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Health and wellness

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Health and wellness

  1. 1. 1. Creating life goals is helpful in making decisions that affect long-term plans for life. Explain the steps that a person can follow to create his/her life goals. People with goals succeed because they know where they are going. Life as simple as that. So, creating life goals is a powerful process for thinking about our ideal future and at the same time for motivating ourself to turn our vision of this future into reality. There are certain important steps that a person must follow to create his/her life goals. The first step is we have to think about what we want or what we are going to achieve in life. A person must get a pen and some paper and start writing down things that are important to them in life. And begin thinking about what would really excite them. When brainstorming life goals, a person have to write down as possible as he/she can. They have to choose important areas of their life such as mind, finances, things and relationship to create life goals. He/she have to consider areas of their life that they either want to change or develop with time. They have to ask themselves questions about what they like to achieve in each area. Next step is a person have to break the big picture down into smaller and more specific goals. For example, if he/she have a life goal to open own business, maybe the smaller goals would be learn to manage business effectively. Then, a person need to arrange life goals according to the prioritize. After list down all the life goals, a person have to select the life goals that are more compelling to them. Here, a person can finalize what are the goals they really need in life. Further more, a person need to set a deadline to life goals. There are two type of time frame such as short term ( 1-12 months) and long term ( 2 to 4 years). This is very important because it creates the tension that is necessary to give ourselves the message, that we are really serious about our life goals. Last but not least, a person have to create own action plan for their life goals. Action plan is a specific list of actions that will lead to goal. A person have to think about the steps that have to take to achieve goals at the right time. Write them down and bring them into a logical order. In conclusion, there are several proper ways to set lifetime goals. If we follow the steps, and work on it, sure can achieve our goals.
  2. 2. 2. Role models can guide a person in forging new pathways, when trying something new, or when uncertainties lie in the way ahead. Discuss tips in finding good role models. Role models can be defined as an individual who is looked up to and revered by someone else especially youths. A role model is someone who other individuals aspire to be like, either in the present or in the future. Other than that, role model can be someone who we know or may be someone who we have never met before such as a celebrity or public figure such as police men, politicians, teachers, parents and other family members. Role models are very important in our life. Role models ensure that we are positively influenced and encouraged to be a better person in future. They always can inspire us to be a good mankind. Now, there are certain useful tips to select our role model in life. We should select a role model that can help us to become the best version of ourself. The role model that we choose must be a successful person who can help us to mature and grow as a useful person. They can give guidance and advice to us to achieve our life goals. Before we choose role model, we should make a list of the key characteristics that we want to achieve in life. If we want to achieve something in particular field, we can choose role model who succeed in that particular field. More over, we also can identify people who exhibit the same qualities that we wish to achieve. We should analyse carefully about role model and think why do we admire them so much and what is the message they send through their actions. This is because potential role models may exist all around us. Before we select role model, we should ensure the person has a sense of purpose in their life. A great role model would be someone who knows who they are. Role model that we choose no need to be perfect, but he/she should have a sense of purpose. Further more, the role model that we choose must be a person who exhibits reliable competence and who gained their position through dedication and hard work. It is good to choose a role model who works hard and reach highest position in their life. And if possible, please don’t choose top performer as role model because it is very hard to reach their spectacular performance unless we are lucky. Obviously, this will discourage and demotivate us. We also can select role model who is different from us. Everyone tempted to choose a certain role model because they are see something of ourselves in them. These kind of role models will only hold us back because we are not really changing any characteristics of ourself, while
  3. 3. we are just simply perfecting characteristics that are already there. For example, if we are bold person , we can choose someone who is steady as role model. We should choose someone that we know and observe succeeding in life in a ay that resonates with our moral values and beliefs for our role model. A role model should be someone who we admire in all aspects of their life and leads a healthy lifestyle. In conclusion, while it is good to have a role model, it is also important to retain our individuality. We cannot lose ourself in the attempt to follow the example or our role model. We can follow the characteristics we would like most to improve ourself while keeping the rest of us as we are. 3. Practicing proper nutritional habits contributes to good health. Identify reasons why risks of poor nutritional habits increase among elderly people. Proper nutritional eating habits is important at any age. But, elderly people facing a lot of difficulties in practicing healthy eating habits. According to the survey, 15 to 50 percent of the elderly people have poor nutrition and malnutrition. 30 percent of senior citizens skip at least one meal a day, while another study found that 16 percent of seniors consume fewer than 1000 calories a day, which is insufficient to maintain adequate nutrition. There are some reasons why risks of poor nutritional habits increase among elderly people. Example of reasons are forgetfulness, financial burden, depression and loneliness. Elderly people usually will take medicines more than youth. These medicines from hospital always has side effects to the elderly people. Certain medicines can reduce appetite or make food taste differently. If elderly people doesn’t feel hungry because of the medicine side effects, he/she is less likely to eat even though his/her body does need food and calories. Other than that, the aging process itself is the main reason to poor nutritional among them. When people get older, the senses of smell and taste will decrease. So, this affect a person’s ability to taste and enjoy food.. And of course, if a meal isn’t appetizing, elderly people is less likely to eat as much as he/she could. Financial burden also cause elderly people cut back on grocery expenses or always buy cheaper and less-nutritious food to reduce their budget. Lacking of money can cause lost in nutritious
  4. 4. value. Most of elderly people have limited income. Older people also doesn’t have strong teeth to chew food for a long time. So, poor dental health such as jaw pain, mouth sores and missing teeth can make chewing painful. Furthermore, depression and stress also main reason to this problem. Elderly people face more difficulties in their life. Their loved ones may be die or go away, and loneliness can take place. Feeling depressed and stress automatically can decrease one’s appetite. And they will not take care for their health. Elderly people also face physical difficulty. Seniors can become frail as they age, when especially facing bone problems. They cannot peeling fruit and standing too long to cook food. They will have physical pain and poor strength. Last but not least, usually elderly people face forgetfulness problem such as Alzheimer’s disease and poor memory. These can reduce elderly people ability to eat a variety of foods on a regular schedule and remember what to buy at the grocery. They ending up with eating the same foods over and over without realizing it or skip meals entirely because he/she doesn’t know the last time that she ate. In conclusion, all of these reasons make it increasingly difficult the elderly to practice nutritional habits. 4. Riskof dental problems and gum diseases tendto increase with age.Discuss common reasons for tooth decay and steps that a person can take to improve the health of gums and teeth. Tooth decay occurs when a sticky acidic film called plaque builds up on our teeth and begins break down the surface of our teeth. Here are the reasons for tooth decay. Our teeth are fully covered in a hard, outer coating called enamel. Our mouth is full of bacteria, which combine with small particles and saliva to form plaque. Every day, a thin film of bacteria called dental plaque builds up on our teeth. When we consume food and drink high in carbohydrates especially sugary foods and drinks the bacteria in plaque turn the carbohydrates into energy they need, producing acid at the same time. The plaque will first start to soften the enamel which is a hard outer coating of a tooth by removing minerals from the tooth. Over time, the acids can cause a small hole in the enamel. This hole is called a cavity which can develop on the surface. This will cause toothache.
  5. 5. Regularly cleaning, brushing our teeth can remove plaque, but if it’s allowed to build up, it can begin to break down the surface of our tooth. Once cavities have formed in the enamel, the plaque and bacteria can reach the dentine. Without treatment, plaque and bacteria will enter the pulp. At this stage, our nerves will be exposed to bacteria, making our tooth very painful. The bacteria can also infect tissue within the pulp, causing a dental abscess. Tooth decay typically occurs in teeth at the back of our mouth, known as molars and premolars. Brushing and flossing your teeth can protect us from decay, but once a cavity happens, a dentist has to fix it. Other than that, we can protect our teeth from decay by using fluoride toothpaste. If we are t higher risk for tooth decay such as dry mouth, we might need more fluoride. Our dentist or dental hygienist may give us a fluoride treatment during an continuous visit. Use mouth rinse according to dentist advice. While gum disease begins when plaque builds up along and under the gum line. This plaque causes infections that hurt the gum and bone that hold teeth in place. Sometimes gum disease makes our gums tender and bleed later on. A more severe form of gum disease, called periodontitis needs to be treated by a dentist. If gum disease not treated, this infection can ruin the bones, gums, and other tissues that support our teeth. Later, teeth may have to be removed. In order to prevent dental problems and gum disease we should brush our teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste. Most important is brush teeth after each meal and especially before going to bed. We should clean our teeth daily with dental floss such as the Oral-B Interdental Brush and Reach Stim-U-Dent. We should floss once a day. We also have to eat nutritious and balance meals and limit snacks. We should avoid carbohydrates such as candy, chips which can remain on the tooth surface. If sticky foods are eaten, brush our teeth soon afterwards. We also must check with our dentist about use of supplemental fluoride, which strengthens our teeth. We should drink fluoridated water to protect our teeth from dental problems. We should visit our dentist regularly for professional cleanings and oral exam. At last but not least, people who are smoking should quit smoking. Smoking increases our risk for gum disease. In conclusion, we should take good care of our teeth in order to prevent these kid of dental diseases. We can prevent before it attack us.
  6. 6. 5. Depression is growing concern among adults and elderly people. Identify the main causes of clinical depression and what can a person do to overcome it. Depression means feels blue or sad. These depression feelings are usually short-lived and pass within a couple of days. When we have depression, it interferes with daily life and causes pain. Depression is a common but serious illness. Depression often occur in later life such as when a elderly person face retirement, the death of loved ones and medical problems. Depression give great impact to our energy, sleep, appetite and physical health. However, depression is not an inevitable part of aging and there are many steps that we can take to overcome the symptoms, no matter the challenges we face. There are several causes that contribute to depression in older adults and the elderly people. The main cause is health problems. Elderly people usually face a lot of health problems such as illness and disability, pain, damage to body image due to surgery or disease. Another cause is loneliness. Living alone in a house making them decreased their mobility. They feel like they loss privileges from their children. Elderly people also have reduced sense of purpose. They feel purposelessness or loss of identity due to their retirement or physical limitations on activities. Later on, elderly people also have fear of death or dying because of health issues. The death of close relations such as friends, family members or lost of life partner also cause depression among elderly people. So, now what can a person do to overcome depression feeling? There are a lot of activities that we can do physically, mentally and socially to overcome depression. First is exercise. Research has proved that exercise is powerful mood-boosting activity which can relieving depression. Elderly people no need to go gym, they just have to do simple exercise like take the stairs, do light housework and enjoy a short walk with friends. Exercise can build their strength and boost their mood. Other than that, elderly people always connect with others like face to face whenever possible. They need to socialize with others such as invite loved ones to visit or keep in touch with them in phone. They can join a small group who have similar interests with them and participate in activities they enjoy. Participating in social works is the best ways to feel better about theirself and expand their social network.
  7. 7. Further more, elderly people must get enough sleep somewhere between 7 to 9 hours each night. They should maintain a healthy diet. Elderly people cannot eat too much of sugar and junk food. Choose healthy foods that provide energy and vitamins. Elderly people also can learn a new skill and sparks their imagination and creativity. At last but not least, elderly people should create opportunities to laugh at every moment of life. Laughter provides a mood boost, so swap humorous stories and jokes with their loved ones or can read funny books. 6.Explain how financial stability is affected by the age that a person starts planning and the steps a person can take to better manage his/her finances. There are a number of important aspects of a person’s life among them being like family, health, religion and finances. Financial planning is defined as depth evaluation of a person’s current and future financial goals and needs and ways of achieving them through investing and saving. First of all, a person have to determine the current financial situation. A person need to have a clear understanding of the level of income, expenses and savings. The aim of financia l planning is to have the highest net worth possible. If we take a loan to buy an investment, the rule of thumb should be that the returns on the investments should be higher than the interest rates on the loan. Next step is we should develop our financial goals. The financial goals should be smart and specific. First for one month, keep track of all our expenses. We should save all our receipts, make note of how much cash we need versus how much we expense to credit cards and figure out how much money we have left over when the calendar turns. After the first month, we should take stock of what we spent. We have to write down what we actually spent. We can make a simple list of monthly expenses that include monthly income, household bills, groceries, dining out, gas and emergency medical expenses. When write budget, we should honest to ourself. It’s our money, so there’s really no sense in lying to ourself about how much we are going to spend when making a budget. Last but not least, we should keep track of our budget over time. The great part of a financial planning is that we have kept track of those changes, giving us an accurate idea of where our money went during the year.
  8. 8. In conclusion, financial problem will open our eyes to how much money we spend, if they haven’t been opened already. Financial planning allows us to adjust our spending habits and put the money towards more meaningful areas. In conclusion, financial planning in right age is very important to achieve life goals. If we face financial problem in life, sure we will depressed and cannot focus on life achievements. So, plan well and live a meaningful life. 7. Creating a ‘bucket list’ that consists of a written record of accomplishments and experiences that a person wishes to achieve in his/her lifetime provides a useful guide. Discuss tips for creating and completing a person’s bucket list. Everyone has a mental list of things that they want to do in life before we pass away. Writing a ‘bucket list’ usually can bring us one step closer towards making some of these goals a reality. However, this can be harder list to write then we might expect. There are top tips which not only help us to write meaningful list, but as well as accomplish it as well. We easily can start to write the list. Before write the list, we should do research in internet or books. We should check what other people have listed online as this might give us some inspiration. We might not necessarily want to do what they have listed, but it could give us some good ideas that we never really thought of. We cannot prepare a long list at once. We should start small, think of three things we would really like to do but have never had the chance to do, then add to it as and when we think of something. This is an evolving process. It may take weeks or months to actually finish a complete list. Furher more, whenever write bucket list, we should think outside the box. Some of the most interesting things on our list are going to end up being some of the most random. The thing here is do what we want to do in life, not what everyone else is doing. Other than that, the person should target different areas of life when preparing bucket list. Usually people tend to list things related to travel. This is good. But, however, other aspects of life such as hobbies, finances, careers and relationships are great thing to consider when building out a lifetime list. The bucket list thigs must be easier to achieve than others. If all the things in the list are difficult to accomplish such as expensive, the list is not effective. Later on, we will quickly get discouraged and not make the progress that should be. We also can include things that can do
  9. 9. “TODAY”. Life is short so better get start early. There are plenty of things that we can do right now that we have always said wanted to do, but just never made the time to start. Well, we should start now! Last but not least, we should get goals. Without goals the bucket list doesn’t work. We have to set deadline or time frame to start action. However, the whole idea is start making steps to do the things we want in our life. So, this is all about us and our life…Let’s have fun and accomplish all the things in our bucket list. REFRENCES your-%E2%80%9Cbucket-list%E2%80%9D-before-you-kick.html