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The power of ugc turning your happiest customers into brand advocates (4)

While overly branded content is wearing thin with savvy consumers, it's hard to tune out authentic content generated by raving fans. User Generated Content (UGC) provides authentic information about the brand’s products and services from previous customers. Consider it a modern-day referral – and a way of saving resources, boosting brand credibility and cost-effectively expanding your customer base. With more than 95 million photos and videos shared on Instagram daily (garnering more than 4.2 billion "likes”), it's among the hottest — not to mention most scalable — ways to showcase products, celebrate fans and drive revenue on the web today.

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The power of ugc turning your happiest customers into brand advocates (4)

  1. 1. The Power of UGC Turning Your Happiest Customers into Brand Advocates Kath Chalhoub
  2. 2. A little bit about me… ● Joined Web Profits’ Social team June 2012 ● Collaborate daily with Australia’s most talented creative thinkers ● Passionate about storytelling, specialising in developing brand narrative ● My personal purpose: To evoke human connection. Kath Chalhoub HEAD OF CREATIVE + SOCIAL >> Katherine Chalhoub
  3. 3. Today’s talking points ➔ What is UGC + Why does it matter? ➔ How do I get customers sharing UGC? ➔ Harnessing the power of UGC ➔ Key takeaways
  4. 4. THE QUESTION What is UGC and why does it matter?
  5. 5. What is it? UGC is content created by your customers, sharing their stories or experiences of who you are or what you do. ➔ Imagery, video or voice recordings ➔ Stories or testimonials ➔ Recommendations or (rave) reviews
  6. 6. Why it matters Today’s customer is: ➔ Digitally savvy, and aware of how brands overtly market through paid media. ➔ Comfortable with rapidly evolving technology and capable of finding information quickly — meaning they can call out BS a mile away. ➔ They will always research a brand after hearing or interacting with it across digital, before buying the product. ➔ Aren’t a passive audience — they’re going to question brand messages and look for proof to back up claims.
  7. 7. In the buying world of today’s customers... 78% are more interested in seeing UGC in place of highly branded content, in the belief that it’s more authentic. Our challenge as business owners + marketers… Building brand credibility in a landscape that demands genuine experiences from real people.
  8. 8. THE QUESTION How do I get customers sharing UGC?
  9. 9. Tactic 1 Create A Branded Hashtag Why A branded hashtag collates content in a way that’s easy for your customers to share it and simple for you to find it. Keep it short, sweet + relevant (like all things) and ensure you promote it across all your paid + earned media. Tip Give your customers a clear CTA on where to use it and give them a reason to – sometimes the simplest way to get what you want, is to ask! Live example : @thegrounds with #thegrounds
  10. 10. Tactic 2 Excite with competitions Why Giving people a reason to engage positively with your brand is an awesome way to gain momentum and initiate a two way exchange of positive experience and ongoing interaction. Tip Repurposing the experiences you capture throughout your marketing will fuel others to do the same – everyone wants their 15 minutes! Live example: @bellamysorganic with the #BellamysFoodie
  11. 11. Tactic 3 Entice with offers or refer a friend incentives Compelling Stat — 77% of millennials participate in loyalty reward programs. –Aimia Why Similar to competitions, an offer or reward incentive gives people a reason to engage + share their stories or experiences and share the positive message with relevant target audiences (ie. their friends). Live example: Aussie Broadband with The 6pm Slow Down campaign
  12. 12. An offer they can’t refuse… ● XX% off first purchase ● Share your experience for the chance to win X ● $XX off when you refer a friend ● Refer a friend to receive X ● Exclusive access to _____ ● Customer Rewards / Loyalty Program ● Become our brand ambassador ● Share your 30 day experience to receive X
  13. 13. Tactic 4 Leveraging the power of influencers Why Building strategic partnerships with like-minded personal brands or creatives is a powerful way to capture the attention of new (non-competing) audiences. Tip Engaging influencers with similar followings to yours means you can negotiate outside of money, with shared benefits like: ● Brand exposure + amplification ● Positive brand association ● Exclusive product insights/access ● Exclusive rights to content or events ● Shared databases ● Website traffic Live example: @koala with the @liiiiilia⠀ with 14.8k followers (based in Syd)
  14. 14. Focus on the three R’s 1. Relevance 2. Reach 3. Resonance Tools to help find your right fit ➔ TRIBE ➔ Scrunch ➔ Collabosaurus Take it to the next level Track the impact each influencer has on your campaign by giving them unique coupon codes or trackable UTM links. Why You’ll re-engage only those who’ve made a positive impact. Fun fact 90% of consumers say authenticity is important when deciding which brands they like and support. – Stackla
  15. 15. Tactic 5 Make UGC the hero of your content strategy Compelling Stat — 89% of millennials trust recommendations from friends + family more than brand claims. –Kissmetrics Why Involving your happiest customers in your brand narratives let’s them speak for your brand – not you. The authenticity of real people advocating for brands speaks louder than any commercial recommendation we could put to market — and who better to speak for your brand than your happiest customers? Live example : @frank_bod with #thefrankeffect
  16. 16. WHAT TO DO WITH IT ONCE YOU’VE GOT IT Harnessing the power of UGC
  17. 17. Placement Where you’d integrate UGC captured ➔ Developing a designated content hub ➔ Social, blog or website content ➔ Paid media (eg. Social ads) ➔ Throughout your email marketing campaigns ➔ Product labels and packaging ➔ Events (both partner and your own) ➔ In-store, if you’re bricks and mortar ➔ Traditional media like TV, radio, editorials or pamphlets ➔ Billboards + out of home banners
  18. 18. Example 1 Developing a designated content hub Why Leveraging the real life stories + experiences of happy customers allows them to speak for your brand - not you. It involves them in your story and creates a community of storytellers and content sharers. Live example : Contiki with The Travel Project Results ● The brand saw bounce rates slashed by 30% ● Site sessions increased by 45% ● And 3x the eCommerce transactions through this campaign alone.
  19. 19. Example 2 UGC as social ads copy Compelling Stat — Research shows Facebook ads with UGC result in a 300% higher click-through rate. – Kissmetrics Why Rave reviews + testimonials speak volumes for your brand and talk to the experiences of real people and their real encounters with your brand. Live example : NFP, CBHS Health Fund Results ● 2x higher click through rate ● Most effective conversions of non-testimonial ads
  20. 20. Example 3 UGC as out of home banners or billboards Why Share the message with the world and tell a compelling story with the data or information shared by your customers. Live example : Spotify, Data Crunch campaign From Spotify’s CMO... “The ads work so well because music is such an emotional experience, and data about our listening habits, on the macro level, taps into our collective mood.” - Spotify CMO Seth Farbman.
  21. 21. Example 4 Website imagery Why Stylised user snaps of your product in use across the globe can speak volumes of your brand’s reach and inspires customers to think of it in ways perhaps, that it’s not been before. Live example : Burberry, Art of The Trench Burberry’s Message to Customers Art of the Trench is a living document of the trench coat and the people who wear it. The project is a collaboration between you, Burberry and some of the world's leading image makers.
  22. 22. Step 1 Capture real stories from real customers across digital channels. Step 2 Amplify positive stories + product experiences. Step 3 Use real life customer stories to remarket to new + existing customers. The voices of the your brand Your Customers
  23. 23. ➔ Create a branded hashtag that people can reference, ongoing ➔ Give people a reason to share their experiences with you ➔ Capture the hearts + minds of new audiences through strategic collaborations with like-minded influencers. ➔ Make your customers the hero of your brand narrative Key takeaways
  24. 24. Scrunch Reach your ideal consumer with data-driven audience insights and a powerful technology platform to make influencer marketing magic. Tribe Create Your Campaign in Minutes. Receive Content in Days. Complete Your Campaign in Weeks. 50,000+ Influencers. 10,000+ Campaigns. As Featured on TechCrunch. Types: Content Creation, Influencer Marketing, Content Licensing. Collabosaurus A marketing tool that connects brands for clever collaborations & partnerships. Collabosaurus is the matchmaker for business. Yotpo Accelerate growth with a full suite of solutions for customer reviews, visual marketing, loyalty programs, and referrals Peazie Interactive digital experiences that engage audiences and capture opt-in data, published across any social channel. This service offers a really customisable opportunity for your to share a brief with the Peazie team and reverse engineer the creative strategy, based on your campaign goals. Sumo Sumo is a suite of email capture tools that allow you to optimise a website and/or blog and prompt an action through the use of website popups, scroll bars and title bars. You can also split test these against each other to see which formats perform best for your website and user audiences. Helpful Resources
  25. 25. Let’s connect! Instagram @kidk19 Email LinkedIn >> Katherine Chalhoub
  26. 26. thnx Kath Chalhoub Head of Creative + Social @ Web Profits >> Katherine Chalhoub