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  1. 1. makes window blinds smart flipflic TM
  2. 2. FlipFlic TM turns window blinds into a fully functioning member of your smart home while lowering energy bills and optimizing sunlight and privacy. EASY INSTALLATION Installed on existing window blinds in one click and with no tools. AUTOMATIC CONTROL FlipFlic is fitted with sensors and automatically responds to changing light and temperature. SCHEDULE Set up your own schedule to wake up naturally with the sun and get privacy in the evening. SMART HOME INTEGRATION FlipFlic integrates with BLE and ZigBee hubs, adding blinds to your smart home scenes. 2 BLINDS TYPES FlipFlic comes in two versions to fit both horizontal and vertical blinds types SOLAR POWERED Built-in battery is constantly recharged with a solar panel. No need for power outlet or battery changing. MANUAL MODE Time for romance? Open or close all blinds instantly with a tap. GROUPS Add devices to groups and control them simultaneously.
  3. 3. COMFORT No need to run around the house to open and close all those multiple window blinds, no need to climb up the furniture to close those hard-to-reach windows. ENERGY SAVINGS With smart daylighting you rely less on artificial lighting and reduce the load on air conditioning. 5 FlipFlics pay off in 9 months! ADDITIONAL SECURITY Blinds move by themselves when you are on vacation or business trip and the house looks occupied. BLINDS AUTOMATION ALLOWS FOR: Sensor integration It is fitted with indoor temperature sensor and photo sensor. Control algorithm evaluates heating, cooling or neutral mode, time of the day, and determines optimal shade position. Autonomous and networked intelligence The device may be a standalone product that is controlled with a smartphone application. It may also be integrated into building/home automation system and be controlled through the third party gateway and interface application. It communicates with other devices via Bluetooth Low Energy and ZigBee. For some applications the third-party gateway may be used to control large groups of FlipFlics. Gateways can be intermediaries to Wi-Fi enabled features like IFTTT. In the future we plan to add Z-wave protocol.
  4. 4. Installation The device is attached to the blind head rail with magnets. One doesn’t need any tools to install FlipFlic on existing blinds. E.g. in case of venetian blinds one would need to detach wand for manual control and clip the device to the regulating mechanism to replace manual control with automatic control. FlipFlic for Horizontal Blinds fits horizontal Venetian blinds, where the twist / rod / tilting wand can be detached. FlipFlic works with 1''/25mm/ mini blinds up to 78'' (200 cm) wide and 2''/50 mm/ blinds up to 60'' (152 cm) wide. FlipFlic for Vertical Blinds works with vertical blinds with either wand- or chain- control of the slats position. It is super easy to install. Snap FlipFlic from either side of the headrail right on the rotating shaft. It also detaches easily. Make sure you have 2 inches to the wall from either side of the headrail to fit the device. STEP THREE Snap FlipFlic on the remaining part of the tilter where the wand used to be. STEP ONE Stick the solar panel onto the window glass. STEP TWO Simply detach the tilting wand you usually use to rotate to adjust blinds manually.
  5. 5. Solar-Powered FlipFlic is absolutely autonomous. It has a built-in battery, recharged via micro USB with a solar panel. There is no need for power outlets or battery replacements. A solar panel, installed indoors, harnesses the sunlight. Simply stick it to the window glass. If you choose not to use the solar panel or are in a dark or shaded window, FlipFlic is easily removed for periodic charging via standard MicroUSB cable (included). Without the solar panel, we estimate that recharging may be required approximately once every 30 days of average use.
  6. 6. Smart Home Integration Integration in progress FlipFlic can be integrated into your pre-existing smart home systems via BLE and ZigBee. We are members of Icontrol Labs, which ensures the ZigBee firmware in FlipFlic will be Icontrol-certified and available to users of supported smart home solutions powered by Icontrol Networks. This means Flipflic will be compatible with other Icontrol-supported products (like ADT Pulse, Xfinity Home, PEQ, Piper) and eligible for distribution through their service provider channels. and counting. FlipFlic will accommodate new smart home integrations by one step firmware updates installed using the mobile app.
  7. 7. TECH SPECS 3-6 V Motor rotates tilting mechanism of blinds up to 60'' (152 cm) wide. Temperature sensor triggers opening/closing if it gets too hot or too cold. Ambient light sensor detects indoor light levels and is used for managing sunlight and optionally triggering night automations for privacy. Timer allows scheduling, sleep mode at night, wake-up in the morning. Rechargeable LiPo battery more than 500 mAh. Magnets for tools-free installation. Bluetooth 4.0 connects FlipFlic to the app (iOS, Android) on your mobile device. ZigBee connects FlipFlic to your smart home system. MicroUSB port for standard USB charging. ON/OFF Switch LED indicates power status (on/off), Bluetooth connectivity status, and battery recharging status.
  8. 8. Our offer to smart home companies: Cross promotion, mutual sales; New product to already a standard kit of lights, thermostat and plugs; More data on lighting, temperature, and savings without extra hardware. Our offer to blinds manufacturers and distributors: Cross promotion; Upselling and returning customers – you can offer clients an upgrade and new clients can come back later when they decide to automate their blinds. No certification or special knowledge needed. If you have never been selling motorized blinds, now you can easily step in. Customer support is on us. Affordable product with good margin. FlipFlic is more affordable than motorized blinds but as an electronic product has higher margin, than simple blinds.
  9. 9. flipflic Jalousier, Inc, USA Jalousier OU, Estonia Follow @FlipFlic on Twitter Video Kickstarter TM


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