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School Marketing - Easiest way for Schools to get Parent Endorsement

Kaleido Buzz increases your school’s popularity in the parent community and helps you stand out as a school of choice. It achieves this by sharing with parents what they value - achievements and pictures of their child, every week on their mobiles. Parents feel happy and proud when they see these and would love to share these with friends and family. Kaleido lets them share these easily on Social media like Facebook and Google Plus.
As, every picture and badge prominently carries the school’s name and logo, other people get to know about the good work done by the school. This creates a strong buzz for the school and is much more credible and powerful in attracting new students than any standard advertising. Best of all it can be free for the school!

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School Marketing - Easiest way for Schools to get Parent Endorsement

  1. 1. Easiest Way for schools to get Parent Recommendations
  2. 2. Which of these is most effective in increasing the popularity of your school? HOARDING ADVERTISEMENTPARENT’S RECOMMENDATION
  3. 3. Yes! It’s one Parent’s Recommendation to another Kaleido Buzz helps you increase parent word of mouth about the school A Very Good School!
  4. 4. Kaleido Buzz Delights Parents Kaleido Buzz increases the School’s popularity +
  5. 5. Let us first see how Kaleido Buzz delights parents
  6. 6. By Making It Simple For Schools To Share What Parents Value- Achievements of Their Child
  7. 7. On the phone, That Easy! Every Week Parents receive pictures of their child’s achievements on their mobile, no sweat! Pictures of only their child
  8. 8. Diya did an outstanding job on the activity on birds. Three cheers for Diya! Pictures carry comments that motivate their child
  9. 9. Parents are Delighted !!!
  10. 10. Let see how Kaleido Buzz gets Parents to recommend your school and increase it’s popularity
  11. 11. Happy parents want to share their child’s achievements with others
  12. 12. Kaleido Buzz makes sharing easy through its social media features for parents. Face to Face Social Media
  13. 13. Your school logo highlighted on every picture…..
  14. 14. Each picture shared by a parent on social media is an endorsement for your school! View as shared on Facebook by a Parent
  15. 15. Your School’s Reputation Shines and Grows!
  16. 16. Its very simple to get started with Kaleido Buzz 1. Download Kaleido application 3. Parents receive pictures and comments on their mobiles 2. Teacher uses Kaleido to take pictures More Popularity for the School! 4. Parents share pictures carrying school logo
  17. 17. In Summary, Kaleido Buzz Is More Powerful Than Any Other Advertisement
  18. 18. An Initiative By Alumni of the Indian Institutes Of Management WANT TO GET STARTED? CALL US AT +91-9739096202 (India) or +65-83217842 (Singapore) EMAIL: