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CRM Meets the Sales Process

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Considering a CRM for your Professional Services Business?
Looking for ways to use your CRM more effectively as a Sales Leader?
Want tips on how to align marketing and sales processes?
Then we think you'll dig this presentation.

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CRM Meets the Sales Process

  1. 1. CRM Meets The Sales Process With Kristin Dennewill Minneapolis, MN | June 23, 2016
  2. 2. Have you ever heard a Salesperson say... My CRM actually helps me sell! The CRM reduces my admin big time. I can finally get rid of my spreadsheets! I can’t live without my CRM! I’ve never been so productive in my life! I have too many qualified leads...
  3. 3. So, why bother with a CRM? Source: Brainshark’s Anne Lambert and Forbes Insights Efficiency - Saves Time! FACT: 53% of top-performing companies are investing in CRM to drive sales productivity.
  4. 4. Improves communication FACT: 47% of polled CRM users said customer satisfaction was significantly impacted by their CRM in 2015 So, why bother with a CRM? (continued) Source: Capterra’s CRM Infographic
  5. 5. Improves organization FACT: 74% of polled respondents to a CRM user survey indicated that their CRM software allowed them to have greater access to customer data. So, why bother with a CRM? (continued) Source: BuyerZone
  6. 6. Helps salespeople sell more FACT: Per sales person, a CRM can increase revenue by 41%! So, why bother with a CRM? (continued) Source: Cloudswave
  7. 7. ● No voice in the selection ● No clear objectives ● Too time consuming ● Users don’t understand the benefits ● Inadequate training ● Not integrated with processes 50–70% of CRM initiatives fail to take (Source: Here’s why CRM implementations fail
  8. 8. ● Set clear objectives ● Involve salespeople in selection process ● Implement in stages ● Provide training & support ● Integrate into processes How to Successfully Implement a CRM
  9. 9. Sales & Marketing Alignment is the largest opportunity in most organizations for improving business performance. The result is significant improvement in: ● Marketing ROI ● Sales Productivity ● Top-line Business Growth Source: Marketo Want to improve business performance?
  10. 10. Any collaboration starts with COMMUNICATION 1. Create Mutually Agreed Upon Buyer Profiles (Personas) 2. Develop a Content Creation Process 3. Agree on Metrics and Definitions 4. Define a ‘Sales-Ready Lead’ 5. Establish a Service Level Agreement 6. Define Process for Handing Off Leads 7. Use One Shared Pipeline for Both Marketing & Sales How to Align Sales & Marketing
  11. 11. Source: G2 Crowd Most Popular CRM Systems ● HubSpot CRM ● Nimble ● Pipedrive ● Salesforce CRM ● Salesnet ● Zoho CRM
  12. 12. Let’s Review... 1. CRMs = better efficiency, communication & organization 2. Implementations need to be planned carefully 3. CRM + Marketing and Sales Alignment = Business Growth!
  13. 13. ● If you don’t already have one, implement a CRM, using success guidelines ● Attend our July 19th workshop on Sales & Marketing Alignment ● If you’re not sure, ask us! I want more! What can I do next? 612-859-6317 333 Washington Minneapolis, MN 55401