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Unleashing LinkedIn's Targeting Capabilities

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With more than 500M members, LinkedIn is home to the world’s largest professional network. Discover how you can tap into this network to reach the right audiences with your LinkedIn ads.

In-house marketing experts Ray Hwang and Cassandra Clark show you how to leverage the power of LinkedIn’s targeting options to reach the professionals that matter most to your business. You'll also learn about our new targeting feature, Matched Audiences.

You’ll come away from this deck knowing:
• What targeting facets are available on LinkedIn and how to use them
• How to integrate your own data and unlock customized options through Matched Audiences
• Tips and best practices to optimize your targeting strategy

Let’s find your targeting sweet spot on LinkedIn.

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Unleashing LinkedIn's Targeting Capabilities

  1. 1. Unleashing LinkedIn’s Targeting Capabilities Jeff Weiner Chief Executive Officer Ray Hwang Product Marketing Manager Cassandra Clark Senior Marketing Manager
  2. 2. We’ll cover… 1. What are the basics of targeting on LinkedIn? 2. What are Matched Audiences and how do I use them? 3. What are best practices to optimize my target strategy? 4. How does LinkedIn do targeting on LinkedIn? 2
  3. 3. Be the most effective platform for marketers to engage with professionals LinkedIn Marketing Solutions’ mission Be the most effective platform for marketers to engage with professionals
  4. 4. 4 What makes LinkedIn targeting unique? LinkedIn has 500M+ registered members, and gains a new member every 2 seconds. A member’s LinkedIn profile contains relevant professional data points. LinkedIn ads targeting is based on member-declared data. Accuracy is fueled by the member value exchange Reach & Scale User-Provided, Accurate Data • 8.2MM+ C-level execs • 14.4MM+ Opinion leaders • 45MM+ Decision makers • 73MM+ Senior-level influencers
  5. 5. LinkedIn’s members bring a professional mindset - an important context for advertisers A Professional Audience Brand loyal professionals with more purchasing power than other social platforms In an Aspirational Mindset Opportunity for marketers to align their brands with member’s with member’s professional success Influenced by Their Professional Networks Opinions from their professional peers impact personal buying decision
  6. 6. LinkedIn Targeting 101
  7. 7. User-provided targeting fields Title Company Member- specified location Group Membership Company Following School Field of Study Graduation Year
  8. 8. Danie Seattle, Washington USA Boston University Communication Bachelor of Science 2011, 25-34 Simply Measured 51-200 employees Internet Senior Marketing Manager Marketing, Senior IC CMA, LEWIS, Social Tools SEO, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Blogging
  9. 9. LinkedIn’s Targeting facets As of 5/30/2017
  10. 10. Targeting by Function and Title User-entered Title ↓ Standardized Title ↓ ↓ Seniority Function Inferred from user-entered title
  11. 11. Targeting by Seniority 1 1 Focus on hands-on influencers • Target senior individual contributors (ICs) as part of your audience • Senior ICs test products and influence the purchase • Senior ICs represent a much bigger audience than the person that will ultimately sign the contract TIP Craft different messages for ICs versus Owners/Partners/CXOs. Manager Senior Entry Director VP Owner CXO Partner Training Unpaid *Entry and Senior are Individual contributor (IC) which include highly skilled professionals e.g. engineer, teacher, doctor, lawyer, etc
  12. 12. Targeting by Company Name, Industry, Size Member industry is directly inferred from their current experience 12 Company Entered Name ↓ Company Entered Industry ↓ Company Entered # of employees Sample: Company Name → LinkedIn Company Industry → Internet Company Size → 5,000-10,000 Large companies may span several industries but can only choose one. Spot-check company pages to ensure you are targeting the correct industry.
  13. 13. Targeting by Professional Skills Reach experts in their fields who have: • Explicitly added their skills into the skills section • Have skills mentioned on their profile text • Have inferred skills based on the explicit skills and mentioned skills in their profile
  14. 14. LinkedIn Matched Audiences
  15. 15. Reach decision makers at your target accounts Combine the power of demographic targeting on LinkedIn with your target account list Re-engage your website visitors Use one tag for website retargeting and conversion tracking Website Retargeting Account Targeting 15 Import or integrate your contact email lists Connect to your contact management platform(s) or upload a list of email addresses Contact Targeting Matched Audiences Introducing a new way to reach audiences that matter most to your business on LinkedIn
  16. 16. Re-engage your website visitors Website Retargeting • Exclude converters from your net- new campaigns • Exclude website visitors from awareness campaigns • Retarget converters of offer 1 with offer 2 to move them through the funnel • Retarget your LP visitors who have yet to convert
  17. 17. Reach decision makers at your target accounts Account Targeting • Align with sales on high-priority accounts and personalize content • Reach the buying committee at high-priority accounts • Target customers to show them product updates or cross-sell opps • Exclude competitors by adding them to a list to exclude
  18. 18. Import or integrate your contact email lists Contact Targeting • Exclude a list of customers from prospecting campaigns • Add a list of customers to show product updates and cross-sell opps • Add a list of leads to remain top of mind during their buying journey • Integrate your contact management platforms
  19. 19. 19 Targeting Best Practices
  20. 20. Guiding Targeting Principles • Lump all of your buyer personas into one campaign • Use the same content & targeting tactics regardless of product • Hyper-target your campaigns Don’t Do • Make sure your buyer personas are clear and well-defined • Tailor your content to your audience • Add two or fewer targeting facets in addition to Location
  21. 21. Utilize Campaign Demographics Best Practices Understand who your ads resonate with, then focus on your best audiences
  22. 22. Experiment and A/B test your targeting Use multiple targeting combinations in order to reach your ideal audiences
  23. 23. Our approach to targeting on LinkedIn
  24. 24. Three Audience Objectives Top Funnel Engagement ● Branding ● Thought leadership ● Filling our marketing funnel with net new contacts Engaging our known audiences ● Account targeting ● Customer marketing ● Website retargeting Persona Targeting ● Industry marketing ● Agencies ● SMB Marketers
  25. 25. Job functions: Marketing, PR and communications Seniority: Senior, Entry, Manager, Director, VP, CXO, Owner, Founder Region: North America Exclude: Customers (csv upload) How we use LinkedIn targeting to engage net new prospects
  26. 26. Account list: Company names Job functions: Marketing, PR and communication Seniority: Senior, Entry, Manager, Director, VP, CXO, Owner, Founder How we use LinkedIn to nurture target sales accounts
  27. 27. How we use LinkedIn for customer engagement Leverage email contact targeting to reach our customers on LinkedIn for ongoing product education
  28. 28. How we use LinkedIn to retarget website visitors Segment website visitors based on the pages that they visit. Example #1: Product and pricing visits receive a $50 promo code to try LinkedIn ads
  29. 29. How we use LinkedIn to retarget website visitors Segment website visitors based on the pages that they visit. Example #2 Home page visits receive the Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn
  30. 30. How we use LinkedIn to build personas Technology Marketers Industries: Computer Hardware, Computer Software, Computer Networking, Internet, Semiconductors, Telecommunications, Information Technology and Services, Computer and Network Security, Wireless Job Functions: Marketing, Media and Communication Seniority: Manager, Senior, VP, Partner, CXO, Director Region: Canada, United States
  31. 31. LinkedIn targeting examples and tips by product
  32. 32. When running Dynamic Ads campaign, keep in mind: • Great for targeting broad audiences. Targeting by industry, function and/or seniority provides more scale. • A/B test your creative and optimize towards best performing option. • Use creative with real people, avoid company logos. • Get creative with personalization
  33. 33. Dynamic Ads Example
  34. 34. When running Sponsored Content campaign, keep in mind: • Versatile ad unit that works great for all campaign objectives • Align your targeting and content strategies • Keep targeting broad at first (at least 300K+ members in each audience) to understand who’s engaging. • Avoid hyper targeted campaigns: they tend to have lower performance and much lower scale. • Deliver personalization in the feed by tailoring your targeting to subsets of your target audience
  35. 35. Leverage targeting for deeper personalization in the feed
  36. 36. When running Sponsored InMail campaign, keep in mind: • Campaigns perform best when the messaging is tailored to a very specific audience. • Works great for smaller audience segments • 60-day frequency cap • Smaller audiences means you can experiment with specific job titles, skills or locations.
  37. 37. Using LinkedIn targeting to reach the executive audience via InMail 55% Open Rate
  38. 38. In general, targeting best practices include: Map campaign goals to channel and targeting strategy. 1 2 3 4 Find the balance between scale and relevancy. Align content with the targeting strategy. Be willing to experiment and test.
  39. 39. 1. Use Campaign Demographics to optimize your campaign targeting 2. A/B test various targeting facets 3. Create a website retargeting audience and let it start building 4. Use Account Targeting to help your sales team nurture their target accounts 5. Exclude customers from your prospect campaigns using contact or account targeting 6. Try Audience Expansion Top 6 things to try today
  40. 40. ©2015 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
  41. 41. Appendix
  42. 42. 1 2 SUMMARY How can I use Account Based Marketing on LinkedIn? Subscribe to our newsletter Marketers can match key accounts to LinkedIn’s database of companies to ensure they reach the right audience Account based marketing lists can be leveraged for Sponsored Content or Sponsored InMail but must consist of at least 300 companies 3 Popular use cases include re-engaging with lost customers, deepening relationships with current accounts, and targeting specific leads
  43. 43. IP or member entered • Sponsored Content will be delivered to members who fit the geo-targeting criteria by either IP or member entered geography • Like Sponsored Content, Text ads do not have a priority of delivery for IP or member entered location Member entered geo • LinkedIn Dynamics ads only use member entered location for geo- targeting • Sponsored InMail will primarily use member entered location for targeting. IF the member within the target audience does not have a location specified in their profile, IP will be used as back-up IP only • Traditional display ads are the only ad type on LinkedIn using IP only targeting. Some things to keep in mind when targeting by Geography
  44. 44. Influence the Influencer Not All Products are Equal A/B Test and Test Again Need brand exposure? Consider broader targeting with products that are designed for branding and advocacy Need Leads? Drive net new traffic to your site while staying focused on a more specific targeting audience Want to be granular? Consider products designed for a highly personalized outreach Testing Targeting Facets A/B test to see which audience is engaged • Titles vs. Function + Seniority • Group members + Seniority • Skills + Seniority Testing Creative Use one audiences with multiple creative assets to see what content works best Use a Consistent Measurement Your measurement should align with your campaign goals Define your audience Think members first. Who would find the content relevant? Establish your goals What does success mean for this campaign? Resist temptation to hyper target Hyper targeting significantly reduces your scale and ability to optimize A savvy approach to targeting is essential for success
  45. 45. Find the right balance between relevance and scale, and try to avoid hyper-targeting Make sure your audience aligns with the objective, the channel, and the content 1 2 Consider combinations of targeting options for greater audience coverage and easy optimizations 3 What are best practices for targeting on LinkedIn? SUMMARY