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Kevin hugh lewis and 30 years of leading

Kevin Hugh Lewis has been a longtime resident of the community of Marina Del Rey California. For over 25 years he has enjoyed the scenic view and lifestyle that comes with living in such a pristine seaside community. One of the advantages of living in this town is his proximity to Los Angeles and the Metro area that surrounds it.

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Kevin hugh lewis and 30 years of leading

  1. 1. Kevin Hugh Lewis and 30 Years of Leading Experience Kevin Hugh Lewis started working in the field of information technology back in the 1980s, when the industry was just starting to really take off. His first position was with the well-known but no longer existing company of MCI. His work there was focused on voice and data at the time and he served the entertainment industries as his vertical markets. Shortly after he proceeded to partake in the 900 pay line industry. It wasn’t long before he was the vice president of operations for a significant 900 service bureau. This experience gave him the knowledge and authority to start his own 900 number business which was successful for a number of years. As you can probably imagine, he has seen a lot of change over the years.
  2. 2. Kevin Hugh Lewis Being a Technology Leader Kevin Hugh Lewis is an IT professional that has a long history of success in the industry. He has put in three decades worth of work starting with his earliest experience working for the company known as MCI. One of the things that he has learned is that it is important for him and other professionals to truly pay attention to what clients need and how to best deliver that to. Technology is a great tool that helps deliver that business value to the client and ultimately it is tied to such things as business knowledge, business processes, decision-making, productivity and other ways to gain efficiencies that ultimately serve the business.
  3. 3. Kevin Hugh Lewis and His Extreme Experience Kevin Hugh Lewis is a long time veteran of the technology industry. He started his career back in the 1980s when he worked with MCI. His first exposure to the industry was in the fields of voice and data and during the time he spent in this position he worked with the entertainment industry. This gave him a lot of ability to navigate large-scale and professional negotiations as the needs of various studios were very great as they continued to be today. That was 30 years ago and soon after he went into the 900 pay call industry where he quickly became a vice president of operations. He later broke out on his own and started his own 900 pay service which was a successful operation. Mr. Lewis has put special pride in care into his career as he is very dedicated to the notion and feeling of success.
  4. 4. Kevin Hugh Lewis Telecom Experience Kevin Hugh Lewis is a longtime career telecom executive. He has been in industry for more than 30 years and first started his career at MCI working in the entertainment division in the field of voice and data. Some years later he went into the 900 pay per call business and became vice president of operations for a very successful bureau. He later owned his own 900 number business of this has been the foundation of his long and successful career in information technology business. In the 90s he worked with SkyTel, WinStar, Qwest and other startups as well as his own information technology companies. He knows that his early start minutes career field has been a big benefit to him because he is seen a transformation of the industry from its roots to where it is today. IT is delivering real change in people’s lives that is based on the very technology that he has been working with for all of his career.
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