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The professionals making wearables part of the dress code

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New research from LinkedIn shows more than a third of professionals using wearables on a daily basis – with Directors and VPs leading the way.

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The professionals making wearables part of the dress code

  1. 1. IS WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY PART OF YOUR DAILY LIFE? HOWEVER, THE USE OF WEARABLE TECH INCREASES MEN AND WOMEN ARE JUST AS LIKELY TO USE WEARABLES (E.G., FITNESS TRACKER, IWATCH) 1% DON’T KNOW 64% NO 35% YES USAGE DIFFERS BY MARKET BY ALMOST …AT LEAST IT DOES TO A POINT AS IT TAILS OFF AMONG THE This goes hand in hand with age, where use of wearable tech increases - to a point - among older members 26% 18-24 YEARS 37% 25-34 YEARS 38% 35-44 YEARS 40% 45-54 YEARS 36% 55-64 YEARS 22% 65+ YEARS Brazil is leading the way UK sits at the bottom alongside Australia 46% 31% 20% 38% 38% 37% 37% 36%37%40% 36% 30% WITH SENIORITY... ELITE 35% ENTRY LEVEL 32% SNRIC 35% MANAGER 38% DIRECTOR 42% 36% 32% PARTNER 40% VP 38% CXO