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  1. 1. Karl Dulay 4611 Lake Knoll Court sugar Land, Texas, 77479 281-818-8057 WORK EXPERIENCE Macy's, Sugar Land, TX Fine Jewelry Sales Associate, February 2015 - March 2015 • Greet customers and ascertain what each customer wants or needs while recommending, selecting, and helping locate or obtain merchandise based on customer needs and desires. • Describe merchandise and explain use, operation, and care of merchandise to customers. • Compute sales prices, total purchases and receive and process cash or credit payment. • Maintain knowledge of current sales and promotions, policies regarding payment and exchanges, and security practices. • Bag or package online purchases for delivery or in-store pickup in addition to placing special orders or calling other stores to find desired items. • Open and close cash registers, performing tasks such as counting money, separating charge slips, coupons, and vouchers, balancing cash drawers, and making deposits. • Maintain inventory and sales record keeping books per shift. • Watch for and recognize security risks and thefts, and know how to prevent or handle these situations. Star Cinema Grill, Missouri City, TX Server and Server Trainer, August 2013 - February 2015 • Assist hosts by answering phones for reservation and to-go orders. • Write guests' food orders on order slips followed by a check back with every order. • Serve food or beverages to guests, and prepare and serve specialty dishes at tables as required. • Explain how various menu items are prepared, describing ingredients and cooking methods. • Check identification of guests to verify age requirements for purchase of alcohol. • Limit problems and liability related to customers' excessive drinking by taking steps, such as, persuading guests to stop drinking due to company state policies. • Remove dishes and glasses from tables or counters regularly to take them to 4611 Lake Knoll Court Sugar Land, Texas, 77479 281-818-8057
  2. 2. the kitchen for cleaning, while preparing and collecting checks that properly total meals' costs. • Perform cleaning duties, such as, sweeping and mopping floors, vacuuming carpets, organizing server stations, taking out the trash, or checking and cleaning bathrooms. • Train prospective servers on serving etiquette, rules, and procedures. • Assessing whether or not prospective servers are beneficial to the server crew. Team Leader, August 2013 - August 2013 • Train coworkers in food preparation, service, sanitation, and safety procedures, in addition to supervising and participating in kitchen and dining area cleaning activities. • Observe and evaluate coworkers and work procedures to ensure quality standards and service, and complete disciplinary write-ups. • Inspect supplies, equipment, and work ares to ensure efficient service and performance standards. • Assign duties, responsibilities, and work stations to employees in accordance to increase service quality and enhance job safety. Food Runner, April 2013 - August 2013 • Clean and sanitize work areas, equipment, utensils, dishes, or silverware. • Store food in designated containers and storage areas to prevent spoilage. • Place food trays over food warmers for immediate delivery similar to beverage and bar drinks. EDUCATION Lawrence E. Elkins, Missouri City, TX High School Diploma, June 2014 • Magna Cum Laude Graduate; 34 out of 427 • Vice-president of a state ranked Academic Decathlon team; 32 of 40 state qualifying teams • Award winning state DECA member • Award winning Speech and Debate member Alvin Community College, Alvin, TX Pre-requisites for UTMB's Traditional BSN Program • Honor Student Association member ADDITIONAL SKILLS • Ability to serve at a high quality and high volume pace. • Solid experience proactively working with and leading teams of people from 4611 Lake Knoll Court Sugar Land, Texas, 77479 281-818-8057
  3. 3. different cultures, backgrounds, and ages. • Passionate about delivering quality service and satisfying guests' needs in warm, efficient, and courteous manner. • Gladly participates and excels in sales goals and competitions • Successful multitasking coupled with a professional demeanor that never wavers. • Impeccable brand awareness which is always applied to guest interactions. • Able to work independently and effectively, while being able to lead and become a functioning member of a team. • Able to appropriately communicate verbally and through written communication. • Professional composure remains intact when dealing with guests. • Prefers to have tasks done with a personal initiative rather than idly waiting for tasks to be assigned. 4611 Lake Knoll Court Sugar Land, Texas, 77479 281-818-8057