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Rush owl

Safe, affordable and flexible transportation for employees

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Rush owl

  1. 1. Team RushOwl (SMU) Shin Ng, Foo Kim Peng Your Work Mobility, Reimagined.
  2. 2. The Mobility Market has been adversely affected by COVID-19. Afraid of Human Traffic Struggling for Survival
  3. 3. RushTrail Mobile App A Safer, Affordable and Flexible way to commute A New Digitalized Revenue Model for Private Shuttles
  4. 4. Proprietary Dynamic Routing Algorithm specially built for future AV operations 60s Use minimal bus fleets to pick up more passengers More Revenue per Bus
  5. 5. Do Passengers Really Need This? 30 Interviews Held 3 Respondent Categories Key Insights 1. Safety is Important 2. Willing to pay a premium if we can cut short journey time 3. Businesses now have flexible work schedules
  6. 6. Naina Shah (53 y.o) Senior Manager, SME company Background • Travels to work from Simei to Alexandra Road everyday • Leaves home at 7.30am and reaches work by 9am • Company does not provide transportation, heads to work by herself • Will take a Grabcar service if she is late for work Mindset • Price-Sensitive, will compare between ComfortDelgro taxis/ Gojek / Grab • Thinks that company should provide a transportation offering for her • Terrified with going back to crowded MRT stations “I take RushTrail’s service because it is Safe , Affordable and Saves me a lot of time commuting.”
  7. 7. “Solo” Passengers Employees with Corporate Mobility Scheme Employees who Drive to Work # 14 pax Willing to pay more for shorter time travel Wants a guaranteed seat to work. Wants to avoid human traffic. # 10 pax Concerned with accessibility as companies usually only cater to the ”masses”. Requires visibility of shuttle service to not miss the service. Safety is an important consideration # 6 pax Buys a car mainly for family reasons Enjoys the flexibility to go anywhere at anytime. Beachhead Market – Safe Transportation
  8. 8. RushOwl serves as a • Flexible • Affordable • Faster • Safer Mode of transportation for employees to head to work
  9. 9. Cost of Acquisition: $0.20 - $0.25 / click Every 10 click, 1 becomes a subscriber $2.50 per subscriber Customer Lifetime Value : $540/sub ($4.50 x 20 days x Average of 6 months) • B2B Cold Emails: 9000+ contacts sent • FaceBook advertising: 60K impressions, 500 link clicks Marketing Efforts (18th May to 25th May 2020)
  10. 10. We take 20% commission for each transaction B2B2C Business Model 47.2M Rides 90 cents / tx 42.4M Trips on Shuttle Buses PA 40% Share of Market Average Fee 4.50 SGD/ Trip Revenue (SGD) 2020 - 2024118M Rides Total Market Size
  11. 11. 11.4B1.2B379.4M The APAC Market on Daily Passenger Mobility (in USD) *Selected APAC Countries *Market entry within 5 years Figures shown are reports from various LTA and Public Transport Studies Immediate Market (118M Rides per annum)
  12. 12. Help Bring Our Service Worldwide Seeking Collaborations and Investment Opportunities
  13. 13. Company Advisor Land Transport Authority (SG) Former Chief Innovation Officer Rosina Teo-Howe The Team 2 years in Business Consulting Chia Cheow Boo Mentor SBS Transit Head of Engineering Reynanda Backend Developer Adlin Frontend Developer Arie Infrastructure Engineer Zenia Pang Content Producer Victoria Liew Digital Marketing
  14. 14. Your Work Mobility, Reimagined. (+65) 97280829