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Intro to Google, SEO, and You in 2017

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Intro into SEO for the SWCC Expo in Phoenix AZ 2017.

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Intro to Google, SEO, and You in 2017

  1. 1. Kristine Schachinger | Twitter @schachin SEO, Google, and You in 207
  3. 3. Visibility
  4. 4. Visibility Everywhere
  5. 5. Everywhere…
  6. 6. SEO is about visibility Across Platforms and cats …
  7. 7. Ok maybe not cats.. So what is SEO?
  8. 8. You might hear what we do called.. SEO (or SEM) OR Inbound Marketing (and/or) Online Marketing (and/or) Digital Marketing (and/or) Website Marketing
  9. 9. Maybe even voodoo … (not voodoo)
  10. 10. No … but it is complicated What we do is about visibility.
  11. 11. AND! Not just these factors, but geolocalization personalization mobile device type etc. all affect positioning… positioning affects traffic coming into your site
  12. 12. AND! Traffic = Money or at least the right traffic..
  13. 13. Two kinds of basic SEO
  14. 14. What do they have in common?
  15. 15. As long as you are not…
  16. 16. WhiteHat and BlackHat aren’t that different…
  17. 17. Except to …
  18. 18. Google wants you to be about Users Not algorithms
  19. 19. So what do you need to know about Blackhat?
  20. 20. Black Hat SPAM SEO Tactics Content Automation Doorway Pages Hidden Text or Links Keyword Stuffing Reporting a Competitor Sneaky Redirects Cloaking
  21. 21. Black Hat SPAM SEO Techniques • Link Manipulation - Buying links, advertorials, and link schemes • Article Spinning • Link Schemes • Link Farms • Link Wheels • Link Networks • Rich Snippet Markup Spam • Automated Queries to Google • Creating pages, subdomains, or domains with duplicate content • Pages with malicious behavior, such as phishing, viruses, trojans, and other malware.
  22. 22. Black Hat SPAM SEO Techniques • Link Manipulation - Buying links, advertorials, and link schemes • Article Spinning • Link Schemes • Link Farms • Link Wheels • Link Networks • Rich Snippet Markup Spam • Automated Queries to Google • Creating pages, subdomains, or domains with duplicate content • Pages with malicious behavior, such as phishing, viruses, trojans, and other malware.
  23. 23. To that end we have… • Panda • Penguin • Pigeon • Page Layout • Phantom (unknown quality updates) • Exact Match Domain • “Fred” (Fred is not an algorithm just a general name for all changes starting in 2017)
  24. 24. AND… Algos aimed at specific industries • Pirate • PayDay Loan
  25. 25. AND… • User Experience Updates • Mobilegeddon • Mobile First Plus added to the main algorithm • Page Speed
  26. 26. You need….
  27. 27. WhiteHatSEO is about Measuring the Site Against Google’s Guidelines & Their Algorithms And IMPROVING NOT GAMING
  28. 28. So where do we start?
  29. 29. We call these ranking factors
  30. 30.
  31. 31. WhiteHat is a mix of - Technical SEO - On-Page SEO - Off-Page SEO (not links) - Off-Page SEO (links)
  32. 32. Winning = Doing more than your competitor
  33. 33. Quality
  34. 34. Main Algorithm Highlights Google Quality Raters
  35. 35. Quality – What Makes a Quality Site?
  36. 36. Quality Raters Guide
  37. 37. Content + Links Top Two Ranking Factors
  38. 38. Content Focus on E-A-T Expertise, Authority, and Trust
  39. 39. Content •Content Clarity •Content Specificity •Content Length •Blogs 350-550 •Articles 750-950+ •ESPECIALLY for sites that deal with news, information, or education Note: Freshness does not matter for all sites.
  40. 40. YMYL – Your Money Or Your Life
  41. 41. YMYL – Your Money Or Your Life
  42. 42. Technical
  43. 43. Technical And when you identify and fix the issues you get …
  44. 44. So what are we looking at?
  45. 45. •Http vs. Https •Robots •Sitemaps •Canonicals •Redirects & 404s •Architecture •Navigation •Schema Tagging Technical
  46. 46. What else?
  47. 47. Speed
  48. 48. Speed…. You know fast…. Like really fast…
  49. 49. Two Tests and of course Google Pagespeed Insights
  50. 50. And Google….
  51. 51. You want an 85 min – 90+ is best
  52. 52. Algorithms
  53. 53. Panda
  54. 54. Panda
  55. 55. Panda Panda focuses on content quality.
  56. 56. Panda Panda focuses on content quality. • Quality Content • Meet the EAT standard • No “thin” Content • Content Length does matter • Exceptions do exist • Be careful of Duplicate Content • Make sure you have proper canonicals • Make sure your titles/descriptions are unique
  57. 57. Panda KEEP in MIND Panda Rollouts cannot be accurately determined after 4th Quarter 2015! (Rolled into the main algos- still rolling!) Rollout every few months, not announced.
  58. 58. Phantom (or Fred)
  59. 59. Phantom Organic Quality Update (Phantom) Like Panda Lite with a Few More Focuses Rollout: Late August (31st) thru early September. Summary: Google update that affected sites with low quality indicators. Focus: Low Quality Pages Top Takeaways. • Not Confirmed by Google • Organic SERPs Quality Update Issues (most likely Phantom) • Appeared to focus on items such as • Aggressive Ad Placements • Content Rendering • Deception (ads, affiliate links, etc.) • Thin Content
  60. 60. Penguin
  61. 61. Penguin
  62. 62. Penguin
  63. 63. Penguin 2.0-3.x was angry!
  64. 64. Penguin
  65. 65. Penguin Penguin 4.0 (Real-time) Rollout: Approximately September 23, 2016 It also rolled out in several phases completing these rollouts the second week of October. If you have been waiting for a Penguin recovery, it would have happened by now. Summary: This update was the first in more than 2 years. However, the new version of Penguin is very different from the old in there is no whole site website demotion, just granular links devaluation. In addition the links are being evaluated in “real time” and so changes to link profiles will be assessed quickly.
  66. 66. Phantom Focus: Mostly links, but also other Web Spam Factors. Top Takeaways. • Confirmed by Google • Updates are in “real time” (not the instant they occur, but they are assessed rapidly) Sites are no longer demoted in search, links are devalued. Links are devalued? This means their value (passed Page Rank) to the site is removed from the site’s scoring. In the past, the entire site was demoted in the SERPs. This is no longer the case.
  67. 67. Penguin Devaluations are much more granular • Query Set • Page Level • Section Level This makes them harder to detect as their will be a slower decline in smaller sections of the site
  68. 68. Penguin Cliff vs. Slope
  69. 69. Penguin Devaluations Devaluations can also come from other sites. If the sites that link to you have their links devalued, then that link juice cannot be passed.
  70. 70. Penguin According to Google. No machine learning in Penguin, no AI.
  71. 71. Rank Brain
  72. 72.
  73. 73. People, Places, Things….. Strings to Things
  74. 74. This is Rank Brain
  75. 75. • Google is confused • Eat Google • What does this mean? Google does NOT have Natural Language Processing
  76. 76. Rank Brain Uses Users Clicks to Help It Understand Query Intent.
  77. 77. Rank Brain Uses Entities & Known Relationships Person, Place, Thing = Noun = Entities. Nouns or Persons/Places/People/Things are what we call entities. Entities are known to Google and their meaning is defined in the databases Google references.
  78. 78. Rank Brain Uses Entities & Known Relationships There is no optimizing for Rank Brain and why would you want to? Rank Brain Queries = Query (User) Intent to SERPs = weak association. Bringing irrelevant traffic. But you can help prevent your site from getting picked up in Rank Brain, look at Google Suggest.
  79. 79. Rank Brain Google Suggest = Best Keyword Tool you have.
  80. 80. Query Set = Google Eat
  81. 81. Query Set = Google Eat
  82. 82. Query Set = Google Eat
  83. 83. Query Set = Google Eat
  84. 84. Mobile
  85. 85. Mobile First Indexing
  86. 86. Mobile First Indexing
  87. 87. Mobile First Indexing
  88. 88. Mobile First Indexing Mobile First Indexing • One Index • Mobile Crawler will be used for all sites • Mobile Content will be used for ranking • Mobile SERPs • Desktop SERPs • AMP NOT a factor in mobile first indexing Kristine Schachinger @schachin
  89. 89. Mobile First Indexing • Content you want to rank for MUST be in your mobile site Kristine Schachinger @schachin
  90. 90. Mobile First Indexing If you do not have the content on your mobile site, the site cannot be found for it even in desktop. Kristine Schachinger @schachin
  91. 91. Mobile First Indexing Mobile First Indexing • If you have a mobile m. site • Make sure to verify this site in Google Search console • If you have a responsive site • No changes needed • If you have AMP only • You will be evaluated on your desktop content, but mobile friendly boost Kristine Schachinger @schachin
  92. 92. Mobile First Indexing UI Hidden Content. Unlike Desktop, content hidden in accordions and tabs will not be devalued in mobile first indexing. Kristine Schachinger @schachin
  93. 93. Mobile First Indexing Schema. If you have removed schema in mobile, it must be added back to get into the snippets Kristine Schachinger @schachin
  94. 94. AMP Kristine Schachinger @schachin Ads & Interstitials What is AMP?
  95. 95. AMP – What you need to know. • Accelerated Mobile Pages • AMP will always replace your Mobile Page • AMP rankings are based on your site value • There are no boosts for AMP EXCEPT where a carousel exists • AMP does not work for all sites now, but you can follow progress Kristine Schachinger @schachin
  96. 96. Kristine Schachinger | Twitter @schachin SEO, Google, and You in 2017