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Music and Marketing - A touch of Contraband

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TECH Connect 2017 - Presentation by Krishnan Chaterjee, Head of Marketing - SAP, Indian Subcontinent

Publicado en: Marketing
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Music and Marketing - A touch of Contraband

  1. 1. #inTC17 Head of Marketing - Indian Subcontinent SAP Music And Marketing: A Touch Of Contraband Thinking Outside The Box: Aligning Sales & Marketing
  2. 2.
  3. 3.
  4. 4. –
  5. 5. Outsourcing Ops
  6. 6. I would not go where the moment would lead On legs of stone my hands would freeze The future’s in a language I cannot read And I never found a moment I could seize Daddy said try and I’ve tried and I’ve tried Now I sigh now I sigh now I sigh Sigh
  7. 7. And I feel, whatever you feel You know, who you are won’t save a soul Free Inc.
  8. 8. I was on a holiday And I found – myself with too much time An idle mind – they say is devil’s play I’ve lost the child – who should come out to play Holiday
  9. 9. I’ve been had – of this I’m sure It’s those dreams – which promise more While I wait – I can see Summertime’s – inside me Summer time
  10. 10. Welcome everybody - to the way it used to be. Welcome everybody - to a little travesty Welcome everybody - to love and cruelty Welcome everybody - to shameful clarity. Welcome everybody - to my mind. I wish - I could go now But I’d - lose my mind. Welcome
  11. 11. Dissatisfaction | Empathy | Downtime | Creativity | Trust
  12. 12. AWTNpXw&t=248s