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4CC Breakfast Blog

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4CC Breakfast Blog

  1. 1. $ome of our program fealures , ars lisled below:... cooPER & THE BREAKIry SQUAD WEEKDAYS6AM.9AM Granl Cooper hosls Hol Hlis 4CC's popular breakfast show, with help from his faitlful squad members "Kacee", "Dangerman Dan" and "Grazza", WhU wake up with the Cooper & lhe Breakkg $quad ..'...? Well, we are alwags o$ering out of this world competifions like - oFree Rrcl Fridage* "Cunning Punfet', "Kaceeb Caehu and oln Pureuil of Fxcellence". Plue gou could win the all new Secrel Bound, Hol Hils 4CC broadcasl comedg eegments like "The X Fools" , "Deat Etrll' and lefs nol forget our Beaut 'Birthdag' announcements including the local people'e personal messages lo their loved ones...! Everg dag we are on lhe slreels of Cenlral Queeneland wilh the Grazza drMng lhe Oladstone Cast hogre*ive Supermarkef Road Runner and lhe Rockg Road Runner drtven bg Dangerman Dan.