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Learning with shared Videos

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Learning with shared Videos

  1. 1. Learning with shared Videos Recent findings on usage, production andpublication of online videos and implications for at-risk learners Klaus Rummler University of Bremen London, 12 January 2012 London Metropolitan University
  2. 2. Adolescents use Video
  3. 3. Adolescents have access to CamerasMobiles with CamCompact CamCamcorderDSLRSystem-Cam
  4. 4. Framework „“ The online video community for young learners● «Draufhaber»: he/she’s got it; having a dab hand at something● Aimed at learners at the transition from school to vocational education.● Share resources, present skills & expertises,● Shoot and edit videos: ● Show mastery of skills and crafting (performance videos), ● Explain them to others (instructional videos), ● Tools for video editing and annotating (create re-mixes).
  5. 5. Research question What meaning do online video platforms like YouTube and their archived, shared and user- generated videos have for the formal andinformal learning of adolescents and especially for at-risk learners?
  6. 6. At-Risk learners in Europe● Consider at-risk learners as a lifestyle segment characterised by passively facing risks and actively risky behaviour● Risk groups identified by PISA studies (= boys, migration backgrouds)● NEET & NET (Not in Education, Employment or Training)● Marginalised groups, digital divide, socio- economic inequality, ...
  7. 7. Specific for At-Risk learnersPatterns of media usage – Opportunities for Media Education
  8. 8. Survey on online-videosBremen survey on usage, production and publication of online-videos● Half standardised paper based questionnaire, 30 items● n=249: ● Year 8: general public schools in Bremen (ISCED 2B) Real-und Hauptschule, Gesamtschule, Oberschule ● Years 10, 12 & 13 public grammar schools in Bremen (ISCED 3A) Gymnasien● Embedded in workshops on video production● Dimensions: video platforms, contents of videos, production of videos, learning with videos, sharing of videos
  9. 9. Theories on learning with videos● Observational learning (see Bruner)● Learning by reflection and analysis (e.g. Roy Pea)● Learning by designing and teaching (see Martin; Papert; Kafai)● Collaborative learning, mobile learning, learning in social and networked communities,...
  10. 10. Blooms Revised Digital Taxonomy
  11. 11. Structure of the Results● Reception ● Video platforms and preferred genres of platforms ● Video genres & learning activities● Production & editing of videos ● How do adolescents take videos? ● What do adolescents film?● Publication & sharing ● Where do adolescents publish? ● Explanations for non-usage.
  12. 12. Blooms Revised Digital Taxonomy2. Production3. Sharing,Commenting,(Editing)1. Reception
  13. 13. Preferred video platforms50 platforms n=71 (31%) →83 accounts
  14. 14. Preferred platform genres Video platforms by genres besides thetype of YouTube. Keyword „Videos“ deleted
  15. 15. Preferred contents
  16. 16. Preferred videos for learning - by genres (Part 1)● Sports videos ●football, horse riding, dancing, fitness, skating, martial arts, wakeboard, pen spinning,...● Making music ● piano, keyboard, guitarre, notations, lyrics,...● Styling and fashion ● beauty, make-up, hair styles and styling,...
  17. 17. Preferred videos for learning - by genres (Part 2)● Life practice (coping with everyday challenges) ● Documentations and magazines: similar to TV, reality-formats ● Games / eSports: Walktrouths, “Glitches”, Gameplay ● Computer: Tricks, Tutorials, Screencasts ● Cooking: Pizzatricks, cocktails, recipies ● Help videos: Knots videos, origami, magical tricks, rolling cigarettes, doing a tie, doing shoe laces, repair guides, ...
  18. 18. Preferred videos for learning - by genres (Part 3)● Social learning: ● “that its about trust, when youre in love“ ● “that you can miss someone”Compare with results on reception of soap operas:Götz, M. (Hrsg.). (2002). Alles Seifenblasen? Die Bedeutung von Daily Soaps im Alltag von Jugendlichen. München: kopaed.
  19. 19. Preferred video genres for School learning Results from our Survey● Subjects: Biology, Physics, Economy, Politics, English, Geography, Chemistry and Maths● 62% of the pupils use videos to prepare for exams, presentations and papers● Subject-matters: photosynthesis, nitrogen cycle, chromosomes, immunology, atom power, ...
  20. 20. Teachers encourage the use of videos for preparationTheachers foster the bridging of Everyday-life and school
  21. 21. Production and Editing of videos About one third produce or edit videos
  22. 22. Publication and sharing of videos● Publication of videos ● ca. 12 % (18 % boys; 14-19 years) ● YouTube, Facebook, SchülerVZ● Notify each other about videos ● Activity wall on online networks ● Instant Messenger ● Email● Offline _ Commonly looking at photos or watching videos with friends or family
  23. 23. Non-Usage● Juristical barriers, objections ● „This video is not available in your country“● Technology ● Videos do not load ● Advertisements ● Too many (fuzzy) results● Contants ● Disappointment about the content ● Fear about the content ● Fear about the comments & results apart from the video
  24. 24. END