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MasterCard: A Leading Company in Diversity

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A look into MasterCards organization, a leading company in diversity.

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MasterCard: A Leading Company in Diversity

  1. 1. MasterCard: A Leading Company in Diversity Kristin Sample
  2. 2. MasterCard • DiversityInc ranks MasterCard #6 in Top 50 list of most diverse companies • Has been in Top 10 three years in a row • Also awarded ‘Top Company for Inclusive Culture’
  3. 3. MasterCard “Our culture of inclusion has established us as a global company of empowered employees who use their diversity of thought, experience and background to advance innovation and MasterCard’s contributions to society.” President & CEO Ajay Banga
  4. 4. MasterCard • Chief Diversity Officer Donna Johnson • Formed 8 Business Resource Groups for minorities and co- cultural groups “We’ve built a culture that develops our employees professionally and personally, making MasterCard a fantastic place to work. We distinguish ourselves as an employer of choice by encouraging employees to lead change through their skills and passions.”
  5. 5. DiversityInc: MasterCard • Diversity is their foundation • It drives their collaboration, talent development, and innovation • Believe you need diversity to be sure you are not “blinded to the same mistakes that you can otherwise make because you can only see things through one prism.”
  6. 6. DiversityInc: MasterCard • Management: 16% more women, 18.5% more Blacks, Latinos, and Asians than Top 50 average • Senior leadership: 3 times more Asians, 59% more women, and 9% more Latinos than Top 50 average • Great efforts to remove Glass Ceiling and give all opportunity for professional development and career advancement Glass Ceiling: A transparent, yet strong barrier preventing minorities from moving up the ladder.
  7. 7. DiversityInc: MasterCard • Its inclusive culture covers every group • Expressed concern for LGBT after “Religious Freedom Acts” and commits to eliminating discrimination of LGBT • Provide benefits to same-sex couples • Support and participate in PRIDE events • Oppose any laws or actions that encourage or enable any
  8. 8. Timeline to a Multicultural Organization
  9. 9. A Multicultural Organization • Instituting policies for diversity, like the BRG’s, show MasterCard as a Multicultural Organization • Since 2008, MasterCard has been on the journey and has created 8 groups for women, minorities, and other groups
  10. 10. Business Resource Groups • 1000 members, 36 locations • Seeks to advance women’s careers • Mentoring and Coaching • Reputational and financial benefit to MasterCard WLN: Women’s Leadership Network
  11. 11. Business Resource Groups • Enhance understanding of trends in Asia and how dynamics impact business in the region • Provide insight into purchasing preference of Asian customers everywhere EAST: Empowering Asian Employees for Success and Thought Leadership
  12. 12. Business Resource Groups • Create environment that attracts, promotes, and retains employees of African descent • Give opportunity for professional growth • Provide insight into purchasing preferences LEAD: Lifting Employees of African Descent
  13. 13. Business Resource Groups • Create environment of inclusiveness and respect • Allow employees to be open about sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression • Promotes equality • Explore ways to reach out to LGBT community PRIDE: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender
  14. 14. Business Resource Groups • Brings together Latin American, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Italian cultures • Opportunity for professional development and networking • Creates shareholder value through connection to Hispanic consumers Latin Network: Employees of Latin Descent
  15. 15. Business Resource Groups • Focus on developing and utilizing innovative skills of young professionals • Believe diversity encompasses generational differences and life stages • Play important role as influencers and drivers of business industries • Create network of young professionals that informs MasterCard’s business strategy, YoPros: Young Professionals
  16. 16. Business Resource Groups • Focuses on diversity of background and experience • Open to all employees regardless of age or seniority • Provide environment that engages members and utilized their experience, talents, and value WWAVE: Workers with Accumulated Valued Experience
  17. 17. Business Resource Groups • Global network of support for active and veteran military personnel and families • Facilitates successful transition into MasterCard’s corporate culture • Provide opportunities for professional growth SALUTE
  18. 18. Diverse Organization Opportunities • Business Case for Diversity: bottom-line benefits in diverse organization, especially when representative of the larger community • MasterCard’s 8 BRG’s not only help the employees, but it allows them insight into how to reach customers of these groups as well
  19. 19. Diverse Organization Opportunities • Resource –Acquisition Argument: Companies develop reputations as prospective employers for minorities. Best reputations for managing diversity will win competition for best personnel. As labor pool changes, this will be beneficial. • MasterCard has reputation as a great place to work because of its diversity and inclusion. They will be more likely to acquire and keep employees, as people of minorities will seek them out.
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