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Creative Copywriting for Robots & Humans

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Presentation for University of Washington Graduate Communications. How to write copy that ranks well in Google search crawlers; and reads well for people and aligns intent with call to action.

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Creative Copywriting for Robots & Humans

  1. 1. Creative Copywriting for Robots & Humans Kyle Alm, SEO Bandwagon
  2. 2. How Do I Rank On Google?
  3. 3. Google Ranking Factors Over 200 factors go into Google’s ranking algorithm. There is more than one change made to the algorithm a day on average. ● Content Completeness ● Topical Relevance ● Semantic Markup ● Accessibility ● Expertise, Authority, Trust (EAT) ● Links ● Security/SSL
  4. 4. Don’t Be Content Words are flexible, it’s their strength and weaknesses. Does Writing Make You Nervous? It gets better with practice and freedom. ● Pick Your Target ● Outline & Markup ● Write, Revise, Edit ● Conclusion & Call To Action ● Social Proof
  5. 5. How Do I Attract An Audience?
  6. 6. wwwwwwwhiiiirrrrrr, click, *******step rrriiight ****up
  7. 7. Attraction & Connection Emotions aren’t something you can win on points. And persuasion isn’t likely to happen. ● Use Your Voice ● Write, Revise, Edit ● Promotion ● Shareable ● Problems & Solutions
  8. 8. Hi there. Hi yourself…... Say, I was wondering…...would you like to subscribe to my blog? ಠ_ಠ Follow me on Facebook? …..
  9. 9. I May Make You Feel
  10. 10. "For sale: baby shoes, never worn." -Ernest Hemingway
  11. 11. But I Can’t Make You Think
  12. 12. Robot, What Is Love?
  13. 13. I’m sorry Dave...I can’t do that.
  14. 14. let’s connect └[∵┌] └[ ∵ ]┘ [┐∵]┘ Kyle Alm @keepkalm SEO Bandwagon @SEOBandwagon Follow Us on LinkedIn