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A powerful way to Market your School

The best way to increase your school's popularity is through parent recommendations. Through parent word of mouth, you can reach the lots of people and communicate your school's brand with credibility. Kaleido Buzz is powerful social tool to help schools get more parent recommendations and increase its brand visibility.

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A powerful way to Market your School

  1. 1. More Powerful than Any Advertisement for Your School!
  2. 2. Which is the best way to increase the popularity of your school? PARENT’S GOOD WORDSADVERTISEMENT
  3. 3. Yes, it is Parent’s Good Words about the School A Very Good School!
  4. 4. School Shines and Grows Parent Marketing means
  5. 5. With Parent Marketing, Reach the right people
  6. 6. Reach Lots of People 40,000 positive views/month 5 Lakh positive views/year 50 2X X X 2002
  7. 7. HUGE marketing opportunity for the school They believe you!
  8. 8. But HOW can the school make ‘Parent Referral’ happen? The Challenge
  9. 9. Many schools are trying to reach parents through social media. But it is not working. Why?
  10. 10. Most parents don’t visit their FB page
  11. 11. Even if they do, they don’t really understand what is happening in the pictures.
  12. 12. Even if parents share the pics, people who see the picture don’t even think about the school Which school is this?
  13. 13. No Marketing Impact for the School The Result
  15. 15. They only get pictures of their child Parents are always interested in getting updates from Kaleido Buzz
  16. 16. Diya did an outstanding job on the activity on birds. Three cheers for Diya! Custom comments make Parents proud and encourage them to share
  17. 17. Sharing by parents is easy and just a tap Share
  18. 18. School Name and logo highlight the Brand of the school
  19. 19. Your School Shines and Grows!
  20. 20. New Rubric Solutions, The Company behind Kaleido Buzz Founded by the alumni of IIM India, Singapore, Japan and Abu Dhabi ARMY PUBLIC SCHOOL
  21. 21. THANK YOU!