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Deconstruction of Romantic Comedy Film Posters

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Analyzing Rom-Com posters

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Deconstruction of Romantic Comedy Film Posters

  1. 1. Deconstruction of Romantic Comedy Film Posters BY KERRY CAULFIELD
  2. 2. The image of a car being crumpled under the females foot links with the word ‘super’ in the movie title. This suggests that the super is describing the superpower aspect of the movie. (In this case, Super-Strength). This could connote the comedy aspect of the film, as it looks as though it’s been adapted to look broken. (Which would suggest that the film will include some other animated/edited moments too). Featuring the name of the tar on the poster allows the audience to know who the stars of the film are. Luke Wilson is famous for being in ‘Legally Blonde”, also a Romantic Comedy. This makes the audience interpret that this film is also a Romantic Comedy as Luke Wilson is a star in the film. The title font is consistent, apart from the word ‘super’. This suggests the creators of the poster are trying to make that specific word stand out. The colour of the word ‘Super’ matches the colour of the car. This also suggests there’s a possibility of ‘superpowers’ in this film. Uma Thurman is standing with her hands on her hips to make her look like she is in charge. However, Luke Wilson has his arms crossed. This suggests that Uma has control while Luke is trying to sustain from it, also linking with the word ‘Super’ in the title (she has the “super power” as she’s in charge). I think the intended audience of this film are the younger adults. I think this because of the way the poster is set up. The title font is very sophisticated and the stars of the film are known for their roles in adult movies. The tagline, ‘he broke her heart, she broke his everything’ insinuates that he breaks up with her (bringing in the romance) and she decides to get her revenge by ‘breaking his everything’ (his physical possessions – bringing in the comedy).
  3. 3. The tagline, ‘A new funny film about love, with a bit of time travel’ tells you this is a romantic comedy straight away (using the words ‘funny’ and ‘love’). Making the genre clear to the audience allows the right people to notice it. The stars of the film are featured in the poster, letting the audience to know who will be in the movie. They are laughing and are positioned close to each other. This also suggests that the film is a romantic comedy. The stars names are on the poster, allowing anyone who reads it to get a clear understanding of who will be featuring in the movie. Rachel McAdams is famous for her role in ‘The Vow’, a romance film. Using an actress that is known for work in a romance film makes the audience assume the film also involves romance. The title ‘About Time’ suggests this film is about romance. It’s a phrase that a lot of people will use when something finally happens. A common use of this phrase is when two people begin a romantic relationship after liking each other for a long time without doing anything about it. This suggests that the main stars (in the poster) will finally get together and that it’s ‘about time’ that they did. Mentioning that the film is from a writer who writes romance novels (and listing some of them) suggests that the film is also going to be a romance film, as it’s his form of work when he writes a story. Also, the right audience will be attracted if they notice that one of their favourite novels have been mentioned. If their favourite novel writer has made a film, they may be interested in watching it.