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Lean and the Corporate Agenda with Guest Jacob Stoller

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Why is it that even the most successful lean projects often go unrecognized in the executive suites? The issue may be lack of alignment – the fact that executives don't see a connection between Lean progress and the corporate agenda that they are expected to fulfill.

This webinar will help directors, managers, supervisors, Lean champions, and consultants understand how corporate agendas affect executive attention and decision making, and what this means for Lean projects.

Participants will learn how to cultivate an ear for business developments that concern executives, and to communicate Lean results in a language that will resonate with all senior leaders.

The evidence will be drawn from the author’s new book The Lean CEO (McGraw-Hill), which explains, through in-depth CEO interviews, the circumstances leading to enterprise-wide adoption of lean in 28 organizations.

About the presenter:

Jacob Stoller is a Toronto-based writer and consultant who has helped business leaders tell their stories for the past 15 years. His recent book, The Lean CEO, uses narratives from 28 lean-practicing CEOs to illustrate the true meaning of a lean transformation. A frequent commentator in the business press, Jacob has delivered a variety of learning events in Canada and the US, and authored documents for clients such as Microsoft, Dell Computer, Staples, Pitney Bowes, International Data Corporation (IDC), CMA Canada, and the Conference Board of Canada.

For more information about The Lean CEO: Buy a book for yourself and the senior leader you ultimately report to!

Connect with Jacob on Twitter: @JacobStoller and on LInkedIn:

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