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Nissan Case Study: LinkedIn Helps Nissan India Put Professionals in the Driver’s Seat

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The greatest of marketing campaigns are of no use if they do not reach the right segment. That’s exactly why Japanese auto manufacturer, Nissan Motor, utilized LinkedIn’s platform to reach out to exactly the right set of people to test drive its most popular car in India – the Nissan Sunny. Read more here:

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Nissan Case Study: LinkedIn Helps Nissan India Put Professionals in the Driver’s Seat

  1. 1. Linked Marketing Solutions Nissan Motor India Case Study Linkedln | nMai| campaign with 4x open rates drives leads for Nissan “We at Nissan believe in Innovation and Excitement for Everyone and this campaign with Linkedln was an apt reflection of our philosophy. This proved to be an innovative platform to reach out specifically to professionals who had just taken a leap in theircareers and were looking to upgrade their cars as well. Although this was a trial campaign, we are overwhelmed by the response we received in terms of open and click rates, and would continue to do similar campaigns in the future. ” Hideyuki Kuwayama GM — Marketing, Nissan Motor India Company Profile Nissan Motor India, the Indian subsidiary ofJapanese automotive company Nissan Motor Company, offers half a dozen cars across various car segments including hatchback, SUV and sedan models. In the Indian market since 2005, the company has a local manufacturing unit in South India where it produces four of the cars it offers in the Indian market, including the highly popular Nissan Sunny. The company has dealerships all across the country selling its vehicles. Objectives: Nissan Motor wanted to create a targeted campaign to pitch its most popular car in India, the Nissan Sunny, to ‘Career Changers’, a custom audience segment on Linkedln. Professionals on an upward trajectory, who have been promoted recently or have made a career change constitute this group on Linkedln. The objective of this marketing campaign was to sustain the appeal and promote Nissan Sunny. The success ofthe campaign was measured by the number of leads and requests for test drives generated from the target audience. Innovation that excites Results in numbers: 0 lnMai| open rate: 88.9% 0 CTR: 5.6% CONGRATULATIONS! voun CAREER PROGRESSION ERVES A BRAND NEVV IISSAN SUI-NY. SIGN UP NOW TO GET THE FOLLOWING AT NO EXTRA COST: A. NISSAN GENUINE ACCESSORIES WORTH MORE THAN R5 22,000 B. NISSAN MOTOR INSURANCE’ C. EXTENDED WARRANTY‘ masnlufl mi «swan Imn : 'vEJ. na on slnnn I(IEpIHII: .HE! EIi IE Elllizln KNOW MORE
  2. 2. Solutions Nissan Motor came to Linkedln for this campaign, to leverage Linkedln's targeting expertise and experience in reaching a specific audience segments, After understanding what Nissan's goals from the campaign were, Linkedln suggested the use of the lnMail product, as it would allow Nissan to reach the desired target group and get immediate responses. lnMails, when positioned as a product, is a one—time mailer that is sent to the mailbox of the target customers. What makes it unique and effective is that a branding lnMail can only be sent to the same person once in 60 days, so for the two months after the lnMail from Nissan, no other brand could reach out to the audience. This meant that Nissan was able to convey its messaging and position its branding in a clutter—free environment, without dealing with competing messages for its audience's attention. The creative had a clear message and call to action for the target audience to respond to. The lnMails were customized with a congratulatony note to the Career Changers, Iauding their career progression, and sending the message ”Your Career Progression Deserves a Sunny, ” creating the impression that the Sunny would be a step up and a reward for their success. The call to action button in the mailer led readers to Nissan Motor India website. As a next step, interested drivers could ask for a test drive to check out the car. Visit http: //business. linkedin. com/ marketing-solutions to know more about Linkedin Marketing Solutions or you can write to us at lmsindia@linkedin. com Linked 5.. Results: The lnMail campaign provided Nissan Motor with a campaign tailored both in terms of relevance and context, to their brand. Linked| n's targeting meant that the automobile manufacturer could define its target audience through a meaningful set of parameters like job function, seniority, industry, and geography or company size, along with certain relevant custom segments. Nissan Motor was very happy with the success of the lnMail campaign, which achieved an open rate of 88.9%, well above expectations and 4x industry benchmarks, for such an endeavor. Once people had opened and read the message, there was a call to action button that lead them to the Nissan Motor website. As a result of the campaign, Nissan Motor received 45 test drive leads from prospective buyers. The click through rate of 5.6% was very high as per industry and Nissan was very well satisfied with the number of prospects who signed up for test drives, which was the primary purpose for the campaign. -1 lnbox I3 ll-: —i~ uiamgui-J4] . 5|-nnor. =rl inmii NISSAN MOTOR INDIA I i1ngr’! |I| Intnl1§nI"y’ ir new numar mm» ‘(: u‘care-yr DI‘CGI’3S; |Cn -}GSilV>)S J DIIJG-DYE: :-mrcar Hem IS 3‘! =iirIii= ii-; =n. r—| ~'iir_. ni . ,,. . Citonsored lni/ all I‘: : er fitalily/ -‘. ssuran: e . lllclli , lI,4lI4¥s Ll4:I '_IB: ~ . «.i , »aii Ii — vyu 'Sp'UlliUIhdlIii/ dli "‘i "I | l1y‘l<. iwgwr >i any .3s<| Iran’P _§Y Fa: —1;. i:iiIi; i3i: ~.ii: i); i=n: a': cnaiiga: ‘ Copyright o 201: Llrludln (arponflon LInkedln, the Llnlindln logo, and | nMi| I are raglstendtmdemxks nfuniizdln Corporation In the United States and/ or other ccuntli .5. All other brands and names are the pmpany dthelv respective owners. All rights reserved.