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  1. Paranoia By: Khem Slawson
  2. Film Opening Conventions • Music reflects the mood and genre • Credits • Introducing the characters • Enigma – who was that girl at the end? What happened after she was stood behind him? What happened to her? Why was he tying up the rope?
  3. Mise-on-scene • Costumes – The boy was wearing everyday clothing. He was wearing white top which signifies as good like their memories and black trousers which signifies as bad or something bad happened. • Actors – a boy and a girl. The boy sat on his bed looks tense to show that he was worried or scared. The girl at the end just keep standing up. • Make-up – no make up as the boy is the protagonist and you can’t really the girl’s face. But the boy’s face is a little bit white this shows his innocence. And the girl’s face is dark to show danger and scariness. • Props – clock, rope. Clock signifies as time which was their memories. The rope tells us that she could have used it to kill herself. • Setting – It was set in a house
  4. Editing • Fade in, fadeout – to go back from the memories • Jump cuts at the end of the film which creates scariness and suspense. • Low key lighting • High key lighting
  5. Camera • Close up shot to focus on the clock • Mid shot on the characters to focus on their facial expression. • Non-diagetic – sound of a clock ticking on the background, sound of typing on a keyboard. The scary, slow, eerie, sad music on the background which fit in the horror genre.
  6. Likes & dislikes • I don’t like how the camera was used at the start because I was quite shaky. • I like how they have used their props which goes with their horror genre. • I don’t like the end part when it flashes back to what happened before because it looks weird.