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Making the Connected School a Reality


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Making the Connected School a Reality

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Lindsey Edwards, Head of Product, Connected Enterprise at LinkedIn, unveils some of the exciting developments that will help higher education institutions better market their programs and services on the LinkedIn platform.

Lindsey Edwards, Head of Product, Connected Enterprise at LinkedIn, unveils some of the exciting developments that will help higher education institutions better market their programs and services on the LinkedIn platform.


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Making the Connected School a Reality

  1. 1. #inEDU16 Making the Connected School a Reality How LinkedIn is Adapting its Platform for Higher Education Lindsey Edwards Head of Product LinkedIn Enterprise Solutions @linzedw
  2. 2. Five Major Trends Shaping the Future of Education
  3. 3. The less educated are being left behind of job growth in the recovery went to workers with more than a high school education 99% 0 Growth of jobs for those with a high school diploma or less since the economic recovery % 1 – America’s Divided Recovery: College Haves and Have-Nots, Georgetown University, Center on the Education and the Workforce
  4. 4. Two recoveries, one not so good 10 8 6 4 2 0 -2 -4 -6 -8 Dec 07 May 08 Oct 08 Mar 09 Aug 09 Jan 10 Jun 10 Nov 10 Apr 11 Sep 11 Feb 12 Jul 12 Dec 12 May 13 Oct 13 Mar 14 Aug 14 Jan 15 Jun 15 Nov 15 Apr 16 Recession Recovery Gained 8.4 million jobs During the recovery Gained 3.1 million jobs During the recovery High School Or less Gained 80,000 jobs During the recovery Lost 5.6 million jobs Lost 1.8 million jobs Gained 187,000 jobs
  5. 5. Affordability is in the spotlight
  6. 6. Measuring outcomes increasingly important
  7. 7. Working learners are the new normal percent of college students are both active in the labor market and formally enrolled in some form of postsecondary education or training 75% 1 – Learning While Earning: The New Normal, Georgetown University, Center on the Education and the Workforce
  8. 8. In 2014 0 7 14 21 28 Online enrollments growing, while overall enrollments drop Online Report Card: Tracking Online Education in the United States, Babson Research Group 5.8 + Million students are taking at least 1 distance education course 28.4 % of all Enrolled students That’s 27.1 % In 2013 25.9 % In 2012 up from up from which is
  9. 9. Declining interest in MBA Shrinking future audience Competition has increased Cost per inquiries rising It’s a challenging world for education marketers
  10. 10. “In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity” of admissions directors did not meet their 2015 enrollment goals 58% 63 of all American jobs will require some sort of education beyond high school by 2018 % – Albert Einstein 1 – 2015 Survey of College and University Admissions Directors, Inside Higher Ed 2 – Job Growth and Educational Requirements through 2020, Georgetown University, 2014
  11. 11. How LinkedIn can help
  12. 12. d Connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful LinkedIn’s Mission
  13. 13. The largest global community of professionals 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 32M 450M+ professionals 50M+ students and recent college grads
  14. 14. Market to who matters on LinkedIn Only LinkedIn provides this unique combination of benefits First-Party Data Use our accurate data to target your audience Mindset Align your message with a professional mindset Quality Reach a higher quality prospect
  16. 16. LinkedIn solutions support all major educational departments v Admission Education Career Services Marketing Educational Institution Development IP/Thought Leadership
  17. 17. How LinkedIn Helps Higher Ed Today
  18. 18. Engage your prospects with relevant content in the world’s only professional feed — and beyond Sponsored Content Build customer relationships at every stage of the buyer’s journey by targeting content to your most valuable audiences wherever they spend their time. Sponsored by Loyola University Chicago
  19. 19. Send timely, convenient, and relevant private messages to the people that matter most to your business LinkedIn Sponsored InMail
  20. 20. Your marketing performance dashboard & control center Integrated Campaign Management
  21. 21. LinkedIn Learning Our new e-learning platform that merges Lynda’s beloved content with LinkedIn’s unique graph to provide a data-driven, personalized approach to learning and development Helps people and organizations develop in-demand and necessary skills by connecting our content with professional outcomes Piece of the toolkit for organizations looking to develop, retain and transform their staff
  22. 22. A daily career exploration tool for college students 5 job and company ideas a day, based on alumni career data LinkedIn Students App
  23. 23. Students can explore… Jobs matched to them Companies they’re connected to Careers of similar alum
  24. 24. Connecting Prospects, Current Students to Your Best Advocates The Alumni Tool
  25. 25. How LinkedIn Will Help Higher Education in the Future
  26. 26. What we’re hearing from our customers… Further boost ROI Provide better measurement and optimization Simplify your platform & provide better learning resources Further your strength in targeting
  27. 27. Further boost ROI
  28. 28. Sponsored Content Beyond LinkedIn Scale professional reach beyond LinkedIn to high quality destinations
  29. 29. In-ad lead gen Easily generate high-quality leads from your campaigns, based on a variety of calls-to-actions and objectives Piloting in Q4 2016
  30. 30. Refreshed designs for Dynamic Ads Meet marketing use cases to engage professionals with dynamically generated, personalized ads. Get more Followers for your Company and Showcase Pages Drive qualified traffic to your website or landing pages
  31. 31. Instantly populate lead forms with accurate, LinkedIn professional data Improve quantity and quality of leads through access to LinkedIn’s professional data Make it easy to fill out forms on mobile or desktop with a single click Boost Conversion Rates with LinkedIn AutoFill
  32. 32. Further your strength in targeting
  33. 33. Target audiences that matter most to your business Audience Matching: Website Retargeting and Marketing Automation Contact Targeting
  34. 34. Provide better measurement and optimization
  35. 35. Easily measure and optimize the business impact of your LinkedIn Ads investment using native attribution tools Conversion Tracking
  36. 36. Analyze the performance of your campaigns using Campaign Manager rich demographic reporting to understand who your ads resonate with best Campaign Demographic Reporting Beyond the Click
  37. 37. Optimize your campaigns with in-product Insights & Recommendations Campaign Insights and Recommendations
  38. 38. Simplify your platform & provide better learning resources
  39. 39. Simplify your brand experience… + University Page Company Page
  40. 40. Into a new, unified university experience
  41. 41. With the same Alumni Tool we all love…
  42. 42. And an all new, streamlined admin page
  43. 43. Brand new self-service channel for marketers to reach professionals in the most personalized and direct way on LinkedIn Sponsored InMail for Self-Service
  44. 44. Reach the right customers with Display Ads using your preferred demand-side platform (DSP) or agency trading desk (ATD) Programmatic Display
  45. 45. Further boost ROI Simplify your platform & provide better learning resources Provide better measurement and optimization Further your strength in targeting In-Ad Lead Forms New Dynamic Ads Formats Sponsored Content Beyond LinkedIn Autofill Account Targeting Website Retargeting Marketing Automation Contact Targeting Contact Targeting Conversion TrackingExpanded analytics API Campaign Insights and Recommendations Campaign Demographic Reporting Help center revamp Programmatic Display Sponsored InMail for Self-Service University Pages Merge
  46. 46. We are Committed to Higher Education And Investing in its Future

Notas del editor

  • In our view, there are several trends coming together that are shaping the future of Higher Education

    And given these trends, LinkedIn is making significant investments to help you reach, acquire, and service students & alumni…today and in the future.
  • Today, higher education is more important than ever.

    Since 2008, nearly all job growth has gone only to those with a college degree. Per Georgetown…

    Correspondingly, people with only a high school education have been left behind, and they have seen no recovery.

    This explains a lot of what is happening in our macro environment today with the increasing polarization of thoughts & attitudes of those with a college education, and those without.
  • There’s a tale of two recoveries, and one is not so good.

    For those with some college education, you can see that job growth has been marginally positive.

    For those with only a high school education, over 5M jobs have been lost. 5M…it bears repeating.

    And only those who have a 4 year college degree are truly benefiting from this economic recovery, with 8M+ jobs created.
  • Despite how important it is to increase the level of higher ed in larger populations…as we all know, the cost of education has grown faster than GDP for years.

    This has created an increasing drumbeat on what some call the “affordability crisis” – with avg student debt reaching $35K per individual since last yr. And the narrative of student debt now exceeding all credit debt at $1T combined has grown louder and louder.
  • Correspondingly, the focus on student outcomes has grown with this increasing discussion around affordability – with even the U.S. Gov’t stepping in to require increased transparency and accountability of what happens to our students after they graduate.

    Whether implemented by the government or educational institutions themselves, we believe that outcomes measurement will continue to play a key role in higher ed going forward.
  • Increasingly, the working learner (those who study & participate in the job market) are becoming the new normal.

    Between 70 – 80% of college students are now active in the labor market while they learn.

    Flexibility for educational endeavors, and the technology that supports this, is becoming increasingly important
  • Online continues to grow while total enrollments drop – we see online education as now integral as a method of instruction & an accepted platform for learning
  • This is a chart of the number of searches for the phrase “MBA” over time in North America

    And we all know – the number of 18 – 35 year olds now is smaller than years past. This is your prime audience of customers.

    Given that programs are now online, and can enroll students from anywhere – competition is increasing – and as a result cost/lead is rising…
  • But it’s not all doom & gloom.

    As Albert Einstein once said, “In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity.” And we believe there is significant opportunity for all of us here today. But that opportunity will require us to rethink how we approach our work.

    The reality is that nearly 60% of admissions directors did not meet their 2015 enrollment goals. However, we know that nearly 2/3rds of American jobs will require education beyond high school by 2018. We’re already seeing this in the job recovery slides noted earlier.

    So the question is – given this massive need for a more educated work force, how do we reach the students of the future together?
  • Our mission is tremendously aligned with yours.

    LinkedIn’s mission is to “connect the worlds professionals to make them more productive and successful”
  • LinkedIn is the only place to engage with all of the world’s professionals, and for those looking to improve themselves professionally, whether it be though further education or other means.

    We have 450M professionals on our platform today globally, with 50M students and recent grads.
  • LinkedIn is the only place where you can market to all of the world’s professionals.

    Moreover, it’s the only place where you can access this unique combination of benefits for your marketing efforts.

    Some platforms possess 1 or 2 of these benenfits, but LinkedIn is the only place with all three – where you can reach higher quality prospects, who are in a professional & growth mindset, at scale with rich, accurate first party data
  • Unlike other platforms, LinkedIn supports the entire student and professional journey, well beyond graduation, but also helping prospects find the right educational institution as well
  • Our products & services can help all departments in educational institutions, including marketing.

    For example, our ad products help those of you in the audience reach prospects effectively, but also…
  • Now I want to cover how LinkedIn currently helps higher education institutions today, which is the foundation that we will build from as we head into the future
  • Let’s now talk about your objectives and how LinkedIn Marketing Solutions can help. We’ve already identified your marketing objectives: <restate marketing objectives that you’ve confirmed with the client>

    Target: Next you’ll use a range of LinkedIn targeting options to reach the right people. Our targeting is the core of what enables your success on LinkedIn. The authentic member-generated, first party data on LinkedIn is more accurate and highly differentiated in the market noise of audience data.

    Engage: On our platform, you’ll then engage them with valuable content, and a range of ad formats. We’ll get more into that on our next slide.

    Optimize: You’ll then use our measurement tools to optimize your performance, which creates a virtuous cycle as you continue to optimize your Targeting & Engagement tactics, and ultimately performance. LinkedIn gives you clear visibility into the impact of your programs at every stage of the student journey.
  • On LinkedIn the best solution for effective content marketing is Sponsored Content. These are basically Company Page updates that are promoted to reach beyond your Company Page Followers to a targeted group of LinkedIn members across all devices – desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.

    The reason that it works so well is it’s integrated in the LinkedIn feed, where our members are looking to improve their professional lives, and it’s a native ad that looks just like your typical content on LinkedIn.

    It’s really the best way for you to extend your content to more of the right people that are most likely to sign up for your programs. Whether you’re looking to raise awareness about your school or drive quality leads, this is arguably our most versatile solution to help meet your marketing objectives.
  • Sponsored InMail is a game changer in terms of taking email marketing effectiveness to the next level. Sponsored InMail is the most direct way to engage your prospects on LinkedIn. Our customers use Sponsored InMail to drive tangible DR metrics – leads, CPL, pipeline. And, they do that by delivering targeted, personalized messages right into their LinkedIn inbox.
  • Our Campaign Manager continues to be the central place to measure all of your marketing performance – and increasingly is the control center for all your marketing investment on LinkedIn.
  • Today we are launching LinkedIn Learning, our new learning platform based on our acquisition, that merges Lynda’s beloved content with LinkedIn’s unique graph to provide a data-driven, personalized approach to learning and development.

    For higher education institutions, this is a perfect way to complement your educational offerings. LinkedIn Learning allows professors to assist their students develop or hone basic pre-requisite skills for their classes prior to start. For example, a Statistics professor can make sure everyone is versed in Microsoft Excel or SAS before stepping foot (or logging into) their classroom via our on-demand courseware.

    In addition, LinkedIn Learning courses can help university administration provide courses to their faculty & staff looking to transform & develop their skills in the field they desire.

    LinkedIn Learning is the ultimate complement for students, faculty, and administrators.
  • We created the students app to help students who did not yet know what they wanted to be professionally.

    Rather than asking them to type a role or job into a search box, we surface job and company ideas based on alums that look similar to them.
  • Our secret weapon for many currently enrolled students. Our Alumni tool allows you to see what alums are working in what field, where they are located in the world, and most importantly, allows you to reach out to them on our professional platform.
  • We’ve heard you. And there are four areas that we consistently hear from our customers on how to make your work with us even more successful.

    1. Help boost the ROI of your campaigns
    2. Further your ability to target the audiences you want on our platform
    3. Provide better tools for measurement and campaign optimization
    4. Simplify our platform, and provide you the education you need, when you need it
  • So lets dive into the first bucket, boosting your ROI, and what we’re launching now, and in the future, to help support this
  • Sponsored Content has become the fastest growing product at scale for LinkedIn in our history.

    Sponsored Content recently surpassed 60% of total Marketing Solutions business line revenue and was the primary driver of growth, driven largely by increase in customer demand.

    We are currently testing this now – and expanding throughout Q4.
  • And we know this one is going to get you excited. Finally, you will be generate high quality leads from the LinkedIn audience directly within the feed.
  • Engage the professionals that matter most to your business with dynamically generated, personalized ads on LinkedIn

    LinkedIn Dynamic Ads allow you to precisely target decision-makers and influencers with highly relevant and customizable creatives on LinkedIn.

    Drive quality engagement, traffic to your website or LinkedIn Company Page, and leads through deeply differentiated and personalized creative formats.

    Coming in Q4 FY16.

    Build relationships and prompt the right people to engage with your ads through customized calls to action.

    Reach the right prospects using accurate targeting based on the professional member profile.
  • Instantly populate lead forms with accurate, LinkedIn professional data Improve quantity and quality of leads through access to LinkedIn’s professional data

    Make it easy to fill out forms on mobile or desktop with a single click
  • As you know, we’ve launched Account based (or Company based) targeting in Q3 for our Field supported customers. Right now, this functionality makes it possible for marketers to tailor their Sponsored Content or Sponsored InMail campaigns to a priority list of accounts. This ability, combined with LinkedIn’s profile targeting, will allow our clients to market products and generate opportunities to the right personas within the accounts that matter most.

    In calendar Q4, we plan to make website retargeting, account targeting, and marketing automation contact targeting available via self service for DIY advertisers, along with providing field service for our larger customers via our Solutions teams.

    You will be able to retarget visitors to your website on, along with uploading lists from your CRM to market directly to specific individuals/audiences, and those folks that look like them.
  • Yes, I know. This one has been a long time coming. Finally, conversion tracking has come to LinkedIn. You can now track how many of your sponsored content and text ads on LinkedIn are leading to conversions.

    With conversion tracking, you can understand more about the specific ads and even the unique LinkedIn audiences that are driving your campaign conversions -- including the seniority, industry, job function, and company size of the people you’re converting to leads.

    Many of you have been using 3rd party solutions to measure conversions on the platform. Now you can enjoy the convenience of accessing all of your key performance metrics in a single Campaign Manager dashboard.
  • As I noted before, now you can also see rich demographic data of your conversions – data that only LinkedIn can provide in many circumstances.

    While today conversion tracking is available for Sponsored Content and Text Ads, we plan to open up this capability to other LinkedIn products in the coming months, including Sponsored inMail.
  • And this one is a big one. We talked about it last year. Well, it’s finally coming. And soon.

  • We’ve combined two disparate experiences into a unified brand presence. And you will still be able to target alums vs. current students vs. prospects.

    The new combined page has an updated look and feel, as well as features that have previously been offered only on Company Pages (but not University Pages). Furthermore, the combined University Pages will continue to offer the Alumni Tool that we all know and love.

    These new features include:

    Real-time analytics on people who visit your page, instead of a weekly analytics email
    Sponsored Content to reach prospective students and alumni right in their LinkedIn feed
    Career Pages so you can show potential hires what working at your university is like (you can now pay for this upgrade)

    Coming in Q4!

  • New admin tool & experience live 10/15 for admins 100%

    1% live for members, with a gradual ramp of the Univ Page experience.

    Admins will be able to flip back and forth between experiences during this time.
  • We are embracing how marketers want to manage their campaigns. inMail continues to be one of the most effective, and personal, ways to reach members on the platform with 100% deliverability. Members only receive an inMail when they are engaged on LinkedIn. And now, marketers will be able to manage and deploy sends through our Campaign Management Dashboard, and not have to go through our Field.
  • We know that as a data-driven marketer you need more efficient ways to reach the right people. You want programs that meet, or better yet, beat specific performance metrics.

    Programmatic buying as a way to access LinkedIn Display Ads is now live. This means you can now work with your preferred buying platform to buy highly visible ads that help you reach and engage the right buyers and build your brand in the premium context of LinkedIn.

    You have the option to purchase our display ads programmatically either through an Open Auction or via LinkedIn Private Auctions. Both give you the flexibility and control to reach your target audiences on LinkedIn. If you’re already buying programmatically, Open Auction is the fastest way to buy LinkedIn Display Ads programmatically. For advertisers looking for additional targeting capabilities, the Private Auction is a great option.

    We support the majority of demand-side platforms (DSP’s) and agency trading desks (ATD’s). We currently have more than 4,000 premium brands enabled to run across our site, ensuring that customers can buy as they wish.
  • This is an unprecedented level of innovation in our product and platforms for Higher Education. And stepping back, you can see a lot of investment is going into making your jobs easier in the past six months, and in the upcoming year.