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6 Ways To Store Extra Fuel For Long Range Bug Outs

Having an extra fuel on your vehicle can take you to your destination. You will be able to make a long range trip and there are some ways to store extra fuel for long range bug outs.

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6 Ways To Store Extra Fuel For Long Range Bug Outs

  1. 1. 6 Ways to Store6 Ways to Store Extra Fuel forExtra Fuel for Long-Range BugLong-Range Bug OutsOuts By Ken Jensen
  2. 2. • How far can your Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV) go on the fuel you have on- hand? You need to get the maximum mileage possible so you can get further away.
  3. 3. Some ways to carry extra fuel withSome ways to carry extra fuel with your vehicle are:your vehicle are: • Obviously, if your vehicle can fit it, you can install tanks specifically that will give you more room, thereby allowing more distance. A typical tank will provide about 300 to 350 miles. Install a Larger Gas Tank such as a Long-Range Fuel Tank
  4. 4. Add a Second Tank with Flip Switch • Many trucks, and some cars, will have space for a second tank. If you can do this, it can double your mileage. Install a Jerry Can Mount • If you mount a Jerry Can to your vehicle, you can add around 5 gallons per can to your vehicle, giving you extra mileage. The cans just add to your exterior, so no room is needed.
  5. 5. Install a Flat Gas Can Mount • These usually carry 3-4 in a small can, and 6-8 in a large can. These can be mounted to the back or roof of your vehicle. They can also be mounted to bars of ATVs. Keep Extra Fuel for Long-Range Bug Outs • Each 15 gallon barrel could give you from 150-300 miles extra, and each 50 gallon barrel could give you an extra 500-1000, based on your fuel mileage.
  6. 6. Keep Containers Strapped to Roof RackKeep Containers Strapped to Roof Rack • This is the normal 5-gallon gas can. You can strap these down to the roof of a vehicle for filling up on-the-go. These cans also should never be inside the cab of a vehicle, as no gas container should. The off-gas is poisonous.
  7. 7. • If you keep enough extra fuel with each vehicle, you will be able to make a long range trip to your Bug-Out Location (BOL). Using these low-cost options, determine how you will extend the range of any vehicle. Keep Extra Fuel forKeep Extra Fuel for Long-Range Bug OutsLong-Range Bug Outs
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