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Kaseya Connect 2013: Kaseya IT Services – Virtual Engineers! Come See them in Action!

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In this session you will see “Live” how Kaseya’s IT Services (KITS) Virtual Engineer services can transform your business. Examples of problem analysis, troubleshooting, and internal communicate with you or your staff to track problems through resolution will be shared. You will learn how KITS becomes an extension of your team taking on the proactive role needed in your MSP, and there to assist with issues as they surface. See how simple Kaseya can make the client on-boarding process when using their automated enrollment process scripts. IT-Guru will even demonstration their own use of KITS showing how Kaseya has solved countless difficult problems, all before waking up the next day!

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Kaseya Connect 2013: Kaseya IT Services – Virtual Engineers! Come See them in Action!

  1. 1. Scale Your Business Not Your BudgetKaseya IT Services (KITS)
  2. 2. Real World Perspective• Joseph Axne, Owner – IT-Guru, LLC• Kaseya Customer since 2006• Kaseya KITS Subscriber since 2008• Currently Managing 80 Servers and 265Workstations• All with 2 Employees and KITS Team –Including additional 5-6K in Project workper month
  3. 3. Any Reservations When Starting?• “Current Staff” can just handle?• Will their be a culture difference?• Will my staff embrace this idea?• Will the cost be justified?• Will they do a good Job, are they skilled inassisting us with our needs?• Communication – Will that be an issue?• Will they add value to what we arealready doing?
  4. 4. KITS = Kaseya Virtual Engineer• Delivering reliable, automated, efficient24x7x365 services• Immediate Scalability• Allows you to work “on” your businessvs. working “in” your business
  5. 5. What is it?• Virtual Monitoring Services (Level 1)• Virtual Management Services (Level 2)------------------------------------------------------• Not a Helpdesk or Customer FacingSupport Team
  6. 6. Virtual Engineer Certifications• MCP• Microsoft Certifications (Exchange andAD)• CCNA, CCNP• ITIL• RedHat• VMWare/Hyper-V• Kaseya Certified
  7. 7. Projects and Tasks Included• 2 Projects a Month• 25 Tasks a Month
  8. 8. Projects• A project is a request that can becompleted within 6 hour window• Migrating servers• Restoring Backup Image• Install proprietary application(s) on allnecessary endpoints• Install and Configure Backups withoffsite replication
  9. 9. Tasks• A task is a request that can becompleted within 2 hour window• Assign user rights/permissions• Adds/Moves/Changes of AD Users• Schedule reboot of server but confirmall necessary applications start-up
  10. 10. Client Onboarding• Quickly get a new client implementedwith monitoring and remediation usingsimples script that enables 95% of whatyou need• Easy to review systems and requestadditional monitoring ofprocesses, services, etc via quick emailrequest
  11. 11. Results of using Virtual Engineer• Reduce proactive tickets/alarms by 74%• 24/7/365 without hiring a singletechnician• Fixed operating cost baked into ourManaged Services offering• Allows time for me to focus on buildingmore business and meeting with myexisting clients on a quarterly basis
  12. 12. Questions
  13. 13. KITS Rate CardDescription Workstation ServerVirtual Monitor(backup included)N/A $10Virtual Monitor + Patching N/A $15Virtual Management(patch & backup included)$6 $40Virtual Management +Kaseya Antivirus$10 $44Contact your Sales Rep for more information!