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Evaluation Question 5

Evaluation for AS media - Question 5.

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Evaluation Question 5

  1. 1. How did you attract/address your audience? EVALUATION – QUESTION 5.
  2. 2. Casting. To attract our audience we decided to cast our characters as being similar ages to the general audience age. This being between the ages of 15-25. The characters we casted were both of the age of 17, this allows the audience to feel a closer bond to the characters and develop a relatable situation. We decided to cast 2 girls as our main characters as we found through target audience interviews that our storyline was more attracted towards females and the overall interests of the females we interviewed. We also decided to cast a character to be the antagonist in which his face could not be seen. We decided to do this as we found our target audience stated they were more intrigued and kept on the edge of their seat when a characters face or voice is not shown.
  3. 3. Modern day We also decided to incorporate our story around the modern day. We found that this increased our target audiences interest into the film as they felt it enhanced the genre of thriller as it allowed the audience to relate to the day to day living. To enhance the idea of the modern day our characters dressed in fairly modern clothing such as jeans and coats and nice shoes. This again allowed our audience to feel as if they are like the characters and again relate to them. Our script also consisted of modern language and slang such as ‘oh my god’ and ‘totally’ this makes our audience feel slightly more vulnerable when watching. We also incorporated the use of modern day technology, this included iphones. We did this by incorporating them in the filming. To do this one character says ‘I have to film this’ and brings our an iphone to film on the camera setting. This identifies the modern day to the audience and attracts them.
  4. 4. Interviews Before coming up with our final idea on what to create within our film, we decided to interview a number of students to create a general idea of what our target audience was interested in. It showed that our target audience were most interested in paranormal horror films and criminal thrillers. We also found out that our target audience preferred to see a small casting compared to a large casting. Our interviews showed that our target audience preferred the film to be set in the modern day. We also found that our target audience preferred to know less detail into the antagonist as it drew them in more. We took all of the answers into account when creating our final storyline to attract our audience and finalise our ways of addressing our audience into our storyline.