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Mantheos pitch deck llp

Data access for leads generation and business intelligence

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Mantheos pitch deck llp

  1. 1. SMU Classification: Restricted A SaaS Platform for Leads Generation & Business Intelligence MANTHEOS
  2. 2. SMU Classification: Restricted THETEAM Stan Kosyakov Co-Founder & CIO 3x founder with 4.5 years of experience in IT, Engineering and Entrepreneurship. Previous IIE incubatee with Diversiteam. Yuxi Chew Co-Founder & CTO Led Technology Development as Co- Founder of Jigsolve and MarColl, a Digital Marketing agency and community platform respectively. Over 4+ years developing websites, applications and data pipelines for various Software Development Corporations JeremiahTang Co-Founder & CEO Led Business Development and Growth as Co-Founder of Jigsolve and MarColl, a Digital Marketing agency and community platform respectively. Also co-founded a local café, Onalu.
  3. 3. SMU Classification: Restricted The Sales Representative Today is under Constant Pressure to close MORE deals, FASTER.
  4. 4. SMU Classification: Restricted COMMON B2B LEADS GENERATION CHANNELS EXHIBITIONS & EVENTS • High cost (Fees, travel cost) • Not scalable LINKEDIN • Often ignored by the target audience as Linkedin got crowded with impersonal InMails and connection requests • Many professionals in SEA are not on Linkedin DATABASE PURCHASES • Frequently outdated information • Limited segmentation of leads • High price / qualified profile PROBLEM COSTLY MANUAL LOW QUALITY
  5. 5. SMU Classification: Restricted MANTHEOS TARGETED SOURCING VERIFIED LEADS COLDTO WARM A SaaS platform that provides a scalable and cost-effective way to get in touch with the right decision makers. VALUE PROP REALTIME DATA STRUCTURED DATA SALES FUNNEL
  6. 6. SMU Classification: Restricted Search Queries to get Real Time + Structured Data Online Sources Verified Contact Information Cold to Warm Leads Conversion Companies Database Data Reconciliation HOW IT ALLWORKS VERIFICATION TECHNOLOGY PROPRIETARY LEAD MANAGEMENTTOOL User Interface DATA AGGREGATION TECHNOLOGY OUR SECRET SAUCE
  7. 7. SMU Classification: Restricted COMPETITORS 2X2 Data Accuracy (Fresh data & low bounce rate) Data Aggregation from multiple sources COMPETITION SALE OF DATABASE & LEADS SOCIAL NETWORK SEARCH REALTIME QUERY INTERFACE
  8. 8. SMU Classification: Restricted COMPETITORS OVERVIEW Mantheos LeadIQ Get Prospect Sale of DB Linkedin Targeted Lead Discovery Verified contact information only Personalized reach out & follow-up automation Fresh real-time data Data combination from multiple sources COMPETITION SALE OF DATABASE & LEADS SOCIAL NETWORK SEARCH REALTIME QUERY INTERFACE
  9. 9. SMU Classification: Restricted VALIDATION
  10. 10. SMU Classification: Restricted VALIDATION Pavel Founder of HR-tech company using AI Bala Founder & CTO of Cloud Based ATS HR Company Robert Founder of Performance Marketing Agency Digital Agencies will buy our leads wholesale to pass onto their consumer HR Tech Companies want talent profile data to better service their clients HR Tech in Recruitment want talent profile data + contact information
  11. 11. SMU Classification: Restricted VALIDATION We support HireFast in their talent discovery process through a delivery of job candidates based on their specific search criteria. By leveraging their unique technology, HireFast is then able to identify most relevant candidates, conduct interviews and serve their clients in an extremely short turnaround time. Pavel We support WYZchef in their leads generation process, by providing leads specifically to their criteria. As a result of a targeted and personalized approach, they have successfully acquired a number of new clients including Airbnb. Nilo PAYING CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS
  12. 12. SMU Classification: Restricted TRACTION IN DISCUSSION PILOT TESTING AWAITING PAYMENT PAYING CLIENTS 1 Individual Reality Detector $8000+revenue while product is in development... *Marketing Agencies which have explicitly expressed interest in partnership to provide leads generation services to their clientele *HR-consulting firm who have expressed big interest to utilize the platform for clients and candidates generation *Research-on-demand company, which is interested to leverage on our capabilities in information aggregation $12000+ in the pipeline… TRACTION
  13. 13. SMU Classification: Restricted So What Makes Us SPECIAL? DEMOTIME
  15. 15. SMU Classification: Restricted MARKET Digital ads spending in Southeast Asia Source: US$644 MILLION US$10 MILLION RAISED (SERIES A) 15th May 2020 SIZEPOTENTIAL MARKET
  16. 16. SMU Classification: Restricted Go-To-Market Verticals : Which Industry/Product are we in? API Access (Sale of Data) HR Startups,/ATS User Interface (Capture) Digital Agencies(WholeSale) User Interface (3C) End-Consumers (Retail) Market Ladder : Which Geographical Markets are we in? Beachhead Market : Singapore Growth Market : South East Asia Mature Markets : North America/EU 1 2 4 3
  17. 17. SMU Classification: Restricted OUR ASK We’re looking to launch our Lead Generation platform in July and would love to onboard new users and customers Sales Interested to incorporate our tech into your organization? APIs, Custom Interfaces and more. Partners We have plans to raise our pre-seed round and will be happy to kickstart a conversation Investment Our Alpha Release Schedule a Call
  18. 18. SMU Classification: Restricted ThankYou Happy to Chat