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xDR (PDR & VDR) Challenge for Warehouse Operations 2018

Presentation on xDR (PDR & VDR) Challenge for Warehouse Operations 2018 in ISO IEC/JTC 1/SC 24 plenary meeting

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xDR (PDR & VDR) Challenge for Warehouse Operations 2018

  1. 1. xDR Challenge for Warehouse Operations 2018 ISO IEC/JTC 1/SC 24 (2018/8/6)
  2. 2. Indoor Positioning Technologies 22
  3. 3. 23 • Was held as the official competition track (Track 4) of IPIN (Int. Conf. on Indoor Positioning & Indoor Navigation) in Sapporo, Japan 2017 • IPIN 2017 competitions: total 4 tracks, 20 teams joined (CN5, KR4, JP3, TW2, GE2, AU1, FR1, CL1, PT) • Track4: Off-site PDR competition for workers’ positioning during picking operations in an actual warehouse PDR Challenge in Warehouse Picking
  4. 4. 24 Indices related to accuracy Ed – Index related to integrated positioning error Es – Index related to PDR error based on EAG Indices related to the trajectory naturalness Ev – Index related to the naturalness of travel speed Ef – Index related to position measurement output frequency Specific indices for warehouse picking scenario Eo – Index related to collision with obstacles Ep – Index related to motions during picking work Evaluation Indices & Indicators Proposed indicator: EAG (Error Accumulation Gradient) Positioning error per unit time based on discussion in Abe, M., Kaji, K., Hiroi, K., Kawaguchi, N. PIEM: Path Independent Evaluation Metric for Relative Localization, in Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation, IPIN2016. eCDF: Empirical Cumulative Distribution Function
  5. 5. xDR Challenge for Warehouse Operations • Competition of Dead-Reckoning for Pedestrian and Vehicle – xDR=PDR+VDR • Important dates – Testing period begins: Mid May, – Testing period ends: Mid August – Results submission: 7th September – Announcement of Winners: During SS in IPIN2018 • Host – PDR Benchmarking Standardization Committee 25
  6. 6. Vibration-based Vehicle Dead Reckoning (movie provided by Sugihara SEI) 26
  7. 7. What’s New • Adding forklifts as tracking targets – Smartphones are attached onto forklift during the operation • Expanding scale of the measurements 7 people (PDR)× 3 hours(2017) ⇒34 people(PDR)+6 forklifts (VDR)× 8 hours × 5 days(2018) 27 • Providing reference motion of warehouse operations measured on site • 1 worker for 2 hours • Whole posture motion: Commercial IMU-based motion capture system (Xsens’s Awinda) • 3D structure of warehouse: Reconstructed by Structure-from- Motion with 360 deg. 4K panoramic movie (by Ricoh's THETA V & Context Capture)
  8. 8. IPIN 2018 SS: A Survey on Indoor Localization Competitions Special session (Sep 26) in IPIN 2018: A Survey on Indoor Localization Competitions (1) Onsite Visual SLAM Evaluation, H. Uchiyama (Kyushu University, Japan) (2) Performance Evaluation of Indoor Positioning and Navigation Services during PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic Games by using IPIN competition setup, S. Lee (ETRI,South korea) (3) NIST Indoor 3D Challenge, J. Benson (NIST, USA) (4) PerfLoc Prize Competition for Development of Smartphone Indoor Localization Applications, N. Moayeri (NIST, USA) (5) Regular paper slot: 213242 - PerfLoc (Part 2): Performance Evaluation of the Smartphone Indoor Localization Apps, N. Moayeri, C. Li, L. Shi (6) Regular paper slot: 212811 - Review of PDR Challenge in Warehouse Picking and Advancing to xDR Challenge, R. Ichikari, R. Shimomura, M. Kourogi, T. Okuma, T. Kurata (7) The result of xDR Challenge for Warehouse Operations 2018 (8) Closing: Brief Survey on Indoor Localization Competitions 28