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Say it with ads tips to create an effective campaign

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Creating an ad campaign isn't an easy task. But we have a few special ingredients that will add zing to your campaign.

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Say it with ads tips to create an effective campaign

  1. 1. Say it With Ads: Tips to Create An Effective Campaign
  2. 2. © Knct Lab | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How does one come up with an effective ad? • There’s no set formula for a great or an effective ad, certain tips might help you create an ad that drives home the point in the best way possible. Sometimes, the greatest or most effective ads come from as a flash, a moment of inspiration captured onto film/print for eternity.
  3. 3. © Knct Lab | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here are some tips that could help: • Find your voice Brands/advertisers may find it irresistible to check out the competition and do what they do. Instead, find your own voice and send out the message you want to in an honest and original style. Never follow the herd. March to the beat of your own drums. • Know thy audience There’s no point referencing something that’s irrelevant to your target audience or customers. Knowing your audience also leads to insights into consumer behaviour
  4. 4. © Knct Lab | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- • Make memorable ads The purpose of advertising is to sell a product, but you could also use your creativity to make an ad stand out for years to come. Memorable ads are ones that have brand recall • Relevance to the present Having said, a great way to make an effective ad is to make it timely • Consistency is a virtue Consistency is an important quality when it comes to an effective ad campaign. You could make clever, subtle changes but don’t play around with brand identity too much.
  5. 5. © Knct Lab | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- • Ask why Why are we making this ad? Before you set out to create a campaign, answer certain basic questions. What is the goal of this particular campaign? Is it to introduce brand awareness, boost engagement or sell aggressively and beat the competition? Your answers will help you chart out an effective campaign. • Stand out, have a bigger message Above all, don’t make your ad only about a certain service or a product. Look for something that stands above the product, a tagline that people could identify with the brand as a whole.
  6. 6. © Knct Lab | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Knct Lab Overview • High performing digital marketing solutions provider • End-to-end services from data analysis, market research to campaign implementation • Google certified professionals • Experts across various functions: advertising, paid media, creative, analytics, web design & development, and marketing automation • Located in Bangalore • Visit us at
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