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Student Wellness

Kassidy Baker

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Student Wellness

  1. 1. Student Wellness Celestina Padilla, Kaley Green, Kassidy Baker, Zantaya Davis & Chris Bechthold
  2. 2. Student Medical Center Located in suite 104 of the Virgil Henson Activities Center (AC) They are currently staffed with about 20 employees. Students, RNs, Technicians and Physicians They prescribe medications for cold and flu symptoms, give vaccinations, do blood works, pregnancy testing, STD testing, etc.
  3. 3. WTAMU Student Wellness We decided to base our study on a common interest for most WT students. Stakeholders: WTAMU students Our study is about the wellness of the students here on campus. The organization or company we are going through is the Student Medical Center at WT.
  4. 4. Mission Statement: “To provide high quality, confidential, holistic health care services to our diverse student population while minimizing costs. We are committed to maintaining the physical and mental well being of our student to enhance educational experience and overall academic success.”
  5. 5. New Media Tools We interviewed Medical Office Manager - Lori O’Toole about the media platforms they use. Facebook: /?fref=ts Twitter: @WTAMUSMS
  6. 6. New Media Tools Their biggest tool is the page they have on the university website They list: Pricing Appointment Hours
  7. 7. New Media Tools Usage WT Student Medical Services utilizes Facebook and Twitter to reach out to students via social media. Their Facebook page is a little more detailed than Twitter providing do’s and don’ts on the wall. It also shows weekly availability and even some reviews from others that have visited.
  8. 8. Reach the Students On the campus website you can create a profile on the student medical page where you can: Survey your experience Get access to your lab results Schedule your appointments/First Aid classes Student Health 101 Give helpful tips to stay/get healthy
  9. 9. Conclusion I think overall WT Student Medical Services is very on top of their social media platforms. They are very student (young adult) friendly as far as marketing and managing their posts. They are very in touch with new media and know how to reach their audience. I do not think they need a whole lot of improvement in any of these areas.
  10. 10. Thank you! Any Questions?