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Your Account Based Marketing Primer: The ABCs of ABM

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We've created an alphabetical primer for everyone looking to truly understand Account-Based Marketing. It covers 26 vital terms and concepts, from Awareness to Zero Waste Marketing.

If your marketing team has struggled to put ABM into practice, this new primer makes it as easy as—well—A-B-C.

Read on to make sure your ABM efforts lead to a happily ever after.

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Your Account Based Marketing Primer: The ABCs of ABM

  1. 1. ABCs Now you're ready to put these ABC's in action. Download the SOPHISTICATED MARKETER'S CRASH COURSE TO ACCOUNT BASED MARKETING to bring these tactics and strategies to life. Download the guide at LNKD.IN/ABM — The ABCs of ABM — The ABCs of ABM IF YOU'RE LIKE MOST B2B MARKETERS TODAY, you likely recognize account-based marketing (ABM) has become an important element of your effective go-to-market strategy. The ABCs to ABM sets out to educate marketers with fresh ideas and tactics to revolutionize their strategies and ultimately drive real business impact. AWARENESS is to ask, 'Of all the accounts we’re targeting, how many are aware of our company and brand?' — The ABCs of ABM — Aa — The ABCs of ABM — Bb The BUYING committee is a group of individuals that each play an influential role in purchasing decisions. — The ABCs of ABM — Cc COVERAGE is about knowing the right people to target within the right account. — The ABCs of ABM — Dd Combine DATA-DRIVEN targeting with LinkedIn's Sponsored Content to connect with key stakeholders directly in the member's feed. ENGAGEMENT measures how much time the prospect is spending with your brand. — The ABCs of ABM — Ee — The ABCs of ABM — Ff Contrary to casting a wide net, FISHING with a spear means you focus from the very beginning on only bringing in the right "fish." — The ABCs of ABM — Gg Marketing and sales efforts should define discrete GOALS that align to bigger goals. — The ABCs of ABM — Hh Often ABM strategies are focused on growing existing clients which can translate into HIGH customer lifetime value. IMPACT is to understanding the value of your marketing’s programs. — The ABCs of ABM — Ii — The ABCs of ABM — Jj Marketers have to evolve from a coin-operated lead generator to a marketer guiding accounts on a JOURNEY. — The ABCs of ABM — Kk KEY performance indicators (KPIs) should be centered around understanding what impact, coverage, awareness, reach and engagement means to your targeted accounts. — The ABCs of ABM — Ll LINKEDIN account targeting enables you to create tailored and relevant ABM campaigns. N S EW The MATURITY scale of an ABM strategy has three tiers: Programmatic ABM, ABM Lite and Strategic ABM. — The ABCs of ABM — Mm — The ABCs of ABM — Nn Your approach to ABM NEEDS to be strategic and needs executive sponsorship. Otherwise, you’ll be fighting too many battles. — The ABCs of ABM — Oo ORCHESTRATED plays are interactions choreographed cross functionally and across channels in an effort to initiate conversations and deepen relationships. — The ABCs of ABM — Pp Define a PROCESS for how to align with Sales on things like goals, target accounts, buying committee and the content needed to drive engagement. ABM is all about QUALITY VS QUANTITY. ABM is a hyper-targeted approach to initiating and deepening the relationships with the accounts that provide the most strategic value to your business. — The ABCs of ABM — Qq — The ABCs of ABM — Rr REACH helps you understand whether or not you're getting through to the right people from each account. — The ABCs of ABM — Ss When SALES and marketing align, you're working from a similar mindset and can coalesce around a common goal. — The ABCs of ABM — Tt LinkedIn Account TARGETING enables you to engage the accounts that matter most by targeting influencers and delivering relevant content. Linkedin Sales Navigator's TeamLink provides VISIBILITY into the connections other employees in your company have with contacts at your target account. Think of ways your content can become a UNIFYING force for the separate individuals on the buying committee. — The ABCs of ABM — Uu — The ABCs of ABM — Vv — The ABCs of ABM — Ww ABM requires hyper communication between sales & marketing leaders. Conducting WEEKLY alignment meetings unites tactical marketing efforts with defined sales goals and builds a rapport between the two teams. — The ABCs of ABM — Xx When Sales and Marketing are aligned, it's like the sweet sound a XYLOPOHONE makes when the mallet hits its bars. (We are aware this is quite the stretch, but c'mon...X!) — The ABCs of ABM — Yy — The ABCs of ABM — Zz An effective ABM strategy is the ZEITGEIST of the modern marketing era. Increase your YIELD of quality leads and revenue by targeting the right people at the right accounts.