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NLB Analytics Overview

  1. NLB Analytics Overview May 2017
  2. Corporate Overview Copyright 2017. All Rights Reserved. 2  NLB is a fast growing technology, analytics and advisory services company with a mission of helping our clients by bringing talent, framework and cost efficiency to the table  We bring best practices successfully deployed in Fortune 1000 companies to help our clients innovate and develop efficient processes resulting measurable business impacts  Founded in 2007, we have 1500+ project resources in US & Canada with a global back-office supporting client projects
  3. External Resourcing Transformation 3Copyright 2017. All Rights Reserved. Advisory Services Vendor Environment Implementation Staff Augmentation Analytics, Process Re-engineering and IT  Cost and savings strategies throughout External Resourcing environment (professional and cloud services, software, hardware, telecom)  Insourcing, Outsourcing, Right Sourcing evaluation coupled with captive strategy justification  Establishing and Optimizing Vendor Management Function  Vendor Management Organization benchmarking across any domain  Implementation of Governance and Change Management programs  Negotiate vendor IT cost reductions  Vendor environment optimization, specializing in vendor consolidation and rationalization  Compare current process with industry best practices, develop playbook for future process implementation for supply chain, financial, manufacturing and HR domains  Data analysis and segmentation to identify root causes; develop and implement predictive models and rationalization  Packaged apps, BI, and Cloud implementation  Technology based proprietary talent database and candidate assessment solution  Transparency of cost structure  Packaged apps, BI, Cloud & Digital techologies  Knowledge Management  Client boot camps to prepare for projects
  4. Analytics Practice Copyright 2017. All Rights Reserved. 4
  5. Analytics Services Copyright 2017. All Rights Reserved. 5 Descriptive Predictive Prescriptive Big Data
  6. End to End Capabilities Copyright 2017. All Rights Reserved. 6
  7. Approach To Predictive Analytics Copyright 2017. All Rights Reserved. 7 Identify likelihood of future events and behavior Generate insights that drive business outcomes, more optimized results, quantified economic value and a more frictionless customer experience DetectionDetection AdoptionAdoption ActionAction Identify business rules that are intuitive enough to be adopted, accelerate learning and be embedded in the client’s business culture, programs and systems
  8. Use Case : Order Dispatch Copyright 2017. All Rights Reserved. 8 • 9% of the orders are 18X times more likely to fail. • 18X failure rate can translate into greater than 18X work load! • Increased opportunity to drive improvement, starting with Disengaged Segment • Embedded in the client’s system Three Segments: Disengaged, UnderServed, InSyncThree Segments: Disengaged, UnderServed, InSync Client: $60B Cable Service Provider
  9. Use Case : Safety KPIs Copyright 2017. All Rights Reserved. 9 Client: Steel Manufacturing Conglomerate 1. Number of visits 2. Number of observations 3. Priority of care taken 4. Sum of Status per observation, per visit 5. Sum of status across the dimensions of observations, visits, shops per time period and priority Post action analytics to measure the result of the safety pre-emptive action SafetyCheckInputsDashboard
  10. Use Case : Safety KPIs Copyright 2017. All Rights Reserved. 10 Dashboard
  11. Sample Profiles Copyright 2017. All Rights Reserved. 11 Lead Data Scientist  Physicist and Data Scientist with about 18 years of research and work experience  Published over 40 papers in Statistical Physics, Biomechanics, Physiology and Public Health  Developed techniques and algorithms for multi-scale computational methods  Lectured and mentored graduate students on data science and nonlinear dynamics in Boston University  Managed professional teams both in academic and industry settings  Participated and consulted in a wide variety of projects focused on the application of Data Science and Operations Research for 10+ years Data Scientist  Skilled at advanced analytics, statistical modeling/multivariate data analysis methods to produce actionable insights enabling clients proactively design viable business plans  Well versed with SPSS, SAS (EG), SAS Miner, BrandMap, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and online survey tools like Kinesis. Vovici EFM  7+ years of data analytics experience of leading and completing large-scale high-value analytical research projects from concept formulation to delivery. This includes determination of appropriate statistical methodology, data manipulation, research evaluation, modeling and final research report.  Graduate degree with major focus on data analytics & statistics
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