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Back to LinkedIn: Fundamentals of Marketing on LinkedIn

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We'll begin with how to build your organic presence, do a deep dive into LinkedIn’s product suite and run through how to set up, optimize and measure your campaigns.

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Back to LinkedIn: Fundamentals of Marketing on LinkedIn

  1. 1. Welcome and thank you for joining LinkedIn’s Live Webinar: • We will start the live webinar at 11am PT | 2pm ET • Please note that the audio portion will stream through your PC/Laptop speakers. There is no separate dial-in option. Be sure to check your speakers to ensure they are turned on and that volume is at an audible level. • Please enter questions into the Q&A module • Check out the Resources module for the slides and related content • If you have any technical difficulties, please click on the Help widget BEFORE WE GET STARTED
  2. 2. LIVE WEBCAST Back to LinkedIn: Fundamentals of Marketing on LinkedIn
  3. 3. Rumya Nalawadi Lead Client Solutions Manager
  4. 4. TODAY’S AGENDA 1 LinkedIn Overview 2 Building Your Organic Presence 3 Finding Your Audience 4 Getting Familiar with LinkedIn Ads 5 Campaign Manager Demo 6 Campaign Monitoring 7 Q&A
  5. 5. POLL Q: How confident do you feel about your knowledge of Marketing on LinkedIn?
  6. 6. LINKEDIN MARKETING SOLUTIONS’ MISSION Be the most effective platform for marketers to engage with professionals 6
  7. 7. The largest global community of professionals 61M senior-level influencers 40M decision makers 10.7M opinion leaders 6.8M C-level execs 22.8M Mass Affluent 4.1M IT decision makers 580+M professionals are on LinkedIn 7
  8. 8. PROFESSIONALS ENGAGEWITH PURPOSE 9 billion content impressions / week 15X content vs job postings in the feed (YOY 100%+ Activity) 57% mobile 45 min/month/member on average (Comscore source)
  9. 9. The world’s professionals come to LinkedIn for knowledge Industry News Expert Advice Professional Learning Peer Insights Peer Recommendations 500+ Influencers
  10. 10. And the mindset is markedly different #heatwave #TuesdayMotivation #Worldcup #InternationalCatDay Baseball PGA Tour Demi Lovato Apple Store Netflix Stranger Things Papa Johns Forbes Women In Media FlipBoard Employee engagement Account Based Marketing Tesla Cloud computing Futurism Venture Capital Internal communications Investment Banking Oracle Cloud TRENDING TOPICS BY SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM
  11. 11. B U I L D I N G Y O U R O R G A N I C P R E S E N C E
  12. 12. BUILD YOUR ORGANIC PRESENCE WITH LINKEDIN COMPANY PAGES Upload a cover image and logo Add a description of your company Top Tip: Optimize for search Company Pages are SEO-friendly
  14. 14. ATTRACT MORE FOLLOWERS Create a Company Page follow button Engage your colleagues
  15. 15. SHARE ENGAGING CONTENT  Start a conversation with your followers – post rich content daily!  Be helpful, don’t always try to sell your product. Try follow the 80:20 rule  Optimize your headlines & intros  AB Test everything: creative/ colors/ CTA/ text… Tip #1: Invest in Great Images
  16. 16. SHARE ENGAGING CONTENT Tip #2: Have a Clear CTA Tip #3: Ask questions & use stats
  17. 17. SHARE ENGAGING CONTENT Tip #4: Have Fun!
  18. 18. EMPOWER YOUR EMPLOYEE VOICES  Encourage employees to follow and engage with your Company Page  Empower them to publish long-form articles regularly to their profiles Tip #5: Posts with rich media, like photos or video, have 38% higher engagement than link shares.
  19. 19. LONG-FORM VS SHORT-FORM Long-form articles showcase how your top voices analyze a new or trending topic in depth.  Be authentic  Join in existing topics  Headlines matter  Go long—but not too long The sweet spot for article length is about 600-1,000 words. Short-form posts are an easy way to respond quickly to major events and to help curate the world for your followers.  Share consistently  Start a conversation  Get personal  Mix it up
  20. 20. F I N D I N G Y O U R A U D I E N C E
  21. 21. LinkedIn ad targeting options Reach qualified prospects with targeting based on the professional profile Company name Job title Member skills* Field of study Based on skills, endorsements and keywords in profile Company industry Job Seniority* Member groups Degrees derived from Job title Company size Job function* Member age* Member Schools derived from Job titlederived from Company Page derived from Company Page Derived by using the earliest degree Location Years of experience* Member gender* derived from start year and month of current roles derived from Member name
  22. 22. Target Skills Relevant keywords throughout a profile o Targeting of skills-related keywords o Identified in the skills section, keywords found throughout the profile and inferred skills o Increased relevancy, performance, scale and ROI
  23. 23. Senior Program Manager within Enterprise Businesses Seniority: Senior IC+ Function: Company Size: 500+ Geography: USA IT, Engineering, Program Management TARGETING CONSIDER TOM TITLE JOB FUNCTION +SENIORITY GROUPS +SENIORITY SKILLS +SENIORITY
  24. 24. TOPTIP: NEVER SINGLEOUT ONEAUDIENCE * LinkedIn ReThink the B2B Buyer’s Journey, Jul-Agu 2015 research. Global Departments impacting the purchase decision vary by industry
  25. 25. G E T T I N G F A M I L I A R W I T H L I N K E D I N A D S
  26. 26. Sponsored Content Build customer relationships at every stage of the buyer’s journey by targeting content to your most valuable audiences wherever they spend their time. Target your most valuable audiences using accurate, profile-based, first-party data Reach your prospects anywhere: Publish your content in the LinkedIn feed and in high-quality placements beyond, on mobile and desktop Grow your business at every stage: Drive quality leads, generate engagement, and raise brand awareness
  27. 27. Direct Sponsored ContentSponsored Content VS
  28. 28. Sponsored Video Format Captivate a professional audience with native video at every stage of the buyer’s journey.  Auto-Play on mute  Mobile & Desktop bought on CPM CPC & CPV  Lead Gen Form Integration  Coming soon: MOAT integration
  29. 29. Carousel ads format Tell a brand story, showcase multiple offerings at once or deep dive on one, share insights and opportunities  Best Practice 2-5 Cards. Max 10 cards.  Languages: All languages supported on LI are available for Carousel  Lead Gen Form Integration
  30. 30. Easily create, manage and optimize well-targeted, customized campaigns in just minutes — on a budget that works for you. LinkedIn Text Ads Generate quality leads with an easy, self-serve solution
  31. 31. Drive engagement with premium audiences using dynamically generated ads, powered by profile data, customizable to meet your campaign objectives. LinkedIn Dynamic Ads Personalize your creative to resonate with buyers Generate leads by promoting your LinkedIn content Drive conversions with more clicks to your landing page, website, or app Build brand awareness by increasing Company Page followers and engagement
  32. 32. Mobile-optimized design for easy clicks Real-time delivery ensures timely reach Uncluttered professional context Flexibility to tailor your content LinkedIn Sponsored InMail Send timely, convenient, and relevant private messages to the people that matter most to your business
  33. 33. S E T T I N G U P C A M P A I G N M A N A G E R
  34. 34. What you need to be able to sponsor content Company page Admin Access OR Sponsored Content Posting Access Access to the Business Account Direct Sponsored Content 34 1 2 - Designated Admin can edit and access the entirety of the Company Page - Sponsored Content Poster can build Direct Sponsored Content on behalf of the Company Page, but can’t edit anything else. - For Non-IO accounts, the Billing Admin (usually the person who created the account) will need to add new people. - For IO based accounts, your Account Team will need to add you.
  35. 35. What you need to set up an online (non-IO) business account *For more details on how to set up a Business Account, click here for instructions Company page name and URL Input your credit card details Contacts who require access to the business account: name and profile URL 35 1 2 3
  36. 36. D E M O
  37. 37. C A M P A I G N M O N I T O R I N G
  38. 38. DEMOGRAPHICS & DOWNLOADABLE REPORTS Demographics Reports are available for:  Job Title  Company Industry  Job Seniority  Job Function  Company Size  Location  Country  Company Downloadable Reports Include:  Campaign Performance  Ad Performance  Demographics
  39. 39. 3 LEVERSOF OPTIMIZATION Targeting Content Bids & Budget 39 1 2 3
  40. 40. Targeting o If your campaign is under pacing you should review your targeting o Is the audience size large enough to fulfill the campaign budget? o Avoid hyper targeting as this can exclude valuable audiences with interest in your content o Audiences smaller than 300,000 members are considered niche and can prevent your daily budget being reached o Best practice is to set a broad audience of 300,000+, then optimize based on performance 1
  41. 41. Targeting o After your campaign has run for about a week, use the Click demographics to understand which audiences are most engaged o You can use the Click demographics data to optimize your campaign targeting 1
  42. 42. Bids o If your campaign is under pacing you should review your bid to confirm if it has been set high enough to be competitive in the auction. o Best practice is to set your bid rate $1 above the top bid range. Bid prices can fluctuate several times throughout the day so this will enable you to consistently stay competitive. o Remember the bid you enter is not always the price you pay – 2nd price auction o If you find your average price is too high you can always go back & reduce the bid o In addition to bidding, your Relevancy Score is important to help you win the auction - which is based on engagements on the platform. See here for more details on the Auction and Relevancy Score. CPC CPM 2 **Automated bidding is now rolling out to advertisers. This allows for automated and dynamic bid changes without having to make manual adjustments.**
  43. 43. Bid types: CPC or CPM? bid types are best for Direct Response campaigns, when the campaign objective is to have the user complete an action. Since you only pay when a user clicks on your update. bid types are best for Branding campaigns, when the campaign objective is to raise awareness of a Brand. Since you only pay when your update is rendered in the newsfeed. CPC CPM Bids2
  44. 44. 1 2 New tactics to organically grow your business and how to engage your audience Top tips for sharing engaging content Knowledge of the ad formats available KEY TAKEAWAYS 3 4 5 Confidence in setting up a Sponsored Content campaign Understanding of the Professional Audience on LinkedIn
  45. 45. POLL Q: After this webcast, how do you feel about your knowledge of Marketing on LinkedIn?
  46. 46. Q&A
  47. 47. Thank You