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Poornima Badrinath, Mapbox, Past holds the mirror to the future | SotM Asia 2017

  1. Past holds the mirror to the future How previous mistakes are paving way for newer techniques to prevent them. Poornima Badrinath Mapbox
  3. Amazing details Live updates Advantages
  4. Map breakages Wrong data Disadvantages
  5. 21% of incoming changesets are not good An average of
  6. From June 1st to August 31st - All Reviewed changesets: 24,089 - Bad changesets: 5,074 - Critical: 148 - High: 740
  7. How bad are bad changesets?
  8. -Critical -Not critical
  9. Critical changesets Seriously breaking the map
  10. Renders breaking
  11. Fake cities added on the oceans
  12. Country name or City name being shown incorrectly
  13. Popular tourism destinations being vandalised
  14. Harmful Not critical but not needed on the map
  15. Tons of unwanted viewpoints, amenities, shops, pois
  16. Random parks and water bodies added
  17. Random roads added: footways, paths etc
  18. How or why does it happen? Unintentional - Inexperience, by mistake Intentional - fully aware of the bad changes
  19. Unintentional New users New to the mapping concept Not aware of the community Not aware of the tagging/editing rules of OpenStreetMap When editing - deleting/editing another feature by mistake
  20. Intentional Adding wrong data on purpose Fully aware of the changes being made
  21. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  22. Virus mapping in Vietnam
  23. Beautifully added unwanted highways
  24. How can they be corrected? To correct/prevent, first the error needs to be found and analysed why it happened.
  25. Three questions to ask! What/why/how did it happen? How was it corrected How to make sure that it doesn’t happen again
  26. Tools available
  27. Validate your own edits: JOSM Validator
  28. OSM Changeset Analyser
  29. Detectors and Compare functions How they help in catching the unwanted edits
  30. What is a compare function or a filter
  31. Comparisons between 2 versions
  32. What can it do? - Able to filter out changesets based on a few characteristics - Flags the potentially harmful changesets based on the compare function - Easy to keep an eye on a particular area based on the bbox.
  33. How a compare function or filter is developed FLOWCHART: A bad changeset Analysing why it happened Checking the features it affected Writing a compare function to flag those edits Using the compare function to flag similar edits!
  34. How the OSM community has responded!
  35. Changeset reverts
  36. Feature editing
  37. How you can do it ● Keep an eye on the area you are familiar with ● Use tools like OSMCha to find changesets in the area you are interested in. ● Various other tools that flags harmful changesets
  38. How you can contribute?
  39. Help in writing compare functions or new filters to catch harmful edits Check out the osm compare repository: https://github.com/mapbox/osm-compare
  40. Use OSMCha to filter out the incoming changesets https://osmcha.mapbox.com/
  41. Keep an eye on the changes happening around your area
  42. Connect with the community members by changeset comments, osm diaries, osm irc chat https://www.openstreetmap.org/user/nammala/diary/41413
  43. Help out new mappers in correcting their edits and sharing guides and tutorials that would help them understand https://www.mapbox.com/mapping/validating-osm/
  44. Happy Validating! :)