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Live Webcast: LinkedIn Marketing Solutions 101

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Learn how to manage the content and insights on a company page, track your content’s engagement through our insight tags, and tap into demographic data through LinkedIn data overlayed on your website traffic.

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Live Webcast: LinkedIn Marketing Solutions 101

  1. 1. LinkedIn Marketing Solutions 101 Ryan Wilson, B2B Agency Lead Brittany Curtis, Agency Consultant
  2. 2. Ryan Wilson B2B Agency Lead | Chicago Brittany Curtis Agency Consultant | Chicago
  3. 3. Agenda 1 LinkedIn For Members • Build and Leverage your Professional Brand 2 LinkedIn For Marketers • LinkedIn Marketing Solutions • Case Studies 3 LinkedIn For Agencies • Tools and Resources for Agencies
  4. 4. LinkedIn For Members
  5. 5. Connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful LinkedIn’s Mission
  6. 6. 6 450M+ Professionals
  7. 7. Profile Your Digital Professional Brand Profile Your Digital Professional Brand
  8. 8. 8 Keeping up with their networks Engaging with relevant, targeted content Following companies they care about Connecting with contacts Checking InMail from contacts, recruiters and brands Stay Connected Stay Informed Get Hired
  9. 9. Influencers Pulse Publishing Platform LinkedIn Our Content Evolution
  10. 10. LinkedIn For Marketers
  11. 11. Profile Member Profile Deciphered
  12. 12. Danie Seattle, WA USA Boston University COMPANY NAME INDUSTRYSIZE SCHOOL LOCATION JOB TITLE SENIORITY FIELD OF STUDY DEGREE GRADUATION AGE SKILLS GROUPS IP Communication Bachelor of Science 2011, 25-34 Simply Measured, 51- 200, Internet Senior Marketing Manager, Marketing, Senior IC CMA, LEWIS, Social Tools SEO, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Blogging LinkedIn Personas Career Changers Bachelors, but no Master Young & Upwardly Mobile FUNCTION
  13. 13. Assisted (through a LI Rep) $25K/quarter minimum Self-Service, Online Ads No spend minimums, can pay with credit card Sponsored Updates Sponsored Updates Sponsored InMail Text Ads LinkedIn Dynamic Ads (Onsite Display) ABM Targeting Capability (for SU & InMail) LinkedIn Persona Targeting Capability Assisted vs. Self-Service How to Work with LinkedIn
  14. 14. • Clients/agencies are able to provide their LinkedIn team with a .csv file of up to 30K companies (not e-mails), minimum of ~400 companies • This capability is only offered for assisted Sponsored Updates & Sponsored InMail campaigns (not available in self-serivce) • We will be able to layer on normal LinkedIn targeting (seniority, job function, etc.) on top of this list • You can use this list to include or exclude in your targeting strategy Sponsored Content and Sponsored InMail Extending Account-Based Marketing ASSISTED
  15. 15. • Objectives: Brand Awareness or Lead Gen • Extend your brand’s messaging to audiences beyond your company page followers • Choose to invest on a CPC or CPM model • Use Direct Sponsored Content to easily personalize and test your content ads Deliver rich content in the LinkedIn feed across all devices LinkedIn Sponsored Content ASSISTED & SELF- SERVICE Find detailed specs here:
  16. 16. Five Quick Sponsored Content Tips
  17. 17. Tip #1: Clickable link in headline CTA creates urgency If DR is the Goal, Design for an Action
  18. 18. Tip #2: Target Intelligently Do start your targeting broad Do utilize “IC” segment Don’t combine all demographics in one campaign Don’t start too niche
  19. 19. 19 Tip #3: ALWAYS Test and Optimize
  20. 20. Tip #4: Give your Content Strategy a Voice Directly calls out the Target Tone is human and casual
  21. 21. 21 Tip #5: All Professional are Consumers too…
  22. 22. • Objectives: Direct Response • Breakthrough the limits of traditional email marketing with 100% deliverability • Engage your key audiences across desktop and mobile Find detailed specs here: Drive more leads and get the attention of your highest-value audiences on LinkedIn with targeted messages delivered right to their inboxes LinkedIn Sponsored InMail ASSISTED
  23. 23. InMail for Reports, eBooks & Whitepapers
  24. 24. • Objectives: Brand Awareness • Reach professionals in a focused, relevant context • Deploy a variety of formats from IAB standard formats to highly engaging native ads such as Spotlight Ads and Follow Company Ads Find detailed specs here: Reach and Engage more than 433M Professionals LinkedIn Native Display ASSISTED
  25. 25. • Objectives: Brand Awareness • Reach professionals in a focused, relevant context • Use your own first- or third-party data to retarget website visitors, CRM contacts, lookalike audiences and more. • Leverage LinkedIn audience segments to programmatically reach professional audiences based on their company size, seniority, professions and more. Find detailed specs here: Reach and Engage more than 450M Professionals LinkedIn Programmatic Display PROGRAMMATIC Open Auction LinkedIn Private Auctions Target/retarget using your own data ✓ ✓ Target using predefined LinkedIn audience segments* ✓ LinkedIn homepage targeting option ✓ Advertisers must be whitelisted Yes Yes *Targeting that uses first- and third-party cookie data cannot be combined with LinkedIn audience segment targeting.
  26. 26. LinkedIn For Agencies
  27. 27. Manage the Content and Insights on a Company Page LinkedIn Company Pages
  28. 28. A Look at What’s Trending on LinkedIn Trending Content Search by Segment Search by Topic
  29. 29. How Engaging is Your Brand Compared to its Competitors? Content Marketing Score
  30. 30. LinkedIn Data Overlay on your Website Traffic LinkedIn Insights Tag • Discover the business demographics of your website • Track conversions for Sponsored Content and Text Ads through the Insights Tag
  31. 31. Visit for more information Thank You!
  32. 32. Best Practices, Case Studies and Webcasts Quick Resources • Check out LinkedIn’s Agency Microsite and Blog for updated resources and webcast recordings. • Visit the eBook and webinar library for updated best practices and examples of best in class advertising on LinkedIn. • Visit the Marketing Solutions case study library to see how brands in various regions and industries are engaging with the world’s largest network of professionals. • Learn how to become an admin of your client’s company page
  33. 33. LinkedIn offers growing businesses an easy, self-service advertising platform to generate leads from their target audiences through Text Ads and Sponsored Updates. Marketers can get in front of the right prospects and drive them to their landing pages. Pay-per-click (PPC) or cost per impressions (CPM) pricing options without long-term contracts allow advertisers to fully control their own budgets. Get in front of the right prospects of business decision-makers and drive them to your landing page to generate high-quality leads while controlling your costs. Stay visible while your audience is active throughout the platform. Where do they appear? • Desktop only • Text link at top of homepage (images/ logos omitted); right- hand rail or horizontally at bottom of LinkedIn pages: homepage, profile page, search results, groups, SlideShare Reach a premium professional audience where they’re most engaged, proactively consuming content in the LinkedIn feed across all devices. Increase brand awareness and credibility by developing relationships with prospects early in the consideration process and drive high-quality leads. Where do they appear? • Desktop, tablet, phone • LinkedIn news feed LinkedIn Online Ads (Self-Service) Get Started with Online Ads Here! Text Ads Sponsored Updates
  34. 34. . Custom Call to Action Button Image Banner for Branding Impact Easy to Navigate Left Pane Custom Greeting
  35. 35. Custom Greeting Easy to read formatting Contextual hyperlink Easy to navigate opt-out menu
  36. 36. 1. Assisted SU and Sponsored InMail products 2. Matching only on company name .CSV template format 3. We must match at least 100 companies 4. Suggested list size: 500 companies; Maximum 30K companies 5. Audience Expansion is not be available at this time 6. All standard targeting facets available except Member Personas 7. Matched company list can’t be shared with customers for privacy/compliance reasons 8. Standard Campaign Manager reporting will be available. Reporting at company level will not be available for privacy/compliance reasons. 9. No same day campaigns +48 hours for forecast & launch SLAs 10. Include or exclude up to 30K companies 10 Things You Need to Know About Account Targeting on LinkedIn
  37. 37. • 2015 Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn (comprehensive, indexed guidebook to leveraging LinkedIn for brands) • Crash-course in Full-funnel Marketing • LMS Blogs (navigate by topic) • “How Agencies Can Leverage the LinkedIn Ecosystem” (recorded webinar) • “Mindset Matters” Research (2012) – Personal vs. Professional network audience behavior • “Spotlight on Content” Research (2014) – A refresh of the Mindset analysis above, focusing on content engagement • B2C Audience, the ‘Prosumer’ Research – In-depth look at Professionals as Consumers on our platform • “Social Bridge to the IT Committee” • LinkedIn Partner Program (SU API partners (4C,, etc.), Certified Development & Content Partners (e.g. FHContentWorks) • The LinkedIn Economic Graph Project • Published posts by CEO Jeff Weiner (a look at how he thinks, how he leads, sings karaokes, and more …) Additional Resources
  38. 38. Targeting for Paid Solutions
  39. 39. Replicon (Sponsored InMail, Sponsored Updates): Workforce management SaaS software provider uses Sponsored InMails to get 11X higher response rates, at a CPL 73% better than other social channels. PDF International Coach Foundation (Sponsored InMail, Sponsored Updates, Display Ads): Membership organization enrolls 1,900 new members, sees ROI of 1,761% after multi-product campaign. PDF U.S. Chamber of Commerce (Sponsored InMail, Spotlight Ads): Business organization uses InMails and ads to drive sellout attendance for aviation-focused event; 42% open rate for InMails. PDF Duke (Sponsored InMail): M.B.A. program generates 400% increase in conversions, and increases sales pipeline closure by 300%. PDF Sponsored InMail Case Studies
  40. 40. Insights to Increase Engagement Among Target Audience Content Marketing Score