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LinkedIn Vision and Product Roadmap

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LinkedIn Vision and Product Roadmap

  1. 1. LinkedIn Mission and Product Roadmap for Higher Ed ​Penry Price ​VP, Marketing Solutions ​LinkedIn #EDUCONNECT17
  2. 2. “The New ROI” #EDUCONNECT17
  3. 3. #EDUCONNECT17 Be the most effective platform for marketers to engage with professionals OUR MISSION
  4. 4. #EDUCONNECT17 Reach a higher quality prospect Quality Audience Engage members who are looking to improve themselves Strong Engagement Translates to a better environment for your brand Trust What makes LinkedIn unique?
  5. 5. #EDUCONNECT17 of LinkedIn members are interested in furthering their education49%
  6. 6. #EDUCONNECT17 Prospective MBA Students on LinkedIn 5.7M 4.3X More homepage views than average member 2.7X More inbox viewsMembers with the following criteria: • Individual contributors or managers in the U.S. • 3-10 years of experience • BA, no Master’s Degree
  7. 7. #EDUCONNECT17 Source: Converge Consulting, 2016 Universities are seeing 5xbetter conversion rates on LinkedIn vs. Facebook #EDUCONNECT17
  8. 8. #EDUCONNECT17 It’s Important to Understand Customers’ Mindsets Personal Networks “Spend Time” Info on friends Info on personal interests Entertainment updates Professional Networks “Invest Time” Career info Updates on brands Current affairs 1 – The Mindset Divide research study, TNS, September 2012
  9. 9. More than ever, professionals turn to LinkedIn to find relevant content Professional Networks “INVEST TIME” Career info Updates on brands Current affairs Newsfeed tailored to the professional mindset 2-3x increase in referral traffic to publishers 15x content vs. job postings in the feed #EDUCONNECT17
  10. 10. #EDUCONNECT17 Trust in Media and Marketing is in Flux
  11. 11. #EDUCONNECT17 50% 55 53 48 42 53 52 43 41 Trust in All Four Institutions Declines ​PERCENT TRUST IN THE FOUR INSTITUTIONS OF GOVERNMENT, BUSINESS, MEDIA AND NGOS, 2016 VS. 2017 Business MediaNGOs Government Two of four institutions distrusted Neutral Trusted Distrusted -2 -1 -5 -1 20172016 Source: 2017 Edelman Trust Barometer Q11-620. Below is a list of institutions. For each one, please indicate how much you trust that institution to do what is right using a nine-point scale, where one means that you “do not trust them at all” and nine means that you “trust them a great deal.” (Top 4 Box, Trust) General Population, 28-country global total.
  12. 12. #EDUCONNECT17 1 60 60 60 48 46 43 37 35 29 APersonLike Yourself TechnicalExpert AcademicExpert Employee FinancialIndustry Analyst NGO Representative CEO Boardof Directors Government Official/Regulator Peers Join Academic Experts as Credible Sources ​PERCENT WHO RATE EACH SPOKESPERSON AS EXTREMELY/VERY CREDIBLE, AND CHANGE FROM 2016 TO 2017 Source: 2017 Edelman. Trust Barometer Q130-747 Below is a list of people. In general, when forming an opinion of a company, if you heard information about a company from each person, how credible would the information be—extremely credible, very credible, somewhat credible, or not credible at all? (Top 2 Box, Very/Extremely Credible) General Population, 28-country global total, question asked of half the sample. CEO credibility decreased the most, dropping to an all-time low A person like yourself now tied for most credible spokesperson -3 -7 -5 -4 -7 -5 -12 -10 -6 Y-to-Y Change+−
  13. 13. #EDUCONNECT17 Source: Business Insider Intelligence ‘Digital Trust Report’ June 2017 70% 32% 30% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% BII Digital Trust Rankings LinkedIn Facebook Twitter ​AND AN IDEAL PLACE TO ESTABLISH A TRUSTED VOICE LinkedIn is the Most Trusted Platform
  14. 14. #EDUCONNECT17 LinkedIn Delivers Advertiser Trust in a Quality Environment The least intrusive ad formats A brand-safe environment: self-regulated by 500M professionals One ad per page, viewability of 82% - 2x industry average 96% of sessions with logged-in members: minimum bot traffic
  15. 15. Product Roadmap for Higher Ed ​Tomer Cohen ​VP of Product, Marketing Solutions LinkedIn #EDUCONNECT17
  16. 16. Unlock Your Brand’s Potential on LinkedIn ​THE INSIDER’S PLAYBOOK #EDUCONNECT17
  17. 17. #EDUCONNECT17 Members engaging with the feed is growing more than Mobile is leading this growth, at nearly Members are liking / commenting / sharing at record rates, at nearly 50% YOY 2x YOY 2x YOY Engagement on LinkedIn is booming members in more than 200 COUNTRIES 500M+
  18. 18. #EDUCONNECT17 A powerful organic presence is a flywheel for paid Organic reach amplifies paid Invest in the best organic content
  19. 19. #EDUCONNECT17 3 simple steps for optimizing use of both organic and paid content on LinkedIn #EDUCONNECT17
  20. 20. Build a compelling organic presence STEP 1 #EDUCONNECT17
  21. 21. #EDUCONNECT17 Tell your brand’s story by posting great content regularly Build a compelling organic presence STEP 1 #EDUCONNECT17
  22. 22. #EDUCONNECT17 Build a compelling organic presence STEP 1 Empower your top voices to flex their industry expertise
  23. 23. #EDUCONNECT17 Leverage the power of your employees Build a compelling organic presence STEP 1
  24. 24. Boost your reach & engagement via paid STEP 2 #EDUCONNECT17
  25. 25. #EDUCONNECT17 Look to your organic content to determine your investment in paid Boost your reach and engagement with paid STEP 2
  26. 26. #EDUCONNECT17 Get the most out of your paid content Boost your reach and engagement with paid STEP 2
  27. 27. Measure, learn & optimize to drive more impact STEP 3 #EDUCONNECT17
  28. 28. #EDUCONNECT17 Measure, learn & optimize to drive more impact STEP 3 Engagement Insights Let us help you understand what you’re audience is engaging most with. #EDUCONNECT17
  29. 29. #EDUCONNECT17 Measure, learn & optimize to drive more impact STEP 3 Website Demographics Discover the professional traits of your website visitors
  30. 30. #EDUCONNECT17 Measure, learn & optimize to drive more impact STEP 3 Conversion Tracking & Reporting Understand your advertising ROI with LinkedIn conversion tracking
  31. 31. #EDUCONNECT17 STEP 3 Measure, learn & optimize to drive more impact Build a compelling organic presence STEP 1 STEP 2 Boost your reach & engagement via paid #EDUCONNECT17
  33. 33. #EDUCONNECT17 Evolving our platform to increase advertiser ROI Exceed marketer objectives Prove value through analytics & insights Simplify usability of products & capabilities Target audiences that matter
  34. 34. #EDUCONNECT17 Recent Releases Exceed Lead Gen Forms LinkedIn Audience Network Conversion Auto- Optimization Prove Campaign Demographics Website Demographics Campaign Recommendations Simplify University Pages Campaign Manager Refresh Target Matched Audiences New Targeting Facets
  35. 35. #EDUCONNECT17 Lead Gen Forms RECENTLY RELEASED Collect even more quality leads from your Sponsored Updates with seamless pre-filled forms. EXCEED
  36. 36. #EDUCONNECT17 SIMPLIFY University Page + Company Pages RECENTLY RELEASED Affiliated Schools Reinvesting in Groups
  37. 37. #EDUCONNECT17 Matched Audiences RECENTLY RELEASED Website retargeting, Contact targeting and Account targeting New Targeting Facets Follower targeting and Company Connection targeting TARGET
  38. 38. Upcoming Releases #EDUCONNECT17
  39. 39. #EDUCONNECT17 EXCEED Sponsored Video UPCOMING RELEASE Early 2018 Engage your audience with video content across mobile and desktop
  40. 40. #EDUCONNECT17 Lead Gen Forms for Sponsored InMail Collect even more quality leads from your Sponsored InMail with seamless pre-filled forms Launch in Nov UPCOMING RELEASE EXCEED
  41. 41. #EDUCONNECT17 Drive content downloads with your target audience Whitepaper Download Ad Unit Pilot and launch in Q3 EXCEED UPCOMING RELEASE
  42. 42. #EDUCONNECT17 UPCOMING RELEASE Pilot in Q4 | Launch in Q1 2018 Better engage your audience with a content carousel Carousel for Sponsored Content EXCEED
  43. 43. #EDUCONNECT17 PROVE RECENT + UPCOMING RELEASE Launching: Dynamic Ads & Text Ads (Q3) Upcoming Release: Sponsored Content Integrate trusted 3rd party tracking to better track results 3rd Party Impression Tracking