is not about the concept or the philosophy which attracts them; eventually it is only about what they will get and how it will benefit their lives. Most benefits of Laughter Yoga can be explained under 5 categories that are easy to remember. HEALTH BENEFITS The health benefits of laughter come in 2 categories: 1. For people who are not sick and want to stay healthy 2. For those who have some illness, LY helps promote faster healing. People come regularly to the laughter clubs because it helps them to stay fit. It strengthens the immune system and one does not fall sick easily. Laughter Yoga is a powerful cardio workout and just 10 minutes of hearty laughter is equal to 30 minutes on the rowing machine. It increases blood circulation and relaxes the muscles. It is also a powerful antidote for depression, reduces blood pressure, reduces symptoms of allergies, asthma, arthritis and helps in chronic illnesses like cancer. STRESS today is the number one killer and more than 70-80 percent of illnesses are due to stress. Laughter Yoga is a single exercise routine which reduces physical, mental and emotional stress simultaneously and brings an emotional balance. People can feel the benefits from the very first session. PERSONAL LIFE Your mood states determine the quality of your life. Laughter Yoga has the power to change your mood within minute by releasing certain chemicals from your brain called endorphins. If your mood is good, you feel good within and will remain cheerful throughout the day. Laughter Yoga also helps to develop a sense of humor and you will laugh more in real life. You will always have a smiling face, a positive outlook towards life and very few negative thoughts. BUSINESS LIFE Laughter Yoga is most economical, less time consuming and a scientifically proven technique to reduce stress in the workplace. Science tells us that the brain needs 25% more oxygen than other body organs for optimal functioning. Laughter Yoga increases the net supply of oxygen which helps in optimal performance. One feels energized and fresh throughout the day and can work more without getting tired. Group laughter can create a happy and motivated workforce which includes a strong team building element. For those in marketing and sales it enhances self confidence and communication skills. In HR trainings Laughter Yoga is a very effective tool for promoting an increase in attention span. Also, when you are laughing and playing, your are more creative in your business activities.
  2. 2. SOCIAL LIFE The quality of life and life satisfaction does not depend on how much money, power, position and success you have in life, rather it depends on the number of good friends with whom we have caring and sharing relationships. Laughter is a powerful tool to connect with people easily. After the basic survival needs what we all need is appreciation and acknowledgment for our emotional development. Laughter clubs provide a rich social network of people who care about one another. This provides a sense of emotional security which resists stress and helps to fight depression which is the number one sickness today. LAUGHTER IN THE FACE OF CHALLENGES In times of difficulty, it may be a challenge to remain calm. By imbibing the essence of Laughter Yoga and its characteristics, one can learn to handle any situation effectively without losing their composure. Keeping a positive mental attitude so that you can cope with negative situations and deal with difficult persons in a much better way than a normal person can. BENEFITS FOR SENIORS When visiting at senior centers and retirement facilities, the emphasis can be on the health benefits of Laughter Yoga for such conditions as: depression, heart disease, hypertension, aches and pains, insomnia, arthritis and diabetes. BENEFITS FOR SCHOOL CHILDREN When doing Laughter Yoga with school children, Laughter Yoga will help to develop emotional intelligence in children by bringing more spontaneous joy and playfulness. Studies show that it can improve academic performance and reduces test taking stresses and anxiety. It also improves the relationship between teachers and students, increases athletic stamina and enhances self confidence for other extracurricular activities. AS A TOOL FOR PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT Especially for young adults, Laughter Yoga helps them develop a sense of humor bringing more joy and laughter in their lives. In addition they will achieve greater self confidence, self respect, improved communication skills such as public speaking, as well as increases in energy and motivation. For more information, check out these websites and like us on Facebook: Karen Hasick encourages everyone to consider using laughter as a tool for reducing stress, team building and having enjoyment in your personal and business life. Contact her at (760) 953-2765 or email for more information and setup a presentation.