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How to Think About Mobile Monetization Early On

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A common client question we always have is, "How do I monetize my mobile app?" There are many ways to monetize your mobile app with ads, subscriptions, in-app purchases, or even multi-revenue layering. This whitepaper will teach you how to make early stage revenue on your next mobile app with prime examples of different verticals and industries. Learn how to keep user retention, UX best practices, mobile make or break features, and 5 ways to monetize. Are you a product manager at an enterprise and looking to tie in mobile into your business strategy? This whitepaper helps both startups and large businesses accomplish their mobile goals.

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How to Think About Mobile Monetization Early On

  1. 1. WINNING WITH REVENUE How to Think About Mobile Monetization Early On "A whitepaper on early stage mobile a design tactics, monetization strategies, and mobile user validation as part of Koombea's #productvalidation series" RITIKA PURI ELLIE CACHETTE
  2. 2. WINNING WITH REVENUE How to Think About Mobile Monetization Early On Mobile app growth is at an all time high. Companies are looking for unique ways to bring online engagement to mobile - taking industry knowns from web and applying them to mobile does not always translate to success. Building out a mobile strategy requires an This guide will: Outline Early Stage Revenue User Experience Do's and Don'ts How to Have a "Mobile First" Strategy Mobile Features that Work and Don't Some Examples: Industry Service Travel Music Dating Business Health Example App Uber Orbitz Shazam Tinder Genius Scan Lose It! Main app Feature Scheduling Booking Consuming / Content Consuming / Content Integration Function Tracking Data 01 August 2014 Koombea 01
  3. 3. 02 1. Early Stage Mobile Revenue Mobile’s Unprecedented Impact are aiming for new engagement or a new product. As mobile usage increases, its important to understand the sheer reach and numbers around mobile: 01 August 2014 Koombea Total Internet usage of mobile and desktop devices in the US. CNN article and report from ComScore, Jan 2014
  4. 4. 48 percent of users mobile-only users To Charge at Download or Not? cannot 01 August 2014 Koombea 03 EARLY STAGE REVENUE
  5. 5. To continue reading this Mobile Whitepaper… Click here! All we need is your email, and it will automatically be downloaded for you.