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Webcast: How to Maximize ROI from your LinkedIn Ads

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For B2B performance marketers, the job is never done once a lead fills out a form. Instead, it often requires several touch points before a lead can become an opportunity for sales — and not all opportunities are created equal.

While LinkedIn provides advertisers with unparalleled B2B targeting and accuracy, many marketers are unsure how to tie revenue back to their individual ad campaigns and creative.

In this webcast, we’ll cover:

- LinkedIn Ads industry performance benchmarks
- The elements of proper ad campaign structure and tracking
- Advanced targeting and automation techniques to drive more pipeline

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Webcast: How to Maximize ROI from your LinkedIn Ads

  1. 1. How to Maximize ROI from Linkedin Ads November 16th, 2016
  2. 2. Certified Marketing Partners Jonathan Young Linkedin, Partnerships Lead @jonathanyoung29 Create Publish Promote Measure E-Mail us for a personalized consultation: Certified Partners: Enabling B2B Advertisers to Achieve More with their LinkedIn Marketing
  3. 3. Today’s Agenda 1 Introductions & House Keeping 2 Linkedin: Step Up to Pipeline Marketing 3 Bizible: ROI Research 4 B2Linked: Campaign Structure & Tracking 5 Adstage: Advanced Targeting & Automation Techniques 6 Q & A
  4. 4. Eva Sharf Demand Marketing Manager AJ Wilcox Linkedin Advertising Consultant/Evangelist Mike McEuen Head of Marketing @eva_sharf @wilcoxaj @lonohead Today’s Speakers
  5. 5. House Keeping 1 Q&A @ the end 2 Recording available after
  6. 6. 6 Step Up to Pipeline Marketing
  7. 7. B2B Marketing 101 The result of effective B2B marketing is: _________.
  8. 8. The Problem… Common B2B Performance Marketing Metrics - Clicks - CTR - Engagement - Leads - Cost Per Lead - Conversion Rate Leads Are Not The Final Destination
  9. 9. Change Your Mindset: Work Backwards from Biz Results What is “Pipeline Marketing”? Tuning your marketing efforts based on what will return the most money, even if this yields less leads or opportunities. Image Credit: Bizible
  10. 10. Pipeline Marketing = High Fives
  11. 11. 11 LinkedIn Ads Benchmark Report
  12. 12. LinkedIn Ads Benchmark Report ● B2B and B2C Industries with Sales Teams ● Benchmarks on ○ Leads, Opps, Revenue data ○ Revenue per lead and per opp benchmarks ○ Priorities and success
  13. 13. LinkedIn Ads Contribution to Total Leads, Opps, Revenue
  14. 14. Revenue per Lead and per Opportunity
  15. 15. LinkedIn Ads Success
  16. 16. Proper Campaign Structure & Tracking
  17. 17. ● Search Campaigns = Keywords ● Social Campaigns = Audiences Stop naming your campaigns: Whitepaper 2014 blitz etc. Campaign Structure
  18. 18. Campaign Structure (cont…) ● Many campaigns in an account can be hard to keep organized ● Account sorts alphabetically by default, so name similar campaigns with similar beginnings ● i.e. SC | MKTG CMO ● SC (keeps Sponsored Content campaigns together ● MKTG (keeps similar job functions together)
  19. 19. How to Keep Track of All your Ads ● Create a spreadsheet with all descriptive columns ● Then, create ads in Excel (use =LEN() formula for character counts) o 128, 38, 155 character counts for Sponsored Content o 25, 75 character counts for Text Ads
  20. 20. If you keep this sheet of all ads published, you’ll have: 1. Quick copy/paste for simple ad creation in bulk 2. Complete reference/record of each ad published 3. Easy way to dynamically affix tracking parameters for killer tracking Keeping Track of your Ads cont’d…
  21. 21. Google Analytics Google URL Builder can append simply Parameter Example Example Source LinkedIn LinkedIn Medium SC TA Term Campaign Content lisc11161601 lita11161601 Campaign Name SC | Art Director Titles | NA TA | Art Director Titles | NA Tracking Ads Uniquely
  22. 22. li sc 111616 01 Short code for Source Date the code was created (11-16-16) Number for ads created on the same day • lisc11161601 • lisc11161602 • lisc11161603 For Example Short code for Medium Create a Key for Campaign Content
  23. 23. B2Linked & AdStage bring you • First and only bulk creator of both SC and TA • Publish up to 1k ads at a time • Try it out free with your AdStage account by publishing up to 6 ads at a time • Unlock full, unlimited functionality for $79/mo
  24. 24. Advanced Targeting & Automation Techniques
  25. 25. LinkedIn Offers Unmatched B2B Targeting Options Advanced Targeting Techniques
  26. 26. ● Job Title ● Job Function + Seniority ● Skills + Seniority ● Groups + Seniority Expand Your Prospect Targeting with Layers Image Credit: B2Linked
  27. 27. Groups Skills + Job Function Reach New Job Titles with Creative Targeting
  28. 28. Decision Markers & Influencers at Specific Companies Company + Job Function ● 100 company limit per campaign ● Or, use LinkedIn’s ABM targeting offering Reach Prospects in Target Account Lists
  29. 29. What You Should Automate with LinkedIn Ads
  30. 30. Campaign Scheduling (Day Parting) CPCs, CTRs, Conversion Rates, and Cost Per Conversion can vary throughout the time of day, and day of the week.
  31. 31. Example: Monday: 6am - 8pm Tuesday: 6am - 8pm Wednesday: 6am - 8pm Thursday: 6am - 8pm Friday: 6am - 8pm Saturday: off Sunday: 10am - 7pm Campaign Scheduling Setup
  32. 32. Account Spend Underpacing Alert Alert: Account Underspending 1. Take your total budget for a given network over a month 2. Total budget / # of weeks in the month Example: $10,000 total LinkedIn budget per month; $2,500 weekly budget Level: Account Network: LinkedIn IF Spend last week (Mon - Sun) is < $2,250 (90% to budget goal) THEN send (your email) an alert. SCHEDULE this rule to fire every Monday at 5am PT, before you get into the office. Underutilized budgets are a waste of opportunity to drive more pipeline growth.
  33. 33. 33 Running non-converting ads inflates the overall cost per conversion. Rule: Pause Non-Performing LI DSC Ads Level: Ad Creative Network: LinkedIn Campaigns: Direct Sponsored Content IF Ad spend over the past 14-days is > $200 AND Web Conversions < 1, THEN pause the affected ads. SCHEDULE this rule to fire everyday at 5am PT. Pause Non-Converting Ads Rule
  34. 34. Questions & Answers Ask the Experts