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Marketing Through the Lens of Consumer Electronics, Software, and Hardware Profesionals

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As the lines between B2B and consumer technology marketing increasingly blur and intersect, professional data on today’s consumer electronic, software, and hardware audiences can help unlock key insights to more effectively target new audiences.

At LinkedIn, we’re fortunate to easily tap into the content-consuming, selling, and learning behaviors of over 467 million members and — with over 4 million LinkedIn users in business decision making roles — are excited to put this information to good use in your marketing strategy.

In our second installment of Behind the Lens, we dig beyond IT and into the consumer space where employment is rising and and technical skills are paramount. Read along in the following infographic to find out:

What industries are either attracting top talent or spurring churn in the U.S. Consumer Electronics, Software, and Hardware space.
Where key hubs for Consumer Electronics, Hardware, and Software are growing across the country — — from coast to coast.
What factors matter most to Consumer Electronics, Hardware, and Software professionals at work and when selecting a job — hint: they’re driven and want fair compensation.
Top skills making strides with these cohorts — from C++ to Java
Popular content, companies, and LinkedIn groups with these cohorts — they love cloud and computers.

Dive into the Infographic below to help take your knowledge of the tech marketer’s Consumer Electronics, Software, and Hardware customers to the next level.

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Marketing Through the Lens of Consumer Electronics, Software, and Hardware Profesionals

  1. 1. Both Hardware (70%) and Software (62%) employees cite “Career path opportunities” as the #1 reason to accept a job. With 460M+ members in over 200 countries, LinkedIn has the ability to analyze professional movement and content interest across the world. Dive into tips and trends pulled from our data that will sharpen your insights and inform your marketing plans when it comes to the Consumer Electronics, Computer Software and Hardware markets. …But these industries are competitive and fluctuating. Employees are migrating to and from other industries: BECAUSE OF THESE TRENDS, TECH MARKETERS SHOULD REMEMBER THAT: 1. Tech marketing content is “always on” and each of the six stages of the technology buying process can take months. 2. When it comes to managing tech marketing content, the key is to align messaging to your target audience’s respective buyer’s journey. 3. You must ensure your content is relevant, empowering, and in front of buyers at the perfect time and place throughout their path to purchase, regardless of where they may travel professionally. REMEMBER: You can target specific companies, titles and geographies of both companies and tech professionals with LinkedIn targeting parameters. But Software is more spread across the country: Madison, WI; Charleston, SC; Austin, TX; Seattle, WA; Nashville and Houston Consumer Electronics flourishes on the West Coast: San Francisco and Santa Barbara, CA; Austin, TX and Kansas City, MO are top areas for positive growth. Hardware makes its home on the East Coast: Raleigh-Durham, NC; Greenville, SC; Richmond, VA and Knoxville, TN are all top cities. Their other top reasons to leave a company are due to dissatisfaction with: 1. Compensation 2. Leadership 3. Culture 47% Computer Software professionals have 1.4x more mobile views and more connections on LinkedIn than the U.S. average. HOW DO COMPUTER SOFTWARE, HARDWARE AND CONSUMER ELECTRONICS PROFESSIONALS ENGAGE WITH LINKEDIN? Computer Software professionals love: + Cloud Computing + Employee Engagement + SAP + Business Intelligence Computer Hardware professionals love: + Cloud Computing + Games + Confidence Building + Computer Vision Consumer Electronics professionals love: + iPad + Employee Engagement + Home Theatre + Home Automation THEY DIFFER WHEN IT COMES TO POPULAR CONTENT TOPICS... WHERE ARE THESE PROFESSIONALS MAKING THE BIGGEST TECH WAVES? h 3.3%COMPUTER SOFTWARE h 1.2%CONSUMER ELECTRONICS U.S. CONSUMER ELECTRONICS, COMPUTER SOFTWARE & HARDWARE THROUGH THE EMPLOYMENT IS GROWING h .6%COMPUTER HARDWARE REMEMBER: It’s important for tech marketers to keep close tabs on their audience, especially considering that today’s tech buying committee is so large and varied. Hardware lost 964jobs to that same market The Computer Software industry gained over 18,000jobs from Info Tech and Services Consumer Electronics lost 1,308jobs from that same market Consumer Electronics gained 920jobs from the Internet industry8% of U.S. Consumer Electronics professionals changed companies in the past year 49% Computer Software and Hardware professionals share their #1 reason to leave a job: Lack of opportunity to advance. REMEMBER: These professionals have a strong drive to succeed, learn and advance in their careers, and they are looking to industry experts to keep them informed. WHAT MATTERS THE MOST? But when they do accept a job, what stands out to them? But for Consumer Electronics employees, “Excellent compensation and benefits” comes in 1st place. Skill Seekers: What skills are companies looking for in these industries? Consumer Electronics and Computer Software: Java is the #1 sought-after skill Computer Hardware employers are most seeking: Management skills Consumer Electronics and Hardware: Linux and C++ are top skills Hardware and Software: Cloud computing Computer Hardware professionals are avid LinkedIn users: 66% are staying up to date on industry discussions on LinkedIn. Consumer Electronics professionals are LinkedIn stars. They are 1.2x more likely to use LinkedIn on a mobile device and have 1.3x more connections than the U.S. average …But they share some favorite companies to follow: Computer Software professionals follow 1.3xmore companies than the U.S. average LINKEDIN GROUP POPULARITY STAYS INDUSTRY-SPECIFIC: REMEMBER: Your tech buyers are on a journey. They’re online and on their devices looking for insights! Know where their industry preferences converge and divide, and tailor your content targeting and topics accordingly. You might just spark a conversation that builds your brand’s reputation or brings in your next tech customer. This infographic uses a combination of anonymized LinkedIn member and survey data. + Apple Professionals + Apple – Current and Former Employees + Consumer Technology Association Consumer Electronics TopGroups + Association of Computer Repair Business Owners + Storage Professionals + Cloud Computing Conputer Hardware TopGroups + Cloud Computing + Cloud Computing, SaaS and Virtualization + Social Media Marketing Conputer Software TopGroups