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Constant bearing deck

Enhances port call planning and execution through tracking, optimisation and automation, saving you time and money

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Constant bearing deck

  1. 1. SMU Classification: Restricted 1
  2. 2. SMU Classification: Restricted 2
  3. 3. SMU Classification: Restricted Issues Planning a Port Call 3 Inefficient Manual planning Complicated coordination Data overload yet no analytics Sub-optimal procurement
  4. 4. SMU Classification: Restricted Constant Bearing’s Solution 4 Easily adopted digital workflow 360o awareness for all stakeholders Collect data to analyze and optimize Leverage ecosystem to create marketplace
  5. 5. SMU Classification: Restricted Tangible Benefits 5 -40% -70% Improved long term results through analysis of data Resource required to monitor port calls Resource required to plan port calls $ Enhanced procurement processes
  6. 6. SMU Classification: Restricted 6 Validation Proof of Concept Trials conducted 2 Live project 1 Interviews conducted > 70
  7. 7. SMU Classification: Restricted Validation Linkedin Engagement Landing page
  8. 8. SMU Classification: Restricted ● Owners don’t currently use a platform for such purposes ● Owners would like to be able to analyze past port calls for optimization ● Owners and sellers would like a way to transact more easily ● Vendors would like to have a suitable platform to collaborate ● Vendors are willing to pay high prices as audience is well targeted 8 Interview evidences ● Time can be saved if there was a tool ● Current modus operandi leads to many inefficiencies ● Current modes of operation currently lead to many mistakes Problem Statement Customer Segments ● Procurement processes can be improved ● Users believe the concept can help to save time and effort Proposed Solution ● Vendors are willing to allocate budget to advertisements ● Commissions is a feasible way to extract value There is a high willingness to pay Revenue Streams
  9. 9. SMU Classification: Restricted Where does Constant Bearing fit in? 9 Agent Commercial & Chartering Port Call Cost Accounting Port Call Planning Port Call Live Monitoring Voyage Management Port Operator Ship Owner Pronto Constant Bearing Info exchange Via APIs Technical Management Plays nice with other apps *Not an exhaustive list, just a sample
  10. 10. SMU Classification: Restricted 10 Revenue Model Software-as-a- Service Advertising Other Value-added Services Marketplace: RFQ, Bidding, Digitization & Escrow Total untapped Market Value >US$1B
  11. 11. SMU Classification: Restricted 11 Total Available Market USD1B Serviceable Addressable Market USD 500M Serviceable Obtainable Market USD 50M ● Global Market ● 5M port calls around the world annually ● High value port calls ● Complex operations with >3 stakeholders ● Singapore Market ● Manages about 10% of world fleet Revenue and Market
  12. 12. SMU Classification: Restricted Plus: we are from Singapore, a global Maritime Hub! 12 Marketing & Growth Strategy Organic viral growth Partners: Brokers, Agencies, Local vendors Trade fairs, with speaking appearances Working with Port Authorities
  13. 13. SMU Classification: Restricted 13 2025 4Q2020 4Q2020 3Q 2020 Timeline & Milestones Live operation Industry soft launch Build Integrations, VAS, Marketplace Autonomous planning
  14. 14. SMU Classification: Restricted 14 USD1M USD2M USD3M 6 USD4M Revenue Forecast ~5 million port calls a year globally worth ~USD 50B Potential ARR of >USD1B globally Potential ARR of USD50M just in Singapore Projected ARR > USD10M by year 4 18 45 No. of Clients USD5M USD6M USD7M Note: Shipping clients are global and hence USD10M is not 20% of SG market share
  15. 15. SMU Classification: Restricted 15 Humans of Constant Bearing 9 years exp in Marine, MSc Innovation Raymond Tan Venture Builder, General Partner r3i Ventures Leesa Soulodre COO, ASP Shipmanagement Capt Rob Walker Director, Crimson Logic & Ex-Head IT, PSA Kee Thiam Chua Co-Founders Key Advisors 15 Full-Stack Dev - Productivity SaaS experience Joel Tan Kate Neo CCO, Orient Maritime Group
  16. 16. SMU Classification: Restricted 16 WE ARE LOOKING OUT FOR: Early Adopters Subject matter experts Technica l talent Investors
  17. 17. SMU Classification: Restricted 17 Want to be part of our journey? Sweat Equity Personal investment 6-digit Consulting Contract Seed investment of... $500,000 10 Customers (~150 ships) ~ USD1M ARR
  18. 18. SMU Classification: Restricted 18 REACH OUT TO US! +65 9367 0841 Our LLP Journey is brought to you by... Mr Giulio Gennaro Mentor Joel Tan Member Raymond Tan Member Darren Phang Member