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Question 3 done

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Question 3 done

  1. 1. 3. What kind of mediainstitution might distributeyour media product andwhy?Kashif Jones
  2. 2. My distribution method • My magazine is going to be a Jazz magazine therefore, I do not want to go down the sale and return routes as I cannot afford to waste money • It’s also bad for the environment. • I decided to choose postal distribution as I can have monthly issue which will be delivered straight to their doors. I would have an online website which will work in partnership; I will also give my postal subscribers perks such as posters of jazz artist who will be featured in our magazine, and put dates for when there performing next. • •
  3. 3. My Publiction• Jazzwise Publications Limited is a UK-based specialist jazz music publisher and Education Company.• I believe my magazine will incorporate well with them, reason being the Jazzwise magazine does not target the 16 + Jazz audience .I will be therefore I believe they would be a good company to distribute my magazine. They are very successful and have been disturbing magazine for a number of years.•
  4. 4. Other Ways of distributing• Direct distribution•• Direct marketing means selling products by dealing directly with consumers rather than through a second person or other various outlets, direct distribution is a popular method as there are many advantages such as Higher profit potential and is always current, so this allows you to adapt the magazine still be able to sell it to consumers.•
  5. 5. Other Ways of distributing Online distribution•• Online distribution is by far the biggest method of distribution and most magazine are slowly diverting to the online magazine.• You can have subscriber which is monthly money, which ensures you will be getting an income each month, you can also give those subscribers perks such as early new magazine before they sold in stores, which will make others buyers interested in becoming a monthly subscriber. If my magazine was to become a big success I would use online distribution as I would be able to target a wider audience and over seas sales
  6. 6. Ways of engaging with youraudience• I believe in the modern day society, social networking is extremely important magazine such as Downbeat and Jazzwise both have Twitter pages• I will also design a Twitter page as you will be able to connect personally with your fans.• I can also do online session where you can get the artist to talk from your twitter account to the fans which I believe is a great way of keeping the fans and readers interested.•
  7. 7. Ways of engaging with youraudience part 2 Facebook is a good way of connecting with your fans as it allows you to put adverts on your page and see how many people have liked your page. You can also advertise your magazine through posting pictures and also do online video messages from Jazz artist .