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Himalaya Facebook Campaign

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A facebook app for Himalaya.

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Himalaya Facebook Campaign

  1. 1. Success Story Himalaya TVC Contest
  2. 2. Objective Engage the Target audience with the product. Build awareness for the entire product range. Engage audience on a zero paid marketing budget
  3. 3. Solution  Launch a quiz around Himalaya TVC .  Also create a content platform around its product range.  Create personal engagement around Himalaya products and the participants.
  4. 4. Execution How the campaign worked?
  5. 5. Landing page Participants had to enter few details to participate in the free yourself contest.
  6. 6. Quiz Questions Participants answered multiple choice quiz questions based on the Himalaya TVC.
  7. 7. Ending page of contest On finishing the contest, the app gave options to visit the content platforms.
  8. 8. Content Page There were embedded YouTube videos about Skin care that participants could see once they had participated
  9. 9. Product Recommendation Himalaya’s products were recommended to participants on the basis on their skin types along with the directions to use it. A personalised engagement was created.
  10. 10. Results
  11. 11. Brand Awareness The Campaign got 5000+ Responses
  12. 12. Zero paid Marketing
  13. 13. Digital Technologies used
  14. 14. Facebook app A seamless Facebook app was created to execute the idea The technologies used were Python, Facebook Application, Javascript
  15. 15. Thank You