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A Japanese TV program for programming education using Scratch

An ignite talk at Scratch@MIT conference 2016 on Aug 5, 2016
by Kazuteru Hayashi, Kazuhiro Abe
This ignite talk will introduce a Japanese TV program focusing on teaching programming with Scratch. This ten-minute series will run in five episodes, and conveys the basic concept of programming and the enjoyment of creating it through Scratch. The talk will also showcase accompanying online materials designed for children who viewed the TV program to create on their own.

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A Japanese TV program for programming education using Scratch

  1. 1. Broadcasting fun of programming using Scratch in Japan Kazuteru Hayashi(NHK) Kazuhiro Abe(Aoyama-gakuin univ.)
  2. 2. 「Why!? Programming」 ・10min.×8 episodes(5 in spring, 3 in summer 2016) ・Target: upper grades of elementary and junior high school children ・Aim :By using Scratch 2.0, ① let the children know the fun of programming ② exert their creativity through programming ③ let the children learn how to program
  3. 3. Story (from opening movie)
  4. 4. Rescue team in real world
  5. 5. Jason can enter the Scratch-world
  6. 6. Fix bugs and save the world!
  7. 7. Also exert his creativity, it often makes fun trouble
  8. 8. Various Scratch world (#1~4) #1 sea #2 stage #3 stationary shooting game #4 the arctic region
  9. 9. Various Scratch world (#5~8) #5 apple farm #6 fun house #7 parched farm #8 animal olympics
  10. 10. Other corners (1) Programming Jason repetition synchronization
  11. 11. Other corners (2) Introduce scratchers and their work
  12. 12. Web site Original website ・Streaming of full TV programs ・Video clips of How to use Scratch Account on Scratch ・Characters, music, programs, All materials of Scratch-world open to the public → 40000 views and 300 rimixies in 4 months
  13. 13. Effect of TV  program in Japan ・77000 usres(March 2016) →102000 users(July 2016)
  14. 14. New website (from August) ”Wai Wai programming” ・Call for work on the monthly theme ★Theme of August :Let`s create your fun house! → Japanese “design studio” ★We would like to collaborate with design studio.