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Masterclass: Getting Started on LinkedIn [New York]

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Learn why people are coming to LinkedIn, how this relates to your marketing campaigns and how you can get started with LinkedIn advertising.

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Masterclass: Getting Started on LinkedIn [New York]

  1. 1. GOOD MORNING! Please help yourself to some coffee and breakfast! Introduce yourself to your neighbor! o Where do you work? o What is your role? o What is one fun fact about you that is NOT listed on your LinkedIn profile?
  2. 2. Getting Started on LinkedIn
  3. 3. Maria Mayoralgo Account Manager Ashley Gildin Account Manager 3
  4. 4. 1 2 3 4LinkedIn overview Targeting capabilities Marketing Product suite Creating a successful Sponsored Content campaign 5 Sponsored Content best practices 6 Sponsored InMail deep dive 7 Text Ad deep dive 8 Q&A TODAY’S AGENDA
  5. 5. The largest global community of professionals 61M senior-level influencers 40M decision makers 11M opinion leaders 7M C-level execs 23M Mass Affluent 4M IT decision makers 500M professionals are on LinkedIn 7
  6. 6. 9 We use social networks for different reasons #WorldAnimalDay #FlashbackFriday #nbafinals #KanyeWest #NYFW Emmy Award Football Apple Store Netflix Game of Thrones Women In Media Employee Engagement Integrated marketing SageOne Cloud computing iPhone 7 Venture Capital Internal communications Equifax Tesla TRENDING TOPICS BY SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM
  7. 7. GOALS & TARGETING 10
  8. 8. Define Your Goal A winning LinkedIn strategy starts with your goals. Set measurable objectives and use LinkedIn to achieve your key performance indicators (KPIs)
  9. 9. LinkedIn ad targeting options Professional Demographic Targeting Accurately reach audiences based on up to date data from the LinkedIn profile Company name Job title Member skills* Field of study Based on skills, endorsements and keywords in profile Company industry* Job Seniority* Member groups Degrees derived from Job title Company size* Job function* Member age* Member Schools derived from Job titlederived from Company Page derived from Company Page Derived by using the earliest degree Location Years of experience* Member gender* derived from start year and month of current roles derived from Member name 13
  10. 10. Senior Program Manager within Enterprise Businesses Seniority: Senior IC+ Function: Company Size: 500+ Geography: USA IT, Engineering, Program Management TARGETING CONSIDER TOM TITLE JOB FUNCTION +SENIORITY GROUPS +SENIORITY SKILLS +SENIORITY 14
  11. 11. Real-time, accurate, member-declared data makes LinkedIn targeting unique
  13. 13. Sponsored Content Build customer relationships at every stage of the buyer’s journey by targeting content to your most valuable audiences wherever they spend their time. Target your most valuable audiences using accurate, profile-based, first-party data Reach your prospects anywhere: Publish your content in the LinkedIn feed and in high-quality placements beyond, on mobile and desktop Grow your business at every stage: Drive quality leads, generate engagement, and raise brand awareness 17
  14. 14. Anatomy of a successful Sponsored Content campaign 1 2 3 4 5 6 Target our Audience Choose Your Content Define Your Goals Set Your Bid Measure Your Results Optimize Your Impact 18
  15. 15. 2 Decide what content to produce. Pick content for the full marketing funnel. Build trust first, then ask for contact information o Infographics, blog posts, industry trends, influencer content o Best practice guides, case studies, product news o Research briefs, product reviews and Comparisons, product tours, analyst reports, whitepapers, ebooks, webinars o Newsletters, recommendations, product demos, trials, tutorials 19 REACH NURTURE ACQUIRE
  16. 16. VS Direct Sponsored ContentSponsored Content 20
  17. 17. Note: If your image width is below 200px it will not display in the larger image format. Instead, images will appear as a thumbnail on the left side of the post. Specs here. • Visually Appealing • Eye catching, works great on mobile Anatomy of Sponsored Content • Share information • Educate 21 Link Sharing Embedded Rich Media
  18. 18. Program your content calendar By posting several updates simultaneously, the algorithm would optimize the delivery of the content that performs best WEEK 1 2 3 4 5 3-4 ads live at all times Replace under-performing Ads with new content about 1x/month 22
  19. 19. CREATE AN ACCOUNT 23
  20. 20. What you need to set up a business account *For more details on how to set up a Business Account, click here for instructions Company page name and URL Input your credit card details Contacts who require access to the business account: name and profile URL 24 1 2 3
  21. 21. What you need to set up a campaign Click create campaign button, and select Sponsored Content Name your campaign, pick your language, and select the type of campaign you want to run Create campaign Choose your targeting Set up your budget and bids 25 1 3 2 4
  23. 23. Monitoring your campaign: High level TIP: To check on your total campaign spend to date, be sure to choose “All Time” as the date range and “All” for your campaign status. Selected Timeframe applies to all reporting View trending metrics over time Performance by Campaign 27
  24. 24. Monitoring your campaign: Demographics & downloadable reports Demographics Reports are available for: o Job Title o Company Industry o Job Seniority o Job Function o Company Size o Location o Country Downloadable Reports Include: o Campaign Performance o Ad Performance o Demographics 28
  25. 25. Let’s take a 5 minute break!
  26. 26. REPORTING 30
  27. 27. 3 Main levels of optimizations Targeting Content Bids & Budget 31 1 2 3
  28. 28. Targeting o If your campaign is under pacing you should review your targeting o Is the audience size large enough to fulfill the campaign budget? o Avoid hyper targeting as this can exclude valuable audiences with interest in your content o Audiences smaller than 300,000 members are considered niche and can prevent your daily budget being reached o Best practice is to set a broad audience of 300,000+, then optimize based on performance 32 1
  29. 29. Targeting o After your campaign has run for about a week, use the Click demographics to understand which audiences are most engaged o You can use the Click demographics data to optimize your campaign targeting 33 1
  30. 30. Bid types: CPC or CPM? bid types are best for Direct Response campaigns, when the campaign objective is to have the user complete an action. Since you only pay when a user clicks on your update. bid types are best for Branding campaigns, when the campaign objective is to raise awareness of a Brand. Since you only pay when your update is rendered in the newsfeed. CPC CPM Bids 34 2
  31. 31. Bids o If your campaign is under pacing you should review your bid to confirm if it has been set high enough to be competitive in the auction. o Best practice is to set your bid rate $1 above the top bid range. Bid prices can fluctuate several times throughout the day so this will enable you to consistently stay competitive. o Remember the bid you enter is not always the price you pay – 2nd price auction o If you find your average price is too high you can always go back & reduce this o In addition to bidding, your Relevancy Score is important to help you win the auction - which is based on engagements on the platform. See here for more details on the Auction and Relevancy Score. CPC CPM 35 2
  32. 32. Conversion tracking for LinkedIn advertising Track performance Track conversion events tied to your campaigns using LinkedIn’s Insight Tag and Campaign Manager platform. Monitor specific conversion actions including downloads, sign-ups, registrations, and more. Understand ROI Measure the value you’re getting from your content marketing on LinkedIn, including return on ad spend and cost per conversion. Optimize your results Leverage in-platform conversion data to improve your campaigns and drive results for your business. 36
  34. 34. Tip 1: Invest in great images Custom images generate higher engagement 38 TIP 1
  35. 35. Tip 1: Have a clear call to action Don’t bury it in too much text! TIP 2 Call to action “Register” outperformed “Join” on internal tests, and generated 165% more clicks. VS. 39
  36. 36. Tip 1:Ask questions, make statements, use interesting facts For Direct Sponsored Content, quotes outperformed stats, with a 30% increase in CTR. VS. 40 TIP 3
  37. 37. Tip 1: More A/B testing A/B test your headline and description text, 38% CTR* lift. A B VS. 41 TIP 4
  38. 38. Tip 1: And have fun Stand out. Top updates are entertaining. 42 TIP 5
  40. 40. *For more details on Sponsored InMail setup instructions, click here for full guide
  41. 41. What you need to set up an InMail campaign Click create campaign button, and select Sponsored InMail Name your campaign, and pick your language Create campaign Enter name for InMail. Select yourself as a sender or click “Add Sender” to select someone else. Enter a Subject, Description and Message Text for your InMail. Enter T&Cs if applicable. 46 1 3 2 4
  42. 42. What you need to set up an InMail campaign Enter link and text for Call To Action, and upload banner image Choose your targeting Set up your Daily Budget, Total Budget, Bids, and Campaign Start Date and End Date *For more details on Sponsored InMail setup instructions, click here for full guide 47 5 6 7
  44. 44. Create helpful, informative, and entertaining content The “Helpful Advisor” Sponsored NetBrain Technologies Document Your Network Free Our experts. Our software. Your network. o When distributing content, such as a whitepaper, write with the tone of a personal advisor. o Clearly explain how your content will help your target achieve professional success. The “VIP Invitation” Sponsored Brooke Lloyd VIP Program Business Briefing By invitation only o Make your audience feel special by sending a personalized invite to an “exclusive” event. o Get your audience to react by tailoring the content to their interests. The “Cliffhanger” Sponsored Heather Doshay Job opportunities in NYC! Get 5+ job offers in one week! o Hook your audience by communicating the value you bring to their professional life. o Tell your audience enough to pique their interest but not so much that they aren’t compelled to learn more. 49
  45. 45. Keep subject lines short and impactful Best performing subject lines often use some of the following key words: 1 2 3 4 5 Thanks Exclusive invitation Connect Register Join us 51
  46. 46. Address your target audience directly To increase relevance: o Customize the greeting with the member’s name o Refer to their job title o Try using the word “you” o Make your introduction relatable and personalized 52
  47. 47. Give your message a unique and genuine voice Use a strong visual Enhance your message but do not distract from it Be concise, personal and relevant 53
  48. 48. Use clear calls to action (CTA) Top InMail CTA keywords 1 2 3 4 5 Try Register Reserve Join Confirm 6 Download 54
  49. 49. Make sure your InMail is optimized for mobile Campaign Highlights: o Concise and utilizes bullets o The copy is fewer than 1,000 characters o The CTA is clear o The landing page is optimized for the small screen 55
  50. 50. Select a sender who is credible with your audience and relevant to your message 56
  51. 51. Top “Do”s BEST PRACTICES CHEAT SHEET Amplify and personalize • Test to see what works with the audience and then refine • Be resourceful and use your existing content by reworking it to be conversational • Be genuine and authentic Optimizing for engagement • Clearly outline benefits to the member for engaging with this message • Use compelling and conversational intros • Include a concise call to action and be clear about what the member should do • Make sure landing pages are optimized for mobile traffic Optimizing for relevance • Ensure your message resonates with your target audience • Always ask, “why would the audience read this? • Use a sender with credibility and relevance 57 1 2 3
  52. 52. Top “Don’t”s • Avoid getting all details into the message, your landing page should do the educating • Make sure your message is easily digestible and conveys purpose and value • Don’t be too vague. Ensure the member knows what the CTA and next steps are to engage • Avoid mixed messaging. The landing page should match the call to action and message • Your landing page should align with your goal (e.g., PDF is not ideal for conversions) • Avoid content that sounds like a brochure or infomercial • Don’t cast too wide of a net (e.g., “You or a colleague may benefit from this … ”) • Avoid !!! and ALL CAPS • Don’t overload message with multiple calls to action, focus on one action and building trust 58 BEST PRACTICES CHEAT SHEET Too much or too vagueMixed MessagesPushy content 1 2 3
  54. 54. What you need to set up a Text Ads Campaign? Click create campaign button, and select Text Ads Name your campaign, and choose your language Create campaign Build out your posts. o 50x50 Image o 25 Character Headline o 75 Character Description o Landing page Choose your audience, set your bids, and launch! 62 1 3 2 4
  55. 55. Text Ad Best Practices 63
  56. 56. Thank You