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How to find the right student accommodation?

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Finding the right student accommodation isn't always easy.

If you are attending University for your first year its likely your first time living away from home.

Will you choose to live in shared apartment, student halls or do it style and rent your flat or studio?

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How to find the right student accommodation?

  1. 1. How to Find the Right Student Accommodation
  2. 2. Finding the Right Student Accommodation isn’t Always Easy For most students moving into student accommodation will be their first time living away from home. It’s normal to feel nervous or excited and you maybe sad about moving away from your family.
  3. 3. PRIVATE APARTMENT Now this is the life! Your very own apartment just for you, fantastic if you can afford it. You could even take a look at moving in with a friend,
  4. 4. HOUSE SHARE The last thing you want is to get stuck in a nightmare house share with a load of scruffy house mates. Choose your room mates wisely
  5. 5. STUDENT HALLS University halls of residence are usually reserved for first year students.You will be close by to the university so you will save money on transport.
  6. 6. SEARCHING FOR STUDENT ACCOMMODATION ONLINE The best place to start your search is online. If you are Leicester based looking for student accommodation then our website is the perfect solution.   We are one of the largest independent letting agents managing over 400 student properties in Leicester.