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Seven Facts about Belarus

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Interesting facts about Belarussian people, Belarusian language, holidays, IT companies and potato

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Seven Facts about Belarus

  1. 1. BELARUS Seven Facts
  2. 2. Belarus is a small country in eastern Europe... They say...
  3. 3. Belarus is not THAT small #13/49 in Europe Belarus Utah
  4. 4. Belarusians are known as ‘potatomen’ = ‘bulbashi’ Bulba is Belarusian for ‘potato’ Photo credit:
  5. 5. Potato in Belarus 1676 Potato was introduced from Netherlands to Grand Duchy of Lithuania 1536 Spanish Conquistadors discovered potato in Peru and carried it to Europe Now The are 300+ potato dishes recorded in Belarus Belarus ranks eighth among world potato producing countries
  6. 6. Potato 2lb Onion 2 eggs While flour, 1 tbsp Salt and pepper Oil, 2 tbsp Draniki
  7. 7. Minsk is older than Moscow 1067 - Minsk was mentioned in historical records first time Minsk was rebuilt 8 times. Last time - after WWII
  8. 8. Belarusian languageBel Rus ● Belarusians mostly speak in Russian ● Belarusian language shares 84% of common vocabulary with Ukrainian ● The old Belarusian language was an official language of the Belarusian– Lithuanian State Grand Duchy of Lithuania (1230–1596).
  9. 9. Chernobyl ● About 70% of the radioactive fallout from the Chernobyl disaster landed in Belarus ● More than 2,000 towns and villages were evacuated
  10. 10. Belarus is a Silicon Valley of former USSRPhoto credit:
  11. 11. Belarusian Startups
  12. 12. Christmas Tree New Year
  13. 13. Belarusians have Two Christmases! ● Catholics - December 25th ● Orthodox - January 7th And two bank holidays too!